Thursday, July 17, 2008


Bringing back the Story of the Anaconda. Most of you have read this before, But due to popular demand I had to bring it back
Now Please,these are true events and Must not be tried at Home. All the stories on Swoosh0018 are true, published with permission of the person involved. The characters used are fictional.


I recieved a joke yesterday via email about the True Test of Marriage.
A guy is engaged to be married. The only problem is that his sister in law is HOTTT. Anyways a week before he is about to get married his sissy in law calls him and says her computer is broken. As he gets there she tells him that she always looked at him with lust and how much she wants him. She said if she could just have him just once before he spends the rest of his life with her sister. The man was gobsmacked. She slowly went upstairs and as she went into the room she dropped her panties and kicked it down the stairs. And she was Hot. He runs out of the house only to be confronted by the Toppie. He pets the lad on his shoulder and said "Well Done Son . You have passed the Final Test . Now you can marry my daughter". Moral of the story.

This leads us to our moment of the week. And some guys have been pestering me and saying Please Swoosh put this on the blog. So with rights and permission here is a true recollection of events from a lad they call ANACONDA
This lad was engaged to a fairly beautiful Chic. Only problem was she stayed in one of the dorpies. So our man Anaconda had to travel and do the long haul. So he had "meeto Moro "(Sweat meats -for our other readers) and was engaged. He got invited to the house once and because of the distance ended up spending the night, the halaal way. Now the problem arose when his bedroom was next to the Shower. And whilst he was catching some Zee's he noticed the Sister In Law entering the bathroom. Now being an ANACONDA he couldn't resist stretching the limbs a bit. He ended up in front of the bathroom with the Keyhole looking like an Imax Theater. And he went for the dreaded peek. Saw his Sister in Law rubbing soap on herself and u know the usual what chicks do when they shower. And Our man Anaconda liked what he saw so much that his whole focus drifted on the Sister In Law. And yeah you guessed it he fell for her and lost his Fiqr for his fiancee. As expected the engagement broke. Till today the fiancee as well as the Sister in law have no clue why the engagement was broken. Our man Anaconda came home and gave us a moment that shook the Blog. And that my friends is a true f#4ken story


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