Monday, April 24, 2006


In response to a blogger that says he wanted Brazil Babes. This is for you Old Chap. Every World Cup the brazilian Fans stand out. I am not saying any more. Check This Out.

click on the link below for a larger view brazilbabes.html

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  1. Hello my dearest friend.


    I must say... world cup fever has taken us all by storm.. im pretty surprised that your focus has wavered off the field in this energised period ;-)! and i must say.. i think u need to concentrate on the field in light of Italy's not so impressive stance so far! They need ALL the support they can have!!

    Anyhow....World cup takes me back to Y2002... Boy did we have fun!? by the way... whats that song by Tree63?? Come visit us sometime. and dont forget to have 2 sugars with your milo ;-) *mwah*


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