Wednesday, August 27, 2008


No Dstv at my grans place so as usual I had open and the blokes were smsing me. But for long no sms. The flu has come back to haunt me so I took a brief nap....looked at the PC again and I seen 118 minuted. All the time though the sms;s have read ,liverpool doing nothing.

Next thing the page refreshes and I see Kuyt 118. Rash Cassim phoned me immediately and said Book the Wedding Hall.This year is the year. "When you play so sh#4 and you pull results. Arwanooh..Its coming. This is the year.

Rash was quick to admit that Liverpool were woeful and a far cry from what they capable of playing. Ebie Kop end and Kop out were also liasing with me. Go "Your Man" Kop out was stressed.

A Champions League exit would have been a tragedy. The flu prevented me from watching the game elsewhere and on the INTERNET you just see the scores, so Il await the reaction from the readers.

More importantly is that we are through to the group stages. But some Questions
Were Standard Liege a good team and would the other premiership outfits battled against them,
And do we have the squad to go all the way this year, bearing in mind we only signed Robbie Keane and a few others, Keane whom Rash Cassim states is suffering from Paul Stewart and the Spurs crossing over to Liverpool Syndrome.,,whilst other European outfits have made strong signings

I skyped live with Cisse and his words were after the game

"Absolutely shocking... from a performance point of view not wonderful... but hey what can i say... we through to group stages and thats what counts"

So onto the group stages and all the BIG Guns have qualified, except only one Turkish team in the draw, But its gonna be a heavy shooting draw


  1. I think it wld of been better if we got dumped least that way we cld of realy concentrated on the EPL. We dnt have da squad 4 both.with our 1 major signing keane.WTF!! Rash may b rite u play shit and get results then watch out kinda like utd.

  2. I think Swoosh is still going to be a bachelor! Generally speaking liverpool play sh1t so this time the fear should be-have livertwats got the capability of qualifying for next seasons champions league. Instaed of worrying about winning any trophies, worry about qualifying for next season as livertwats won't win the league, they won't win CL and they probably won't make it in the top 4. So book rather a whole storeroom full of kleenex tissues than a wedding hall, being for the demise of livertwats and all you stupid supporters thinking this is the year for the past 20 years!!!!

  3. kopout go eat some snoek!!!!!!!!


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