Monday, July 21, 2008


As we pass the halfway mark of the season, the big three are tied at the top with 48 points each. It's clear that every point is important and this championship could be decided on the narrowest of margins. But although Lewis, Felipe and Kimi have equal points, the Finn is consistently the fastest. The defending champion has driven the fastest lap in 6 of the first 9 races.
This weekend's race is at Hockenheim where F1 has not featured since 2006. The circuit has been modified recently but still retains some long straights and hairpins with a few overtaking points. It lends itself to good racing and could be quite dramatic with the changeable weather conditions predicted.


1. Irshad Latiff FC Toby 154

2. Yusuf MaiterMclaren Rulez 149

3. Ary Moosa Mika's pride 741 145

1. Mohammed Shakir Laher The Master Senna 1430
2. Riyad Loonat Real Champions 1398
3. Ary Moosa Mika's pride 1360

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