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I have decided to flight this post now on a wednesday instead of Thursday. It just feels apt. This weekend I met a man that revolutionised the word Jet Fuel Only.He in fact gave me the name. The phrase goes as such "IF EVER THERE WAS A MAN THAT COULD CARVE A 8 IN THE ROAD WITH HIS SILVER IS". Yip Nazo Jet Fuel Only if you reading,Thumbs Up.

Firstly I know that this post is developing a following. I just want to start by saying how "JET FUEL ONLY " originated. My Couzi Nazo had a apple green golf at the time with black momo quasa's.DPV.

Anyway we had connections in the Bronx. One day on a visit to Bronchorspruit Nazo's Swaar Gora took me with a couple of bra's to a garadge.There was a car there,GOLF 1, Daytona Violet with an exhaust as thick as a pillar. They pulled off the Cover and said to me"NOW WHERES YOUR COUSIN.THIS IS OUR BEAST.JET FUEL ONLY".Anyway lets see what Zubair Loonat has to say......

Howdy Guys and Gals…That time of the week again for you to get your dose of octane booster…With new model launches on the up,2007 is gona be a real treat…Some model carry overs,some revisions and some new ones altogether.I will be looking at the popular hot hatches,I refused to call them pocket rockets as prices ranging from R235K to R280K,the only pockets you will have are empty ones.Hot hatch?Where did it all start?Well the Vw MK1 Gti or Golf 1 is where it all began and changed the way we looked at small performance cars forever…Succeeded by Gti 16V,VR6,Golf 4 and 5 Gti a cult following sprung.Other manufacturers too decided to get onto the band wagon and we saw the launch of the early 90’s Opel Superboss and the “handle with kid gloves” Opel TS.Since then Renault,Ford,Mazda,Seat too have joined in on this title fight for hot hatch supreme…Lets take a brief look at each..If you want indepth info or interested in how many cupholders each has,this is not for you,that Hendrik V guy on a locally produced motoring show will be keen to describe depth,size and diameter of cupholders and seat adjustments..I on the otherhand will tell you what I think is important.All the mentioned cars are roughly around the same price bracket,have Recaro sports seats in cloth or leather and compete in the same market segments.All are capable of around 240km/h and around 7 seconds 0-100km/h as tested by reputable motoring publications,at the reef and sea altitude.Most of these cars have been detuned as a result of those self righteous tree huggers that label themselves environmentalists…So catalytic converters are installed not only to increase cost but to save the ozone too,all at the expense of power L

First up we have the Ford Focus ST:166kw,320nm torque.Available in 3dr(sporty),or in a more conservative,conventional family orientated 5dr(Granny like) shape.Stunning 18’ wheels as std,with the subtle yet attractive mesh front bumper,clean side sills,and a designer rear roof mounted spoiler for added downforce(Who says looks can’t also serve a purpose?)Colour I would choose on this is the funky Pearl Orange for sure,but be sure to wait an extra 3 months if you opted for this.Essentially the Focus ST is based on the Volvo S40 platform,engine,chassis etc all Volvo and performance tuning further undertaken by Ford in the UK.I’m quite surprised the guys from the blue oval brand turned out such a well balanced package,braking,handling,build quality all top notch.That 5 cylinder engine tone reminiscent of the VW Caravelles, are to die for and call onto the driver to hit the loud pedal just one more time…

Next up we have the Renault Megane Sport RS F1:168kw 300nm torque.The F1 limited edition is available in 3dr only with Alonso’s F1 championship winning livery yellow and blue colours shod with pride on front and rear bumpers.Comes with 18” menacing black wheels and seats that look straight out a rally or touring car.Tons of lumbar support from those and suspension setup more for track than comfort or road use.This car in black looks like Darth Vaders personal mode of transport…Wicked!!!I can see myself cruising in this listening to some 50 cents tunes ;-)

Vw’s Spanish cousin Seat-pronounced Sayat(Seat is for sitting but Sayat is for flying radio ads comes to mind).The Seat Leon Cupra(Short for Cup Racing) 177kw 300nm torque.This baby apart from having stunning Spanish flair,normally associated with Italian designs has Vw’s proven German engineering and then some!Essentially what Seat has done with the Cupra is taken the Golf 5 Gti’s hardware and improved on it and added some extra testosterone….Due to be launched 2nd quarter-end March,beginning April..Its sure to have Gti 5 guys feeling left short changed.This will separate you from every other guy in his Gti,if its individuality and style you want,this is it.Ps.Every street in Lenz has a Golf 5 Gti…Time to step out of the mould and not be a sheep me thinks….

Also worth mentioning,no not as an afterthought,the Mazda 3 MPS(180kw 335nm torque).Not yet launched,powertrain derived from the 191kw 380nm Mazda 6 but detuned as it doesn’t share its bigger sisters AWD drivetrain.Most powerful of the bunch here,but overseas critics weren’t impressed but the lack of steering feedback and torque steer that would even make hardened criminals stain their underware!2.3l 16V turbocharged,intercooled lump could make up for the lifeless steering…On a design note though..Mother Theresa comes to mind…

Aaah finally..Last but not least and my personal favourite..The Opel OPC(Opel Performace Centre) GTC(Ooooh you’d be like heaven to touch…I want to hold you so much..)177kw 320nm torque.This car looks like its doing 250km/h standing still,nothing about this cars design is subtle!Looks,perfomance,handling,braking…this is it…colour of choice?Red definitely to show the oh so sexy curvy lines..Reminds me of Stacy Ferguson in red lingerie…Performance stats are so impressive I’m beginning to think this cars been designed by Al Qaeeda,cause it’s the bomb!I can’t wait to get my grubby little paws on one!And this coming from a Vw fanatic!

Why no Gti you ask?Its out of its league in this company and I eagerly anticipate the 162+kw GTI-R launch later this year.

Till next week buckle up,lock you doors,beware of pedestrians and please break out of the dreaded brand monkey mould.

Zubair Loonat

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  1. Your sense of humour is brilliant,you should do this professionally!I love your insight!

  2. very interesting i must say...
    good reading material.... too bad its only once a week..!!
    keep it up!!

  3. Need to phone nazokis to tell him is on the blog, zubs howzit? Thought we were getting a westbank update but this is good, keep it up and the cars look good but much better with a nice chick standing next to it or sitting on it

  4. Yeah cuzz,but have to cater for the masses and the "normal" everyday cars too,not everyone owns a 500Kw dragster ;-)


  5. from somebody ,whose knowledge about cars and speed is quite scary ;O) WELL DONE Zub AIRRRR! its as fast and furious as the adrenalin rush !! guess you in the wrong profession :O)

  6. Cool article...Ur sense of humour really is the cherry on top. Making it interesting to read and learn bout cars without getting bored and with a smile ;-)As well as ur good taste in cars...and ur comaparisons. Gr8 stuff, keep it coming...

  7. Slmz Bro. Great article, just got back from holiday and the first thing i did was read your article!
    Maybe for your next piece you will consider explaining the relationship between torque and power? :) Naz...


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