Wednesday, July 16, 2008


What a thing. Everybody now saying that the Scudetto will be coming to Milan. I just spoke to Cisse now. Thats what he said. But No Champions league for Ronaldee..That will be a shame

The Brazilian had always stated that the Rossoneri was his preferred destination, despite Manchester City offering more money, and he was pleased to end all the speculation.A deal worth around €21m to the Blaugrana was sealed after talks between the Catlaan club's president Joan Laporta and Milan's vice-president Adriano Galliani took place this week."At last I have signed for Milan," Ronaldinho told La Gazzetta dello Sport after the deal was announced as being official."It has been a long time in coming, but finally the deal has been done. The facts show that I always wanted to go to Milan."Ronaldinho has had two troubled seasons at Camp Nou, but he was not willing to give his side of the story and explained that he was only focussing on his new club."Now is not the time to speak about Barcelona. I just want to enjoy this new chapter in my life, in which I promise to work hard and give my best to Milan," he


  1. That was the best news I got as I stepped into the office this morning. All the stories about Milan not being able to sign anybody was becoming a worry. With Flamini and Gattuso to destroy in the middle and Ronnie, Kaka and Pato up front with Seedorf and Pirlo pulling the strings things are looking up. And with Zambrotta down one flank we should be more solid. I think Milan should attempt to sign Grosso too.

    We just lack a solid keeper. Kalac has never convinced me and Dida isnt world class, but with just the Scudetto to focus on we should be more consistant.

    Swoosh whats hapenning with Barry? I hear his back in training with Villa.


  2. Shakes I was waiting for your comment.

    Even though Milan not in Champions League. Their squad still looks pretty solid.

    Its a tagedy that they not in Europe for viewing pleasure.

    As for Juve,The Fans are lambasting Seco. They saying he is f#4ken shite.

    We have only bought Poulsen and mehlberg. We are still lacking a creative attacking midfielder.

    As for Liverpool..We fu#4ked up by selling Crouch....

    And we f#$ken bought Degan and that Italian lity.

    I have no idea...what teh f#4k Rafa is doing. Its double trouble for me as Ranieri has officially stated that Juve are done in teh transfer market

    F#4k Ass

  3. Milan not in chmp league will be tragic.. Just as Bayern were missed last season.. They shud do well in Uefa Cup tho with their squad..

    Alonso is better than Barry.. WTF is Rafa thinking.. And 20mil for Keane.. Like WTF.. Berbatov is 25mil.. Rather put 5 more and get quality..

    Thats the diff between Rafa and SAF.. SAF has foresight and RAFA is still learning it..

    Sad to say but its true..

  4. The signing of Dinho theoretically is fantastic however is he motivated to reach the levels of 3 seasons ago at Barca. It's one thing for him to say he'll give it all and is excited for tthe new challenge but come the end of the season he and FAT Ronny could be vying for HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!

    Stroker Juve are signing absolute sh*t! They've got depth in every position but lack quality in certain areas. You guys are too reliant on DOHO'S like Del, Nedved and Trez! Chiellini is gonna be a great but he needs some quality alongside him!

    Killa, do you honestly believe that Berba will go to the scum. The man has his heart set on joining United and Spurs just need to come to accept that he is destined for greater things!

  5. I didnt mean we must sign him..

    I merely compared him to Keane money wise..

    If Keane cost 20 mil and Berba 25 mil..

    Why not spend 5 mil more and get someone of Berba's quality.. Like David Villa or Sergio Aguero or even Eto.. Okes with pedigree.. Not a 2nd grade striker like Rob keane.. He's good but not great..

  6. Salaam to all.

    I sure missed the hammering of Takilla on loosing the Euros(but thats in the past and I wasnt around).

    Anyway must agree with Seth on the Juve thing.I mean how long are the Cha Chas gonna last swoosh?Del is not bad but the Juve team kinda reminds me of the French squad not too long ago.

    Hey Killa I met your fellow scum supporter in Egypt and boy did I hammer him!

  7. I think Kaka will motivate Ronnie, he has been campaigning for the Rossonerri to sign him. Also the comments of Seedorf that Milan are wasting their time signing Ronnie as they don't need him will spur him on coupled with the fact that he waivered 1.5 million Euro's that he should have got from the deal showing he's heart was set on joining Milan.

    This season the board nor the fans will accept anything less than a serious challenge on the scudetto and champs league qualification. We have been in this position before but fought back by first winning the Scudetto and then conquering Europe twice.

    I'd like to say that I pushed Ronnie to sign for Milan when I met him two years ago, but I didn't. Still I'm glad the guy signed for us as skill and talent can never be lost. Although I feel he will need a few games to settle to the Italian style and the Milan way. I'm a bit gutted that Ancelotti is still there and Rijkaard isn't. But theres always next season. Tho if Rijkaard signed I think Ronnie wouldn't have given there problems at Barca.


  8. In SIR ALEX we trust


  9. go has returned! where have u been! go you thing go!!!!!!!!!

    of course sir alex will buy and sell who he wants! we have faith in his managerial skills!!!!!11

  10. Killa,

    I see your point but with all due respect Rafa is good at getting 2nd grade! Except for Torres the man buys 2nd rate!

    Benayoun, Pennant, Bellamy, Itandje, Kuyt, the list goes on! Even the guys he gets for free are 2nd rate - Veronica Voronin!

    Fergie has also bought some trash but Rafa will rather spend 25m on buying 1 good player and another piece of sh*t whilst Fergie will make a class signing! Then the scum supporters argue that they don't have money!

  11. Man united the richest club in the world, glory glory man united, glory glory man united. At least united don't buy shit-we buy class. hehehe, we are the champions, we are the champions-viva man united viva! Mugabe should take over from Rafa Benitez hehehehehe!


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