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Just a reminder that Ramadaan is only 7 months away. Anyways you know how it is. Lately our owes have been going to Wesbank on a Wednesday. I met Zoobair Loonat there (a cousin of mines) He will write a post now Every Thursday called Jet Fuel Only. Its about cars,speed,drags and well Jet Fuel. So heres what the man had to say. In the future we hope to have technical articles,pics of hot cars,motors,sound and new cars etc

Hi Guys and Gals and all “Petrol Heads” alike!!!

I’m the new technical piston head that’s gona feed you with the latest greatest info on the motoring front locally and abroad…Before I begin,feedback,suggestions and constructive criticism are the name of the game and always welcomed.2007 is upon us and boy do we have some awesome,coolest to the max,fantabulous offerings on the new product launch side…As you can see my writing style is unconventional,but if u want formal,buy a copy of whatever u can get off the shelve..This is a pure unadulterated unbiased view from my side,your opinions based on what I say,will be considered if followed by fact,proof and substance.Firstly an introduction from my side…Who am I?What do I do?Well from those that know me,102.6 octane flows in my veins instead of the red DNA stuff,I guess I was weened on octane not Nan ;-)

I will be biased toward fast cars,well erm anything that goes fast,2wheels,4 wheels,2 legs(girls obviously)…:P
I’ve got a variety of info for you today and I believe that’s where the spice comes in…

I’m sure u’ve all heard the word “NOS”?Well those that know alittle more know the little fire extinguisher blue thing from Fast and Furious movies,that once the switch is flipped,the driver and occupants are sucked into their seats and the vehicle accelerates at a phenominal rate reaching speeds of”lock me up and throw away the key” velocities…I will try to not be so technical here and just give a simple laymens term explanation on everything.An internal combustion engine is nothing more than an air pump,the more air u get in the more power u make and the bigger the grin on your face.What NOS does is supply more oxygen in the combustion chamber and bang,more air more power.Another awesome way of getting huge power and seriously wet ur seats and pants is through turbocharging,this is my favourite(no not the wet pants bit).What is a turbocharger?Well sticking to trying to not be labelled a technical geek,I’ll leave that to the guys in white coats with thick spectacles…I’ll try to be brief and simple.A turbo is made up of two parts,a turbine(turbine wheel and housing)and a compressor side(compressor wheel and housing).The turbine is powered by waste exhaust gasses that wud otherwise just leave through your exhaust pipe on a naturally aspirated or non turbo car.These gasses spin the turbine wheel which in turn spins up the compressor as they connected via a common shaft.The compressor spins at anything between 120 000 and 180 000rpm!The turbine can reach temepratures of upto 1000 degrees celsius too!
Basically the turvbo itself is nothing more than an air pump and forces air into the motor and voila!More power!Now we get to the supercharger…similar to a turbo as in both pump in air increasing power,whereas the turbo is powered by free wasted gas,the supercharger is powered by a belt driven of the crankshaft.So in essence it takes power off the motor to make power…
Cams,modified cams?u’ve all heard some Lenz guy in his Golf mention he has these?What are they?Well basically its an awkward looking cast iron shaft with funny lobes on it that push the lifters and open the valves.U need this for combustion to take place.Modified or race cams as they commonly reffered to,keep the valves open for longer(duration) and lift the valves off their seats higher(lift).This in turn then takes in more air,and as you’ve guessed it,makes more power.

The above explanations are just a very quick not so technical background on the popular power enhancers.I will in future do very technical write ups on all of the above if there is enough interest,coupled to different fuel octanes,aftermarket engine management systems,gasflowing,boring,stroking,basically anything and everthing for the speed freak.
Also to come will be my views on the latest hot hatches and how they compete against each other.Stay Tuned,stay peeled and remember speed doesn’t kill recklessness does,so keep it off the streets and on the track!

Attached are pics of a turbo(780bhp!) courtesy of moir,before being installed on my race car.The other pic,is erm well,what I’d wish my tuner looked like!


Boost Developments


  1. Ey Zubs, That pic with the turbo looks very familiar. Who took it? LOL

    Good stuff boet, be sure to mention all the cars u impressed with!


  2. Hey Zubair,

    Interesting introduction, keep it up, hope to see your column grow from strength to strength.

    BTW, NOS is actually the registered trade mark of Nitrous Oxide Systems based in the US, and is the most popular brand of nitrous since the 1970's. Nitrous oxide, or more correctly dinitrogen monoxide is the gas that provides that seat sucking action you talked about :)

    Anyway, good introduction, i like.

  3. Very planly put and easy to understand, Thanks man, One thing alot of people miss understand are the fuel managment systems, There are a number of them on the market and alot of poeple buy what ever because of hear say and they buying the incorrect management for there car, Could you possible give a better understanding as to what management systems are the best and most reliable to go for ?

  4. Good stuff,keep it up

  5. Mmm. very interesting article. My only gripe is that I didn't give you permission to use my girlfriends pic!! Anyway, do you think you could include some gun stuff in your articles?

  6. Zubs im still waiting for a spin in the car when its ready, good intro and we should see you there wed nights.

  7. Eish bru gud stuff.Keep it up.


  8. this is a bit off the topic but i just heard some breaking news... Liverpool have just signed superstar Michael Jackson!!!

    In the press release he said:
    "I am delighted to work with a team where I can be part of a whipping by 11 kids at home"


  9. hey zubs

    interesting stuff...! looking forward to the technical side of it all..
    and some good advise on looking after a turbo car...!


  10. Can't wait for this weeks article!


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