Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Lets say Penaltino (Christiano Ronaldo) gets sold for 100 million quid. To the readers if you were Sir Alex. What will you do with that 100 million quid?

A wise man once said to me at FTV where he partied with a host of badaams and models. i WAS ONLY 20. He said Swoosh...Come over here and chill with me. I said but "Im only a lightie and this is your party. Il feel skaam. He said Bajee ....In this Doonya Burfee and Meetai is for everyone.

On the same token this comes in as retrospect to Pokemons proposed move to replace Queros. Ejaz and the likes got a pasting becoz of POkemon. Now remember when the bA@3ards refused to sell us Heinze on principal.
At Liverpool we dont mind, We not like the MANCS. At Liverpool Only Uncle Bai Gora has walked alone

PENALTINO ,Ronaldo for Obvious reasons
and Iker Cassillas.

Who will it be. Is Euro 2008 bigger than the Champions League. If it is then the pendulam has swung Cassillas way. But then again Penaltino did f#4kall in the Champions League latter stages if you look at it?


You know regarding the Sakraat post earlier I wondered that once I was walking with on of my chics on Campus and everytime this buddy of mines used to see me carrying her file or bag or buying her Lunch he used to scream and say SWOOSH "SANLAM" Then he used to make his hands in the shape of the Sanlam Logo.

I fucken wondered now what is this oke on about. Sure as hell I asked him once what does he mean by this weird gesture"

He was feeling bad now so he said "Swoosh Your future is in good hands"

I looked at the Mugg and pulled the Jedi mind trick on him and said...


And so from that DAY on the theory of SANLAM was born

And Hamlet always says "Theres method in his madness"

I rest my case
Ronaldo's Girlfriend To Prevent Madrid Move?from

Rumour has it that Cristiano Ronaldo's special lady, one Nereida Gallardo, could prevent his move to Real Madrid. Not only is the Mallorcan said to be eager to remain in England, but there may also be a nasty surprise awaiting them if they move to Spain...

Britain's classiest newspaper, the News of the World, claims that tensions could be immediately high if Ronaldo moves to the BernabĂ©u due to the presence of Sergio Ramos, with whom Nereida enjoyed a brief fling.The paper gleefully squealed, "Cristiano doesn’t know Nereida’s already slept with one of Real Madrid’s top players."He’s a jealous guy and she’s kept it a secret from him because it’s something in her past. Sergio [Ramos is] a bit of a joker and the last thing she wants is him welcoming Cristiano to Madrid by announcing he’s already tackled his girlfriend."Apparently the tryst took place after the two hooked up at the glitzy Madrid nitespot Joy Eslava."Sergio was there with two friends and they and Nereida’s mates all ended up back at his house. Sergio was all over Nereida and ended up leading her by the hand into his bedroom," concluded the article.How much importance is actually to be placed on such gossip, even if true, is another matter entirely. As Cristiano and Nereida were not an item back then it hardly seems to be a make-or-break factor.Ms. Gallardo's craving for the limelight, though, could be a considerably greater influence.


  1. I will ask the Board to approve another 100m. With 200 million quid, I would approach Hicks to sell Torres

  2. Buy ramos, van der vaart, jan huntelaar and auguero... give myself a pay rise and become uniteds next manager... oh and with the change ask cantona to be my number2

  3. I would get rid of Fergie
    Sell the rest of the United team
    Buy the entire Bafana team
    Employ Uncle Bhai Gora as the manager
    and then employ Swoosh to maintain the official Man United Website

    We will still be who we are, CHAMPIONS,
    because its in our TAQDEER

  4. we won the double!!!!!
    who gives a shit about anything else!!!!!!!!!!

    where is go?

  5. torres aint worth more then 30 million!!!!!

    drogba offers you more then him! adebayor offers you more then torres!!!! they more complete players!


  6. I'll employ Pokemon to be the Number 2!


  7. The Plaza Toppies have spoken

    Its always great to hear the comments from the Plaza Toppies. These are a group of timers that I always meet at Rish's Snack Bar, Trekking that Mills cigarette , they were adament that Christiano Ronaldo will not move

    Reagarding Pokemons arrival in place of Queroz it is clearly evident that unlike THE MANCS we share our barfee....

    albeit they refused to sell Heinze to us.

    Once at a party, A man was moving with badaams. He said Swoosh, Come and Join me. I said but these are your stocks.

    He said Bajee in this Doonya , Burfee is for all of us. Enjoy.

    Adios Pokemon. Now I want to see what the MANCS say

  8. Oh and Azee AND Seth. I see your guys De Villiers is getting lamabasted by the media for going to attacking.

    Only Luke "Azee" Watson has supported him.

    For you two f#4kers that are always lamabasting me when i used to talk of Uncle BAI GORA. I got one sentence for you

    Next time your father speaks "Listen"

  9. Swoosh

    Did Jake White ever beat the AB's at home? He probaby played the most defensive rugby ever by a Springbok coach and never won there. So what difference does it make if we attack or defend we still lose to them.

    Give the man a fair chance before you judge him! Remember how the Aussies f**ked Jake up 49-0!

  10. they guy is 4 games into the job and u want to axe him! have a heart mate! the last time we beat the blacks in nz was in 1998. we were not so pathetic last week. swoosh you worrying me now. even carel duplessis and maarkgraaf were longer in the job before okes were calling for the axe!

    on ronaldo did he not score in the champs league final?

  11. This is my philosophy of taking over..

    I will instill in Bafana the following..

    Brazilian style..
    Spanish flair..
    Dutch pace..
    German consistency..
    Italian looks..
    Argentine hardness..
    Eastern Block discipline..

  12. Swoosh, don't talk crap on your own blog spot. It's not that pokemon was 1st choice for United, everyone wants to come to United because they know they will win something every season-why? Because United is much better than the livertwats. I'm sure if you have badaams with you nobody will ask you for any of it coz your taste sucks especially if you support livertwats.


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