Thursday, October 16, 2008


Ya Ya. Legends. Hard to find. Too many, Some were great. They could change a game with one pass, They could dictate the flow of the game, They were equipped with mental strength, never say die attitude and a hosts of attributes.

What makes you a Legend. I think you have to be like no other normal person. Legends are born. They born with it. Its simple.

People on the blog, including myself we throw around names like Kaka, Messi, Penaltino. But the legends that will grace this blog are the guys that did it week in and week out. They were indespensible to their clubs and countrys. They are journeyman through the history of football. Those that have passed are Ghosts that will grace the Footballing arenas for years to come.

What can I really say about George Best? Some say he was the very best, even better than Maradona and Pelé. His off the field antics may of slowed his career but when he was at his best, he was frightening. -George Bishop

I didnt watch George Best, My toppies and uncles did and everytime at functions the timers throw around the name George Best. Skill, Ability and the character of a POP STAR. He had it all, Fast Cars, Hot Woman...and Drinking Alcohol perhaps was the demise of this great Footballer.

I watched a DVD lately. F#3ken Sublime. Amazing. The goals Best scored. The once he took on a whole team, one man. See the You tube Video. Amazingly though Bests career didnt last long. What would he have been in his last 6 years.The sad thing is , he was a MANC. He was part of the MANC Squad and Busbys Babes. But his goals and skills were unbelievable. i cant describe it. You have to see the You Tube Video. It says it all. He graced the nights of Europe with his skill and talent.

Like that MANC FAN said in 1999. When Man Utd players play in Europe at old trafford. The atmosphere is electric on a European Night. Sometimes the Ghosts of Munich come and play with the boys. im no soothsayer or believer, but it could be true, because only the MANCS and no one else can steal and prove miracles in Europe only happen to them, Nou Camp in 1999, Terry slipping last year. Are these just spates of bad luck...Or is it the Legends decending as Ghosts on hallowed European Nights. my cousin from Bately is a die hard Manc. He was here on holiday. He was telling me about this MANC Fan that has been there on every European Night and Old Trafford. His words were "OLD TRAFFORD on a Eurpean Night is unfathomable. You feel like the adrenaline is shooting out your spine. Like Nexus (ok thats my own thing) YOU FEEL SOMEONE IS WATCHING OVER YOU. Its truely spectacular

I interviewed a lad called Agent from the UK. The interview is worth the read, even though it was a while back

Here are some extracts
swoosh: Please Describe the atmosphere at Old Trafford on a matchday and a glorious European Night?
agent: The atmosphere is something that you honestly cannot describe, but I will have a go! It’s like electricity flowing through your body. The stadium is immense and I always a genuine sense of excitement when I walk up the stairs to take my seat. It’s a nervous excitement that is as strong today as it was all those years ago when I went to my first game.European games are quite special. They play that anthem as you enter the ground and it makes every hair on my body stand on end. The pitch is floodlit and I think it makes for a better atmosphere. The other plus is that there are a lot more local fans at midweek games and less corporate patrons. This makes for a greater atmosphere, especially against rivals such as Celtic!

swoosh:Forget that, I mean Utd had legends. Shmeichel, Giggsy, Becks, Keane, Bruce, Cantona. How was that era?
agent: Amazing. Cantona is my favourite player of all time. He has a mean kung foo kick as well! I think there are so many legends at United that you can’t really single one out as being a cut above the rest. I’d also like to give a shout out to George Best. He is watching over us no doubt, you really were a true United hero!

swoosh: Wayne Rooney has come in for a lot of backlash on this blog. Is the Lad an icon in Manchester. How do the Fans embrace the players there. Do the players get a lot of stick from their own Fans when they are down?
agent: People who don’t know the player will always knock them. Rooney is a great talent and anyone who truly knows about football will tell you that. His response to a goal drought? Scores a hat-trick. Anyone who criticises him, let me ask you this, would you have him in your team? If you answer no, then I think you are deluded.The fans need to be won round. Fletcher and Richardson came in for a lot of stick with United fans, simply because their performances on the field were not up to scratch. The fans are also very forgiving as well. Fletcher is winning the fans over with some fantastic performances this season

Best was also voted European Footballer of the Year: 1968 . Bets was also known for his lightning pace and two footedness. He was signed by Busby in when he was 15. Busby was sent a telegram by Northern Island local boys scout. His words were in the telegram "I have found you a Genius".

Whats was amazing about Best was that he was out drinking and partying in the Manchester 60's nightlife and tearing at defenders a few days later or even the next day. Our timers may have witnessed George Best at his peak and we didnt. But from the way the Timers talk and from the videos Ive seen and the ARTICLES I have read, George Best is indeed a Legend that shook the Blog...Georgie Georgie the Belfast Boy.


  1. Bestie was magnificent ....

    i'm a MANC fan and i'll give a tit or 2....Shrek(Rooney) is shite and has always been. Bench the Shrek ugly fucka he aint worth being on the field. I would like to see if he can score against big teams thats when he is quiet and goalless

    Oh Englands chances come the WC nah they fuckin useless mate a bunch of hogwots

  2. Anonymous u twit.

    u really think we believe u a manc

    u nothing but scouser shit

    we can smell u from anywhere

  3. Utd interested in Little Kaka

    A serbian lad.

    They always full of Kaka

    remember when Milan made them feel Kaka

  4. Yeah but remember when we made Milan feel SH*T!

    We came to the San Siro and F**KED you up good and solid after you thought you got a draw at the Emirates.

    The hiding was so bad you had to come and buy our reject centreback - Senderoos!

  5. Now my brother bobby... his a legend

  6. What about Falconetti.

    The guy one with one patch.

    Cna someone verify please if Pamela Hewing (Victoria Principal) acted in the blue movie ANimal Farm

    Lary Flint

  7. rooney u beauty !!

    OH ,to the doos thats using my name i support the english in soccer.

    I mean, we either support united,liverpool , chelsea or arsenal etc , yet we give the english team flack.

    rather support a non english team than whine about the english.


  8. "the cum"Friday, 17 October, 2008

    "Rooney you beauty"

    "go" you need to get laid boet
    all that old sperm has affected your judgement

  9. Go........Thats a good question. The Real Go. Your man Kopout is very quiet. Is he at Anfield. Or maybe he is in the Perishaans about Tores being injured.

    Which International team do yu Support Go?

  10. Go

    What shit are you talking?

    The only reason we watch English football is coz big money gets pumped in,hence TV rights etc.

    If the world was fair I would rather watch Brazilian futebol coz that is definately more entertaining.Besides the EPL most succesfull playes are all foreigners last time I checked.( I suppose this all due to Globalisation and the Rockrah effect)

    You the typical CNN boy!

    "GO" watch Al Jazeera instead

  11. Last night I had supper with Mamadoo and Tovey. Seth and Azee.

    We discussed people saying that good England are out of the Euros etc etc.

    Then whe the Euros are shite with players like Poland and Greece etc, then they complain to say why the Euros are k#$k or why the tournament is k3$k

    We grew up with only English Football.

    Later on we started getting International ball. I remember Serie A back in the day

    My first team Italy, second team is England

  12. Go...We watch and talk English football as its the only ball we had access to since old days.

    Not by choice. Spain has a top league with lotsa cash but is not marketed properly in SA..

    Here where i am at present its all about Ligue 1 in France.. MArket it like how they do the EPL in SA..

    "go" support FC Bayern

  13. Swoosh.. DOnt talk shit with the pedigree of a tournament wothout certain teams..

    In 2002 - Argentina and France (the 2 favorites for the cup) were out early.. Everyone tawt some kak team will win it.. Yet the final had 2 teams of pedigree.. Brazil and Germany..

    Same with Euro 2008.. There were minnow teams and despite no england, the 2 teams of pedigree once again made the final. And yes i admit, the better team won on that day. Regardless of whether England or whoever dont make the tourney. The best team wins it based on consistency..

  14. F#$k. The Germans were k#$k in 2002. dONT KNOW HOW THEY MADE IT.....


    I was put of Bundesliga with the commentary. Absolutely Pathetic .

    Worst commentary I heard ever.

  15. all of you that are talking about tv rights & the ball we watch being forced on us.....dont talk k@k.

    you were all brought up at home to watch english ball & SUPPORT & ENGLISH SIDE , either by your father or sum family member.

    when our toppies were supporting united & liverpool , they didnt have access to english ball, except for the die hard toppies tuning into radio bbc & getting the scores.


  16. hey all you anonymous maderchots....have a fly weekend i hope liverpool, chelsea and arsenal lose and we mancs win....heheheh bring the attack on i'm waiting choets

    Swoosh stop digging your nose man i know it's long but c'mon....

    Why didn't torres break his freaking leg...i cant wait for the sunderland vs liverpool game when Cisse will show you seelouts that he was worth every penny but rafa let him go....hahahah

  17. Ay jawaa deni. I was listening to world cup final on radio Argentina VS West Germany. It was brilliant at the time coz all the toppies sat up at 10 at night and smoked their pipes and the next day in the papers the headlines were Argentina triumph. Viva Argentina.


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