Friday, January 12, 2007


Like I always said David has been a marketing phenomina and had his fans emulating his fashion sense, his hairstyles, sarongs.Everybody wanted to bend it like Beckham,including me to be honest,Although Del was my man. I said earlier I was with a mad Beckham Fan on two occasions. The once was when we walked into a Rivonia Nightspot while on camp with Dynamos at the time. Becks just streaked his hair at the time and donned an alice band. A chic looked at him and said "I like your hairsyle". He looked at her shaked his bum and Said "Very David Beckham. I am in the class of David".The second occassion was when I met him at a India Barber catching a shave.He was waering a looghi. He said to me "I wore this thing Long Before David

And now Apro Beckham bicharo is going to become a movie star. Look the man had may critics but If a owe could cross or pass a ball was Becks. He may not have had the flair but he pulled England out of the k$%k may times. Now he is going to the MLS and sign for an American Club. I think its his vrou's influence as she can further her music and Hollwood career and Beckham will star in the next sequel of DIE HARD next to Bruce Willis.
I still think the man could have played a few more years at top level, perhaps Arsenal,Liverpool even we would have taken him at Juve. But like Figo,Fatistuta, Rivaldo and other legends Qatar seems to be where the money is. I mean Becks is rumoured to get 500000 pounds a week. IS HE GOING FOR THE MONEY?

"David Beckham will leave Real Madrid at the end of the season and join side Los Angeles Galaxy on a £128m five-year deal - which works out at a mere half-a-million pounds a week. The former England captain will leave Real in June and begin his new career in MLS in August."
I think we have lost another great footballer and will be deprived of watching him for at least two more years.Sorry Azee but the lad is class.I know you were always a Becks Man.
Macherano to Liverpool, Shevchenko to Madrid or Milan, Ronaldo to Chelsea in xchange with Sheva, Luque leaving Newcastle, Crouch to Newcastle, Gabriele Hienze to Juventus,

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  1. Its A sad day. I hoped he woud come back to england and we could have seen him in the premiership for a few years. By going to the states any hope he had of playing for england again is also gone.

    The oke was a legend, there were few others who could rival his right foot with crosses and free kicks.


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