Tuesday, August 19, 2008


It was really exciting when the fantasy league got underway on Saturday. I wont lie but a few of the lads have waited for it. Theres some Big Guns in the draw. Big things expected from guys like Riyad Loonat, defending Champion Pops, and some other big Guns.
For me I started of on a belter. Deco and Agbanlahor bagging massive points for me...But I dont want to talk now coz its early days, early days.

But look at the MANCS langusihing at the bottom...Great thing

1 Akhtars zaheer mayet 82 82
2 Swoosh0018 FC Naseem Mayet 72 72
4 FLY F.C Farid Saloojee 63 63
5 Number 19 Muhammed Carim 60 60
6 cape goalscores Mohammed Faeez Mayet 59 59
7 El NiƱo f.c yusuf $eedat 54 54
8 Real Champions Riyad Loonat 54 54
9 ridsz fc ridwaan Mayet 53 53
10 FAT FRANKS XI Yusuf Seth 52 52
11 woolwich14 mohammed motan 52 52
12 FC Toby Irshad Latiff 51 51
13 suleiman's 11 suleiman asvat 50 50
14 I'm better than UBG! Mohsin Seth 49 49
15 THE CHAMPION SETH Junaid Seth 47 47
16 HUFC Hoosain Mayet 47 47
17 ZamRam Faiyaz Mayet 46 46
18 Leyton Orient zubair kaka 45 45
19 Kop End Ebrahim Ahmed 45 45
20 Raihans Boys Zaheer Moosa 44 44
21 **(Jomo$ Boy$)** Yusuf Saloojee 41 41
22 Munawwar FC Mohammed Mayet 41 41
23 Better Than My Bro's Sumayya Seth 39 39
24 Riyaad Dudz FC Zahed Dudhia 38 38
25 Red Tide Ary Moosa 37 37
26 Swaar FC Yousuf Kadwa 37 37
27 Miroslav's XI afzal mayet 36 36
28 F C HAZRATS yusuf rasool 35 35
29 Snapple.COM Ebrahim Jina 35 35
30 Adega II Muhammad Osmany 35 35
31 PORN STARS Azhar Mohamed Moola 35 35
32 Captain Caveman Sir Ish Loonat 34 34
33 The KIngs 11 Yusuf Maiter 32 32
34 azzuriboys shaheer laher 31 31
35 kalgat rangers akiel asvat 30 30
36 Fordsburg Lighties Bilal Coovadia 29 29
37 THEREDS Zeyad Patel 26 26
38 Naughty Boys Zunaid Patel 25 25
39 ammaar's armada zain mayet 19 19


  1. I hereby throw down the Gauntlet on the blog.As Tradition I will make the following pre season bets.

    If Hoosain Mayet & Freds beats me ,I will owe him a seafood meal....

    If Ebie Jay beats me. I will owe him a Chow and a half........

    If Hazrat beats me I will...take him and vhis vrou for a seafood

    This year seems tough. Lots of claimers are out there saying that they will be Champions.

    My Top three.
    Im going for Riyad Loonat as Champ
    Pops and Mohsin Seth.....

    To my betters...please sign on here with your electronic signature

  2. think this year a no namer is going to take seth and all his imaginery other seths down.

  3. if a chic wins this years league then swoosh you got to marry her

    Some encouragement for the ladies to also join

  4. if i win this league then i will tell you my name

  5. Imaginery Seths?
    Get a life looser

    The Champion Seth!

  6. i spoke to sumaya seth n she claims not to be playing in the league.its just her "innocent" bro!(yusuf)

    does that mean swoosh marries seth?????

  7. Swoosh just get married and than you can feed everyone you know! instead of buying guys chows.
    let the tunnies prepare and get a cook cha cha to make the Biryani. Call the moli and GET A CHICK

  8. credit where credit is due
    Seth last year had a bumpy time in middle of season but rose to the end
    that now shows class

  9. I think swoosh should get married now and invite the supporters of this blog!!!! He should go to India and do it the traditional way!!!! There's lot of village girls waiting to get snatched up!!! Swoosh, why not put up a poll whether you should stick around till you find someone locally or go to India and find a village girl that will make you roti everyday because your take away bill is too much every month!!!! Chi chi chi chi chi!!!!!!! No shame you got


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