Thursday, July 31, 2008


Well some great Developments. Firstly you see that TM in the corner. Lol. Swoosh0018 is a registered f#4king trademark now. So no one can give me crap. Its an awesome development. I just want to say a special THANK YOU to my Lawyer Waseem Koor from GK Attorneys who made it happen and handled the Whole Affair. Thanks Bud....Highly appreciated.

Secondly The Swoosh0018 CHARITY FOUNDATION Bank Account has been created. This puts me at ease as now we have a Bank Account.

Lastly we are developing an SMS Hotline where an SMS can be sent to the Swoosh0018 Charity Foundation at a cost and a portion will go straight to Charity.But we working on it and almost there

Other than that we 2 weeks to the Premiership and the Premiership kicks off on my f#4ken birthday


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