Monday, January 15, 2007



Is Peter Crouch better than Rooney.Thats what we debated on this blog before. Wayne Who? Oh yes Peter Crouch scored two & Wayne Rooney scored last year,This time. Ebie Jay sms'd me on Saturday swearing at how s($e Liverpool were playing.But then Crouch and Bellamy the faithfuls delivered.At the end of the day, 3 points in the bag and like Zam Ram said the injury to Dudek will not be missed. Dudek injured his back while picking the ball up 9 times from the net.

What can I say. They keep on winning. But next week will prove a sterner test as they face Arsenal. That lity Christiano Ronaldo is still scoring. I dont understand. This is not a great Man Utd Team but how come are they leading the PREMIERSHIP. Just doesnt make sense. Anyways we still have four months left of the season. Anything can happen

After a nice Hot Shower and the return of Ti Ti Arsenal are playing top soccer. But if the bas#$ards go and stink against Man Utd then I will lambast them forever. They looking good and Faaiz Oz was relaxed on Saturday Evening. But I will finish him If Arsenal dont beat Man Utd
A good win. I was at a braai in Greenside on Saturday Nite and there was a big man doing the Drogba celebration around the pool.Lampard you beauty.Please take this form with you to England. YUP,The Drog is looking good,lethal to say the least. Apart from that speculation keeps growing that Mourinho will be replaced next season
Elsewhere a riviting display from Newcastle saw them come from behind and beat Spurs. I dont what it is with Spurs but I find them to Inconsistent if Mahmood Ackhalwaya agrees

European Round UP

Forza Juve

Juventus have slumped to their first defeat in Serie B this season. But they are only three points behind. I would prefer if we were running away at this stage.

In Serie A,Inter maintain their lead whilst Roma conceded late to slip a bit.Milan also won

In Spain Riyad Loonats Madrid finally brace themselves for the Month of February.They are now 2 points behind after Barcelona got thumped 3-1. Valencia are also up there stepping up the pace.And Capello said that Becks will never wear a Madrid Shirt Ever Again
AND Orlando Pirates lost-AGAIN


  1. with another great clash ahead, could MAN U get anything out of a classy gunners side? We'll all i can do is hope. The gunners looking in fine form but so are united. Could Henry prove to be the difference. Now for the liverpool clash. YOu boys think you can hold chelsea to a draw. Stand up and be counted for.

  2. Liverpool will beat Chelse on saturday and Arsenal will win on sunday . Henry will be the difference between the 2 teams .

    Nice to see you back on the blog Biggy

  3. All i can say is the ball is round... but it seems as UTD owns it at this stage so Arsenal if you want it come get it! mad red fan

  4. up the gunners..... we going to take united on with sheer comfort like what we did to liverpool

    bang bang !!! we gunned them down


  5. Cisse lets be realistic, u okes dont have a prayer against chelsea!

    Gunner 4 Life

  6. Liverpool to finally come good against Chelsea and allowing United to open up a 9 point lead.
    United to sneak it against the Gunners thanks to some Rooney magic.
    The bastard owes us after all the sitters his missed.

  7. Swoosh i tink da next debate should be on the PIRATES crisis ,i mean dey losing all ,won only two in last 8 games ,though dey still have 4games in hand ,at present it makes no difference ,n wats with dis coach mitcho ,he continues to strengten his front without lookin for more cover at defence and keeper..Its a really bad situation 4 us Bhakaniya faithfuls


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