Wednesday, October 15, 2008


It seems every time Wayne Rooney is being criticised on the blog and the media, he rises to the occasion.In Minsk Rooney scored twice as England ran out 3-1 winners. England have been rampant in their qualifying campaign and one wonders why they couldnt start this way in Euro 2008. McClaren was clearly a MUGG of not. As the one quote said, Euro 2008 without England was like a Ijtima without the elders. As for Wayne Rooney and him doing nothing for England, He has proved me wrong already with 7 goals this campaign already.

Not the most convincing win in Montenegro but Lippi has lambasted the Italian Media and the press. Many are saying that he should have retired on a High and not returned for a second term. But LIPPI obviously views this as a challenge, after having already had a supreme reign in Seria A with Juventus. He has won the biggest event in World Football.
Nevertherless Im confident that he will bring Italy to South Africa.
Italy's Alberto Aquillani scored a brace and Montenegro came close, really close on numerous occasions, Italy however didnt sit back and Danielle De Rossi continued driving forward. He will indeed be one of the Stars of the Season. More important though ten points down

Spain ran out 2-1 winners. Iniesta scoring a breathtaking goal. Killas Germans ONLY won 1-0 and I think a Russian scored. Seth I agree the Germans are nothing like the past. A well oiled Unit. Russia and Holland both won

In South American Qualifiers it is rumoured that Argentinian and Brazilian Fans dont want to come to South Africa because of the crime. The players too feel ...AAAAh its only South Africa...and we rather be Alive for 2014 in South America. Thats why they playing as if they dont want to qualify. Brazil drew and Argentina lost.

And as for BAFANA BAFANA. .....Big thing ... we beat Ghana and won three in a row.

Azee and Seth F#4k off with your two cents and say they are getting there

And My Tailor just phoned me from bombay. He said there is no material for my Sash......I must hold on. I said to him Bhaboo Bhai...No problem

But for now .....The three lions, The Guvee, Azee, Talia, Go, Issy Moosa...we will hear God Save the Queen echoing in the townhouse complexes in Milkwood and maybe Lenz and Fordsburg.
Theres no better feeling..then listening to that anthem...enjoy boys


  1. They still shit

    "go" bow to your queen

  2. mr seth,

    wayne who?
    wayne f*&ken rooney!

    those comments of yours are going to haunt you for years to come. u were making gat of him now he is delivering!

    hey go
    god save our noble queen, long live our gracious queen! god save our queen!

  3. for once i agree with you "go"

    England as a team is shit... they have a good media tho

    just a lil something off the topic...
    i decided to be patriotic last night
    I was watching the Bafana game on SABC 1.

    It was quite impressive that they had that lil scrolling bar at teh bottom showing the live scores from around the world...

    then i saw something really funny

    Northern Island 1 - 0 San Marino

    i kid you not... thats the way it was spelt....

    i thought that someone would change it as the scores came in, but it showed Island the whole night.

    2010 is gonna be intresting


  4. How fickle some United fans can be. It reminded of the Liverfools of last season, continously lambasting their players forgetting the good those players have done.

    Rooney was fantastic the last two seasons for us and suddenly he goes through a bad patch and Seth is lambasting him. Every footballer has that bad patch, no matter how talented and as fans you should show patience knowing that he can produce better. Now it seems Rooney can't stop scoring. And it's not just tap ins, there are some stunners in the mix as well.

    Swoosh wat brace you talking about, the second goal was an own goal and not Aquilani's.

    What about Spain? As swoosh would say they stole in the dying minutes, but what a difference Cesc made. I just don't understand why he doesn't start, coz everytime he comes on they look more decisive and Villa comes alive.

    The Dutch machine rolls on as well, a sublime volley by van Bommel (didn't know he was back) beating Norway 1-0, a crucial 3 points on the road.

    Looks like Queroz might be back at Old Trafford at some point. He's still to win a game after 3 qualifiers. Portugal only managed 0-0 against a 10 man Albania at home.

    And Killa's Germans struggled against Wales. 1-0 to them at home. Piotr Trochowski

    Oh and Swoosh that Frenchman that scored the equaliser over the weekend is Milan's Yoann Gorcuff. Come on man keep up with the players, at the moment he's on loan to Bordeux.


  5. Thats right Shakes...that was his scored a Belter.
    I cant understand why Domenech is still there.

    As for Aquillani, accredited him with the goal.

    Oh, Shakes.please mail me

    Im doing a sublime article on Milan in the Hey day....your assistance will be appreciated. Need to be 100% on a few facts.

    You cant take a man from Uniteds mentallity and put him on ..But then again maybe our owes F23ked him Up.

  6. Wat did Penaltino do for Portugal


  7. SWOOSH why is it you like talking kak so much. You full of kak...take the criticism bro it will help you make better commentary on the game...england will make the world cup but will never win it for another century.

    As for Torres it's good that fucka got injured i hope his out for the next month

  8. anonymous...Shakes is the best Milan man to ask for Ive been told by his bro-in law.

    Shakes..please mail me..a few things I need to know

    Sharp Swoosh

  9. The closest England came to winning the World Cup was 1n 2006. But then Wayne Rooney cost us dearly

    Everyone makes a big hoo haa bout How his performing.

    When it comes down to the crunch, all the Utd GUYS NEVER RISE. EXCEPT BECKS


  10. hey abr its bastards like you who are always looking to point our our failures as a nation. wahy not talk about the sublime atmosphere in bloemfontein, but yet keep finding faults.

    u like The Citizen and Sunday Times always looking to show that people of colour cant crack it showing up the mistakes. was it not u who referred to the rugby coach as a "bushie"? muggs like u dont belong in SA.

  11. Azee I have to throw my 2 cents. I was waiting for you to bite

    You and Seth.....You f#4ken kants always throw patriosm or our lack of it in the mix.

    But Have Bafana Bafana (unless they change the name) gone forward.

    You guys say they playing ball under Santana...but we didnt qualify for the AFRICAN NATIONS CUP

    You guys said give Perreira time, he took two years, 24 bars and f#4ked off

    We know Akals makes great chow, but if something is wrong Zaks Akals will want to know

    We all patriots, But we not going forward

  12. U say zee Germans are looking rusty and not that formiddable..

    Lets recap
    Germans r rusty
    Brazil drew
    Argentina lost..

    Come the BIG EVENT... And then see who shines.. We deliver when it matters most.. We might not have won anything of late but were consistent in reaching the last 4 in Euro 2008, WC2006,WC2002 The last 3 events of note..

    U can go through qualifiers without conceding a goal.. But talk when 2010 kicks off..

    Spain vs England in FEB..

    Will be a good indication of teh Queens Boys "progress"

    Babel also injured according to LFC website reports

  13. Wow Azee....
    all the hate???
    who pissed in your porridge this morning???

    The Island thing was just a funny Typo... like going to an aiport and seeing Microsoft error messages on electronic billboards. "go" get a fucking sense of humour dude...

    How dare you fucking question my patriotism???
    Are we all supposed to just have faith and keep quiet when we see things are failing???
    We care and thats why we speak...

    I was shocked to learn that we payed Ghana R700 000 to play us last night...
    South African Football is joke.
    We wont have ANY competitive games until we host the world cup.
    You do realise that any time we want our boys to have a lil runaround on the field, we gonna have to pay huge sums of money for that. Do you think any country will play us for Izzet when they already collecting an "appearance fee"

    Yes we are hosting the world cup and we will indeed be participants......... but sadly, we will not be contenders...


  14. Swoosh

    Stop smoking your socks, i've never praised Santana. The oke has no International pedigree and is totally untested at this level. However he is here and SAFA are only going to sack him in April 2010 and hire Jomo. So make peace with that!

    Perreira had class and pedigree and no can deny that the Bafana's were improving their play under him. You can't blame him for the current state of our team. The rot had already set in prior to his arrival! We don't have the quality to compete with the big African teams and that's a fact. Essien, Drogba, Kanoute, Eto'o, Diarra, Adebayor, Toure and amny others are key to club and country while we do not have a single oke making waves in any decent league?


    Rooney is on a run which he goes through every season, he'll score for the next 8-10 games and then go back to his usual self for the next 20 games running around like a lost sheep bleating at anyone who looks his way!

    Good thing Carlos is F**king up at Portugal, at lease now we won't hire him as the No.1 when SAF quits.

  15. ABR

    You have to live in a Fantasy world if you think SA ever had a chance of being Contenders!

    Competitive maybe but Contenders, let's be serious. And by competitive i mean a 2nd round exit is respectable!

    There also happens to be a small matter of the Confed's Cup in 2009 where some pretty decent teams coming over and i'm sure they not going to be p*ssing around! If i remember the last COnfed Cup Brazil and Adriano were mighty impressive even though they went on to disappoint at the 2006 WC!

    Brian Clough

  16. the island comment was not made in jest! u ended by saying 2010 will be interesting meaning, as i see it will these muggs fuck this thing up? as they cant even spell properly.

    go get an ausie passport or a us green card!

    swoosh pereira's vrou got ill! if he were in charge there were signs of improvement even under santana the last few games have been better. this Parker striker looks half decent! Booth has looked better then morris at the back.

  17. Azee.... the world cup is the greatest event in the world, so yeah i would think its not too much to ask to spell the names of countries correctly... on live national television

    Some Doos at SABC has the job title "editor"
    Shouldnt he earn his keep?
    We not hosting a backyard diski game.... this IS the FIFA WOLRD CUP

    whats your response on us paying 700k for a second string Ghana side to play us???


  18. ABR

    No national or international team plays a friendly without an appearance fee! In dollar terms at a conservative exchange rate of R7:$1, $100k is peanuts for an opponent.

    Consider local prize money in football exceeds the R5m mark in all competitions. The KZN government paid Chiefs and Pirates R3.5m each to play last years derby at Kings Park. Patrice paid Barca over R50m to appear at Loftus!

    Granted it was a 2nd string team but no countries going to send them best out for a mid week friendly in the midst of WC qualifying no matter how much you offer them. African WC qualifying is still to be completed to determine the 4 countries joining us in 2010.

  19. u dont pay u dont play! and we need to use the gaps in club football to play friendlies as we dont have any competitive fixtures from now till 2010 apart from confed cup!

    look its a howler to spell island as they did, but no need to harp on the kak!


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