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He is as we always say a role model for our community and in great form. Let us support our man all the way. This post will serve as a bookmark and a TRIBUTE TO HASHIM AMLA on this blog

Well what can I say, I was truely proud when Hash got his centuary at Lords yesterday. I know Hashim Amla for a while now. I met him the first time thanks to Joey "The Swaar" Kadwa who hooked it up for us to meet Hash at our Hotel where the Cricketers were staying.

I must admit that the first meeting was more reserved lol, We sat there ,had tea and I was more excited in meeting the man. What we encountered was a man thats purlely in a different class, Humble and Down to Earth. Whilst we sat there in the Coffee Shop we were more often than not swamped by people walking in and out. They wanted to meet the phemnomina in Hashim Amla that has been sweeping the communitys in newspapers etc.

From there I learned that Hashim Amla is respected off the pitch as he is on. We were having Coffee on the eve of the second Test at Newlands, Hash was due to bat the next day and I should say he was under pressure to score that test, Yet we were in the company of a man that you would swear was going on a trip to the beach the next day, Such was his Composure. He was calm and collected. I even said to him ,I said Hash...If it were me..Id be stressed out lol. Anyways he left us at about 10:30 and scored a Century the next day.

After that we met on a few occassions and last year well Hash met Swoosh, and Swoosh met Hash. We embarked on our lunches before the test and everynight we had our Chaai (Tea Sessions). And let me tell you , Hashim Amla is destined for greatness. He is humble and down to Earth. Wherever we were he embraced Fans as he knew them for years and from my experiences let me Tell you Hashim Amla is respected by everyone in the Sports and media Environment. When he is in your company he is a regular bloke and when he is inbetween the Wickets he is an icon for our community destined for greatness. He has the credentials, ability and mental strength of A great Cricketer.I was chatting to Altaaf Kazi last night about the Hash Ton. Kazi said that he was peppered by the English Attack ealier on, But his innings was that of a man that was destined to play Test Cricket.

I loved the bit, yesterday when the commentator saw Docs wife & kids in the crowd applauding hash's Ton. I wonder if his fiercest critics Barry Richards, Kepler Wessels and Robin Jackman were watching. But this is his Tribute

PLEASE LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS AND TRIBUTES FOR THIS LEGEND ,HASHIM AMLA. Now let us pour our tributes and let us eclipse 100 comments on this post.

I have sms'd Hashim ,sent him the link and THIS WILL ENCOURAGE HIM . Let this be a platform of motivation. So Comment guys...Lets support our mans rich vein of form and celebrate his 100 at Lords

Some Stats to ponder about
has scored 664 runs this year already at an average of 55, if he continues in this form he could get over a thousand by the end of the calender year. Smith got 925, but that includes that double hundred against Bangladesh', Prince 423, Kallis 395, De Villiers 540, McKenzie 799, includes double hundred against Bangso Hash is the third highest run scorer for proteas this year
By Swoosh0018.com & Fordsburg.com
Ok..On our own accord as a community and powered by Fordsburg.com we have decided to give something back to HASHIM AMLA for his efforts.
What we aim to do is present Hashim Amla with an award on behalf of the Swoosh0018 readership and Fordsburg Community. So please if you want to pledge any amount toward this effort
send a detailed email to naseem@fordsburg.com
with your pledge amount and leave a comment on this post.
Your Detailed Email will include......
Your Name, Contact number and the amount you will pledge. We will take it further from there.
After the award the BALANCE and proceeds will be donated to the Swoosh0018 Charity Foundation
Moosa Aref has started the Pledge with R500. He dedicates this pledge to Hashim Amla and all those players that had the talent but not the opportunity to represent their sport at the highest level
Contact Members of the Pledge Panel
Moosa Areff
Naseem Mayet
011 838 9236
082 581 0735


  1. Hashim , May you go from Strength to Strength. You are an icon for my kids.

    When you bat,so does everyone in my house


  2. Support Hash..
    Dont smoke it..

  3. Ay hashim bhai..
    Remember the days when you should come with tomato planks to my house to use as stumps for batting practise..

  4. Hashim all the best

    From Benoni

  5. Congrats Hash!

    May you continue scoring hundreds all over the world and be a role model for the many people that look up to you!

  6. All the Best & may you grow from strenght to strenght, Aameen

    Thanks for putting Islam on the cricketing map and the world. Well Done - WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!

  7. well done hash, keep the flag flying! by Allah's grace yesterday was an amazing feat. at present dont think theres another country in the world which can produce a moment like that..a muslim representing a secular state and achieving amazing things at the highest level. wich is why i love my religion n my country...Aameen!!


  9. Well done, Hashim. A good role model for the Muslim community.
    All the best for the future.

  10. Hashim, Seeing you in the second innings was an absolute pleasure.

    May you prosper and go from Strength to Strength.


  11. Who are these Smith, McKenzie and Kallis chaps the media write about?

    When i go to LORDS and the rest of the stadiums i go to watch the one and only HASHIMBHAI!

    Ngconde Balfour
    Ex Sports Minister now Minister of Correctional Services!
    (I wonder where JZ will put me next?)

  12. i think your secret to successful batting is reading 'BISMILLAH' as the 1st ball is bowled to u. congrats hash.. u make us proud and hey,prove your critics wrong over and over again.

    all the best!

  13. Hashim Bhai,

    May this be the start of a wonderful tour for you. I hope you get tons of runs and score a few more centuries, maybe some doubles too.
    Go on, you BEAUTY!

  14. May not have been his prettiest ton, but one of his most determined. Plus not against New Zealand so an extra bonus:) May all the other teams feel the wrath of the bearded batsman!

    Let's hope Hash keeps consistent...there are still 3 tests to go...and possibly a place in the ODI squad to play for?

  15. well done so far... all the best in the future

    come on hashim... whip them pommies...


  16. "The Honours Board at Lords"

    Truely a great moment

    Wish you all the success, Hashim Bhai

    Have a blinding series


  17. "You make us Proud, Hashim"

    Hash Man

  18. Every profession has its ‘ultimate’ reward, or even a series of them which serve to affirm the success of its exponents. Mountain climbers ascend Everest. Cricketers, among other things, aspire to have their name inscribed on the Honours Board at Lord’s, the traditional home of cricket.
    Barely half an hour after South Africa’s remarkable rearguard action had ensured a draw against England in the first test, with Hashim Amla finishing unbeaten on 104, he was already wearing the deep smile of satisfaction that Ashwell Prince, Neil McKenzie and Graeme Smith -- for a second time -- had already enjoyed.

    “It’s there right now, in felt-pen! It feels fantastic, I must be honest I never even dreamed about it before we arrived at Lord’s. But the hype before a Lord’s test is just so big that you can’t avoid thinking about it,” Amla said.

    There is an ‘unofficial tradition’ at Lord’s that, by the time a player returns to the change room having taken five wickets or scored a century, his name must already be on the board. Hence the constant presence of a (non-permanent) black marker pen in the change room.

    “The first time you walk into the changing room the Honours Board is right there in your face, it’s impossible not to see it. And it’s impossible not to start thinking about your name being up there…I’m just so grateful that I had a chance and that I was able to take my chance,” the ever modest and humble Amla said.

    “We did well to come away with a draw and I believe we take quite a bit of momentum away with us to Leeds for the second test but, having said, we all know we need to address what went wrong over the first two or three days and face up to the problems we experienced,” Amla said.

    “As a bowling unit I’m sure we will switch on a bit more mentally and assess where we went wrong. We also didn’t bat well in the first innings so we all have some questions to answer. But we finished strongly -- so hopefully we can pick up where we left off on Friday morning!” Amla said.

    From Supersport

  19. Hashim and Doc. A special message from SA .Best of Luck and we are proud of you Boys Back Home

    Goolam Hoosain

  20. "The next South African Captain"

  21. Hashim.Exellent knock my son.May you go From Strength to Strength


  22. The power of the Der ree

    Its all about the BEARD.

    Shukr, great feeling.
    Hash we with you all the way

    The Quwatul Saatie

  23. Maashallah, well done may u grow form strength to strength.

    This last innings shows your maturity. This proves you've overcome your dreadful start to your test career ( against the English on home soil ). To go there and do it in there back yard, 3 centuries and counting....

    Did somebody say he has a floored technique! In the words of Geoof Boycott, ' Cricket is simple, leave out the coaching manuals just go out and get ruunnnss'.

    I'm sure his gran would have fancied a bat on that pitch.

    Well done Hashim, are duas are with you.
    With yourself and the inclusion of Doc Mosajee in the team, so many more of the elder generation are starting to support SA Cricket.

    Ziyaad Mayet

  24. congrats hashim...enjoying watching u play.a mixture of mohammed yusuf and azharrudin...nothing less than PURE CLASS

  25. HASHIM you need to teach Bodi a thing or 2 about modesty and humbleness cz most definately the principle of humbleness begins with salaam, remember this at all times...u are a good ambassador for Islam,keep it up

  26. Bodi is one dom doos. I checked that india papa on tv one day being interviewed

    Interviewer: SO why do they call you BOLLYWOOD

    BodiCause I like bollywood actresses so much, and cause i look like a bollywood actor

    Now fuck, that's asking for it, especially since he's not exactly the most handsome oke in the dunya

    And his local record is KAK...you will never find anyone except a chaaro jumping up and down for him to be in the team

  27. Hashim is the best Insha Allah you will be next captain coz you are a Man United supporter, that's why you play so well. Go Hashim go!!!!!! Glory glory man united, glory glory man united coz Hashim Amla is also a Man United supporter.


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