Thursday, September 11, 2008



What a performance last night from England. England are my second team after the Azurri. The first team to beat Croatia at home in years. And the beauty part is nobody expected them to. It was one of teh most profound victories since thumping Germany in a qualifier a few years back in Germany. You remember that Killa. But Azee, The Guvee, Isy Moosa and the lads were rampant last night.

Via sms they kept saying its a beautiful night etc. What can I say you gotta hand it to Fabio Capello for throwing on the lity Theo Walcott, the youngest owe on the pitch. A Hatrick. Wayne Rooney was also effective for a change for England and this should give them confidence. We stand a good chance of seeing them now in South Africa

A good win for us against Georgia. Danielle De Rossi got two goals with two long range efforts. Despite the murder of his father in law, De Rossi and the Italians started off strongly but lost pace a bit. Georgia only thretened once and at teh end of teh day its 6 important points for the campiagn. A good performance by Legrottaglie. Lippi has been criticised for his hoices but three points is three points

SA Here we come
Spain , Holland and teh French all won.Killa what happened in Helsinki. The Germans fought it out 3-3 against Finland with Klose to teh rescue. What a thing.Very unlike the Germans


  1. ROONEY u beauty !!

    The lighty was class last night. he brings a different dimension to a game , & thats what we love him for at united.


  2. Yes i remember that game swoosh.. Liverpool 5 German 1..

    And if i remember correctly it was a qualifier for 2002.. The same world cup where the Germans reached the finals and italy saw the wrath of a certain AHN JUHN WANG in the 117th min and Seaman got chipped from a 40m freekick..

    Praise the English all u like.. They were, are and ALWAYS will be kak..

  3. abk(anyone but killa)Thursday, 11 September, 2008

    killa is was and always will be a mugg! killa u 4get barcelona 99 when mufc made the bayern kants suffer like no one else has suffered! u recall sami kufour?

    cannot agree more go rooney was sublime, people forget the work he does and only harp on his lack of goals! the scousers better watch out coz when he gets in the mood he then goes rampant 4 a few games!

  4. Killa, but you have to admit that Mario Gomes is probably the sh**est striker to ever put on a German Jersey. I have watched him play on about 3 occassions and every time i see him miss from an even closer distance. During the Euro's it was 6 yards, then 3 yards and last night was about 1/2 yard! Me thinks he'd fit perfectly in at Bafana! Plus Finland are coached by ex-Bafana man Stuart Baxter!

  5. What a great day for England. Its about time. Many pundits including Swoosh lambast Wayne Rooney.But tehy fail to realise the work that Rooney does as well as off teh ball movement.

    Three Lions,Sweet Chariots

  6. Hey Killa

    Do you remember Hans Peter Bregal and Karl Heinz Foster from Mexico 86.

    The masters of defense. Oh and Killer do you remember the bros Dieter and Uli Hoeness

    Marty Mcfly
    Back to the future

  7. rooney was SHIT as usual!
    There was only one star on the pitch last night and that was Walcott, go on my son you've done us proud.

  8. You guys are such Dumb Shits. Walcott just scored a Hat-trick( something that I dont think rooney achieved yet) and all you wankers are praising rooney.
    Walcott was man of the match

    BTW , Fuck Man Utd and Fuck England

  9. Here we go again......Fucken 1 game and the Rooney lovers start.

    For Esa (alayhisalaams) sake PIRLEEEEZ.We talking consistency,which I havent seen from Rooney in about 2 years.

    Oh and Killa........Klose to a DRAW????????

    "Go" support Berbatov instead!

  10. Rooney a beauty???????

    you guys are senile!!!

    You should eat more than dates fro sehri boys

  11. mini you losing your izzet with comments like that! rooney is class mate!

    who is the lad who keeps on swearing in the holy month? brother a little sabr will go along way!

  12. I'm not our brother !

  13. Its mini..... can't you read!!!

  14. mini , wat k@k are you talking.
    does scoring goals make you a consistent player ?

    whats the use scoring in every game, but losing the game ?

    rooney is class !!!!


  15. u mugg there is another guy swearing united and england! cant u read? an anonymous guy?

  16. Thats me. I hate manchester utd!

    Do I bother you ?

  17. no but can i moer u? cher me the fair go?

  18. are u bang let me moer you? cher me the fair go?

  19. Tomorrow at 4o'clock behind the school gym. wear your united shirt!


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