Saturday, August 02, 2008


All the kids and Linda, after they recieved the Swoosh Chocolates and parcels that we brought them

Now this room, is used during the day to keep kids safe whilst their guardians are away. It so happened that kids that were left at home during the day were raped and murdered. So a Day Care centre was created.

The Orphanage we assisted

Now this Granny was brought to Zanele Childrens Home because there was no one to look after her. She was found burned in a shack and is almost blind

Just by Giving out chocolates, there was great spirits. Just Chocolates and Well obviously there was Joy from what we collected for OPERATION HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH

What a smile brings. Thats why Thank You all for Supporting our Foundation. Together we can do things. These are orphans,some HIV orphans

The sleeping quarters for the girls. I wont put up the Boys

Firstly The Swoosh0018 CF Bank Acount has been formed. So please if anyone would like to Contribute .

Please anything will do AND feel free to do so at any time.
Just use Your Name as a payment reference of If you wanna be anonymous Use "Swoosh"
Please Contribute to theSwoosh0018 Charity Foundation
FNB Fordsburg
Account #:62191644478
Lets Make a Difference

Naseem "Swoosh" Mayet

As many of you know that the kids from the Zanele Childrens home were present at the Charity Fun Day. So first of all a BIG THANK you to all the People that have left items at The Swoosh0018 Collection Points at Adega Fordsburg and MTN Freeway Cellular in Lenz.Thank you to our Swooshing It Up Collection Points . Also Thank you to Arnaaz Mohamed for Swooshing it up and Collecting for us in Brits. And lastly Thank you to all that have dropped of items at my house.Too many people to Mention.

Now this is why its so rewarding when all our Collective efforts are executed.Let me tell you about the Zaneli Childrens Home.Its situated in Finetown which is in between Lenasia South and Ennerdale. Our Members Shakira Khota and Co set up the Integration and Well we went for the Drop Off. Myself and Firaz Ahmed. We were greeted by Linda who is the caretaker of this orphanage that houses kids from 3 years to 18 years. Recently they have been the home to a Granny who has no family and was burned in a shack.

She is also partially Blind.At the moment the facility houses +_ 20 kids some of whom are HIV positive.So we took whatever we collected, which was an array of beautiful clothing, used clothes, Food and Toys and distributed it to the Home. We also gave each girl a Swoosh Rose Chocolate and we gave each boy a assortment of Swoosh Chocolates.Linda and the Kids were so gracious that She said "Your team are like Angels on our Shoulders, May God Bless you."I said "No Linda, May God bless you for what you are doing for these kids."

But the pictures tell it all and Once Agian to see the excitement on the kids and the smiles when we brought the stuff , Our Mission was succesful. They are in Dire need people, Really, look at the Pics and we will be assisting them wherever we can. We then recieved a tour of the facility from Linda and THE TOUR WILL B EXPLAINED WHEN THE PICS ARE UPLOADED

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