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AN ACCOUNT OF A DYNAMOS SUPPORTER IN THE HEART OF FORDSBURG DURING THE 70'S is launching a new component called history of Sports on
This component will capture the passion and the moments in the past. Its gonna be awesome.

Now for Swoosh0018 readers you will get to read the unedited version before it appears on not that there will be much of a difference but I'm no journalist so it will be grammar checked bla bla...and then on

Also if there is anyone that wants to share their past, your fathers, Uncles, toppies from Fietas days, here is the opportunity and platform to showcase your sports stories from Yesteryear.

Email and send your article in a word document with pictures if, you have any as separate attachments. It will then be reviewed and edited and place on

So lets start with


The person relating the story wishes to be anonymous, But he describes himself as a very passionate Dynamos supporter in the 70's. He said he even supported Dynamos more passionately then he does Man Utd.
His words were..........."The time of the Federation, Now thats when you see Ball"
He goes on to mention the great players of the era, Shiraz Abbas, Mansoor Abdullah, John Laguma, the goalkeeper, Booby Solomons, Rashid Khan, Pregga Thandrin. These lads were nothing short of class.

He recalls the time when Ismail Pahad of Dynamos went on a spending spree after Cape Town Spurs beat Dynamos 4-0. The 5 players he bought were Shiraz Abbas, Mansoor Abdullah, John Laguma, Booby Solomons and Rashid Khan.
In his very words Pahad injected life into the federation with his passion and purchases.

He also makes mention of Dynamos in the beginning. Players like Gamatee, Timer, and Toby Hatia. He says You will never see a player in the class of Toby.
Dynamos used to play in Lenz first before they moved Base to Millpark Stadium.
Players in this era included Christy Martin, Paul "Pollatjies" Sangion, Collin McBride. Dynamos kept on growing

He described the atmosphere and passion as electric and remembers clearly hiking from Lenz to Millpark. He describes them as being Fanatical

He also makes mention of the time Lenasia used to erupt. Dynamos vs Bells, The chants of the Bells War Dance, "Vandemadrem..And die Blue Bells maak a ding".I think....the spelling..., Bells vs Swaraj and so forth. He said guys used to get carried away he he.The atmosphere was second to none and never experienced again. Players of that era included Bertie Baard, Basil Reed, Larry Defreitas, Randolph "Jackal" Frederieks. Bells he recalls had players like Pregga Thandrin, and Terry and Loui Jeevanentham.
Swaraj was also solid, Huys like Guna Padayachi was one stalwart.

And when everything winded down, it ended at Kentucky Milkbar in Fordsburg. Guys used to meet there and Hangout, The score feeds used to come via Kentucky.
He concludes , Overall it was unvbelievable, the Football exellent and off the highest calibre.

His parting words were. If that era moved or jumped in the present, There were indeed players that would walk into the South African natonal Team

He recalls a skirmish once over a referees decision and remembers how supporters went wild
From History of by Naseem Mayet

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