Thursday, October 02, 2008


This life is a great puzzle, and survival is a great mystery!!! We have food, clothes, shelter, freedom, safety, some money, and friends and still we are fighting , deceiving our friends, relatives and ourselves for small personal gains..... Think.... Are those reasons big enough than these ?????

1980. A kid in Uganda about to die of hunger, and a missionary.

1982. Palestinian refugees murdered in Beirut , Lebanon . Innocent kids are orphaned, and killed

1992. A mother in Somalia holds the body of her child who died of hunger.

1996. Kids who are shocked by the civil war in Angola

Soldiers and villagers in IRan are digging graves for the victims of the earthquake. A kid holds his father's pants before he is buried.

An Iraqi prisoner of war tries to calm down his child.

An Afghani refugee kid's body is being prepared for the funeral in Pakistan .

The Mareting vision for the Swoosh0018 Charity Foundation is making an inch of a difference and putting a smile on a persons face. These pics were sent to me via email and I thought Il upload them to see how fortunate we are sometimes .The world is suffering and these are the type of people we aim to help

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