Thursday, March 30, 2006


Being a Die Hard Juve Supporter, I was extremely disappointed on Tuesday Night.We were outplayed from the word go. No Del Piero, Nedved, Viera, Two Red Cards. We just cannot get past English Clubs. Last year it was Liverpool, Now Arsenal
Will Juventus Win The Champions League?
I think so. We will be triumph in Turin. My Predictions. We will score two goals. Go into extra time, and Forza Juve


  1. Wat can i say, juventus were totally outplayed!! i watched the whole game in a sports bar, full of juventus and arsenal fans..the atmosphere was awsome!!! Arsenal totally deserved it!! Juve were lucky not to lose by a bigger margin!! i was cheering for Arsenal all the way!
    As for the return leg, i have this feeling Juve will triumph. but a big task to ask for. especially will viera and others suspended!!
    who ever wins this round, will go on to win the champs league!!! i hope its arsenal, but i can live with Juve winning it!

    i dont really fancy any of the other teams, apart from BARCELONA!!!!!

    any of these three win im happy!
    ibby london!

  2. Good Luck for tonight Swooshie !!!
    ( No Del for tonight )




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