Monday, October 20, 2008


Sorry for the late update. Had some personal things to attend to. It was a hectic weekend, rain, accidents and just chilling..................

I spoke to Rashid Cassim last night, He was in high spirits. He asked me you better step up a gear on that wedding preparations. Again Liverpool come back.

Now as we said before , Liverpool use to squander these opportunities and lose against the Wigans, Readings etc. Now the team is grinding out the three points. And they coming from Behind. Once again it was Dirk Kuyt to the rescue. The Dutchman seems to be at the right place at the right time. I met Go yesterday and he said to me. "It will be a matter of time before Kuyt stops flying. Riera also looked class and got a goal. I was surprised with Rafa when he started with Jemaine Penant. Penant is f#4king shite. The only time Il ever play Jermaine Pennant is against Chelsea. But three points is three points. Liverpool are surprising me. ......start looking as per the email you sent me

Big Phil looks calm and collected. A 5-0 thumping they dished out. But that calmness will disappear when they meet their dadas this weekend. Liverpool are Chelseas Dadas. Perhaps after that last victory in Europe Big Phil has a psycholigical edge on Liverpool.

This weekend will be Big

Wengers litys pull out a 3-1 victory. This will boost their confidence for Europe. At least they ae three points to the Good

I wonder sometimes. Liverpool are grinding out results......and 3 points is three points. But these b@3tards are now finding their rythym and doing it with is. Berbatov , Azee if you recall I spotted him that time. But he is class. Rooney on fire, Penaltinos name is always there and Waseem Khan told me yesterday. Witness the return of Nani. Now wtch Nani. Ok WBA are the whipping boys but the MANCS are gathering steam
Spurs..well if you let your strikers go, then how can you cry. Nore bout them on the Super Tuesday. Good wins for Hull and Stoke. And what about this lad Zaki. He is a find indeed.
Madrid and Barca keep on going....Ruud van Nistelrooy and Samuel Eto are prolific.
Inter Milan thump Roma 4-0. For the Romans it must be hurting. Ronaldinho inspired Milan to victory and Juve lost to Napoli. We are in the Perishaans. More to follow on Super Tuesday. Juve are talking about a whole restructuring process. The Directors, Ranierri, Seco must all f#$k off.
On the local front Chiefs got hiding 4-1 from Golden Arrows
In Motorsport Massa takes the fight to Brazil. Hamilton won the Chinese Grand Prix. Hamilton, at 23, is bidding to become both the youngest and the first so-called black world champion after losing the championship by a single point in his rookie season last year.
In Tennis, the British media and public must be in ecstacy. Andy Murray has won back to back titles in the Masters Series. I must admit I watched him against Nadal. This Brit is playing well. But like all Britons before him...I wonder if he will aver win a Slam


  1. Bayern stole a winner in th 84th min..

    Klose with the goal

    As anti a MANC fan as i am.. I think BERBATOV is a sublime player.

    No more breaks.. This is when u fear the teams with depth.. Which means one team only.. CHELSKI

    Swoosh - Napoli.. cmon man

  2. hey mr seth,

    hows that humble pie tasting?

    wayne who?
    wayne fu&Ken rooney!

  3. "GO" you ugly beast!
    Rooney you ugly mothertrucker!

  4. To all the lads out there who follow real sports,

    u recall, larry bird, joe dimaggio, joe montana. remember sammy sosa and mark mcguire? from a few years back what a thrill they gave us!

    Marty Mcfly
    "back 2 the future"

  5. the shameless oneMonday, 20 October, 2008

    yeh killa u wish he were scouse or at bayern. yeh he used to fuck bayern up when at leverkusen and they were dominant and now at trafford will do the same!

    are spurs in deep shit without keane and berbie? will they go down? they playing kak

  6. Marty,

    If you bringing up Bird how can you leave out Magic Johnson? They had some epic battles leading the Celtics and Lakers to numerous NBA titles!

    Same with Montana, how can you forget Troy Aikman of the Dallas Cowboys?

    Sami and Mark were class but Mark later admitted using Roids which f**ked things up proper in Baseball!

    Azee, Rooney has now scored in 3 consecutive games for us, he will do so for the next 5 games and then stop, probably for about 20! Wait and see!

  7. Swoosh, where the F**K is Ejaz?
    Last year he and the rest of you fake supporters were blasting my man for running around like a headless chicken.

    He is the only reason we are level on points with Chelsea! Goals in 2 games that rescued wins from draws giving us 4 additional points keeping us at the top!

    We owe the man a public apology and you should bow to his greatness!


  8. seth- troy was ok but emmert smith the running back for the cowboys was the real star!

    wayne gretzky, the greatest canadian of all time.

    Marty Mcfly

    "back to the future"

  9. we stole our anthem from celticMonday, 20 October, 2008

    the real question is if only kuyt played as a striker maybe we will see that he is 20+ a season striker, we will never know!

    doesn't gerrards play at times remind you a of a young Michael Carrick at in his west ham days?

  10. Killa here you go again talking sh*t! If Chelski are the only team with depth then what the F**K are United doing without 3 key central midfielders and still winning. Comfortably at that!

    When Vidic got suspended against Chelsea you okes thought they wouldn't survive but a 20 year old lad came in and did a job. They've got an 18 year old running at right back whilst 2 players with a combined minimum of 5 EPL titles sit on the bench!

    Last time i checked Tevez and Nani were also on the bench so if that's not depth then do enlighten?

    Is it Podolski on the Bayern bench pulling out splinters from his a** coz he only knows how to score for country or is it the Dutch reject Van Bommel!

  11. Ho dare you make a comparison of Carrick and Gerard. Whats next you going to say Joe Cole is on par with Dareen Fletcher


  12. Marty

    Agreed that Smith was something else! What about Neon Deion Sanders! Probably one of the finest athletes to grace the NFL and MLB?

    The man played football for amongst others the 49ers and Cowboys winning 2 Superbowls and baseball for the Yankees, Braves, Giants and Reds!

    He ranks in the class of the late great Gebrand Grobler!

    Wayne was sublime leading the Edmonton Oilers to 2 Stanley Cups and the turning the LA Kings into a force!

    What about the great Bulls team of the 90's that won 6 NBA titles in 8 years - Pippen, Jordan, Rodman, Kukoc and Phil Jackson in charge!

  13. I see Kuyt and Rooney hitting some much needed form,but lets hope its consisent!

    Hey Seth what about the Rozalla song(are you ready to fly) used to be shown on the NBA show (Michael Jordans flying dunk).....Now that was class

    NBA Brett Favre was legend of note....wasn't he in the movie "There is something about Mary"?

    Is Kuyt better then Rooney Azee?lol

  14. liverpool were lucky to win...i know a win is a win in whatever style it gets done

  15. To the lads from the KOP END

    Wanna pose a serious question. Is Penant Quality. What are youre owes view on his selection?

  16. I'mmmmmmm backkkkkk

    MDu is bacccckkkkkkk

    Y2k or not y2k

  17. Penant is absolute shit.
    its frustrating watching him play.
    i was so relieved when he got injured. Every time i see someone go in for a tackle, i wish he gets taken out permanently.
    He cost us the champions league final. He had so much of the ball, but did f all.
    Rafa still sticks with him
    I have this theory that Pennant is the love child of Rafa, and thats why he got so much game time

  18. Mini,

    Brett Favre was in the NFL. QB for the Greenbay Packers whom he lead to 2 Superbowls! He's now playing for the NY Jets but is about 40 years old! Yeah he was in "There's something about Mary!"

    Marty, what about the Manning brothers - Peyton and Eli - leading the Colts and Giants to Superbowl wins in consecutive years!

  19. what about warren moon of the houston oilers, one of the 1st black 1/4 backs!

    brett favre was quality but i liked dan marino of the miami dolphins!

    the bulls were sublime but jordan was the king those other guys were all living in his shadow!

    Marty Mcfly
    "back to the future"

  20. come now mini. the more apt question is : is carrick better then gerrard?
    or was howard wilkinson better then david oleary?

    hey seth ask swoosh about his joe montana san francisco 49'ers kit?

  21. killa 4 mugg of the week!

    i need some one to 2nd my nomination!

  22. Joe Montanna. Great quarterback

  23. Hey Marty

    Do u remember that cartoon ALL STARS

    With Wayne Gretzky, Bo Jackson and MIcheal Jordan

    "gaykaal na lawko"
    yesterdays heroes

  24. Liverpool are the most ssadistic team in the premiership. They love to come from behind.

  25. swoosh , i did not say that kuyt will phase out , LIVERPOOL WILL.

    kuyt is a player with heart.
    in my opinion, kuyt is to liverpool what fletcher is to united.

    they give 110%

    if only liverpool had 9 other dirk kuyts & gerrard, then maybe theyd be considered for the title.


  26. Seth

    Dead right! I actually meant NFL.Was he bnot @ the Dallas Cowboys too?


    Gerrad is better than Carrick and O leary was better than

    Hey Marty

    Talking of all stars remeber back in the day Wednesday afternoonz????(Matinee @ Q's,Rippingtons and the Palace).The owens used to take their voetecycles to Jeppestown and buy All Stars from City Outfitters.

    Bring back DJ Deon(ons lekker hier,in Rippingtons!)

  27. Sorry Mini, Favre was a Packer not a Cowboy!

    Marty, Dan was a quality QB but like Charles Barkley from the Houston Rockets he didn't win a championship!

    Swoosh, how about a picture of the Montana 49ers jersey for the blog?

  28. I second that, Killa for Mugg of the week!

  29. Excuse me swoosh, grinding results after 8 games is not what you want your team to do-that means that liverpool are really struggling to get results and i'm sure come to the 20th game they will be grinding out draws rather than wins. As for kuyt lover-at least shrek has more medals than kuyt-what happens at the end of shrek-he marries a princess!!! So even if you are ugly it doesn't mean anything. But if you are half as ugly as shrek is(kuyt) and not winning then it's a serious problem-either you not good enough or you with the wrong team. So guys, don't drool over grinding results, rather watch MUTV!!!!!!!!


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