Thursday, April 13, 2006


I hope not!!Well, let me tell you I will be dissapointed if these rumours circulating are true. Rumours suggest that if Del is not guaranteed a first team place next year under Fabio Capello he wants to play football elsewhere. Arsenal looks like the likely destination. OR maybe Anfield.
I will still support Juventus but I will also support the team he goes to. But if I had it my way, Del will stay in Turin till he retires. If he goes to Liverpool, than I will watch all the games with Djibreel Cisse.


  1. Rather he goes to Liverpool than Arsenal. I think he is weak!!! We dont need him.

  2. If Del goes to Liverpool he will become another Djibrill. Del is not a mug.
    He is in the class of the man in Taboo playing behind the two strikers.

    He wont even go to Arsenal. He will stay in Turin after he wins the golden boot. Then Coffee will support the Black and Whites and i can have the sideburns that are very Del

    In a different Class


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