Friday, October 03, 2008


Some points to discuss in the sporting World.
Firstly , Azee, Seth,Killa, ZK and the Rugby lads. Whats your guys viewpoint on the Curry Cup.

Im not a big Rugby Fan ,when it comes to Domestic Rugby. But is the Curry Cup about pride. I remember how it used to be marketed back in the Day. Is it likethe FA Cup for our local lads.

Your owes favourites??I see Jeremy Mansfield on 94.7 is taking Big bets with the Cape Radio Stations.
But Seth will the Lions bring back Gold?That is the question
-Another interesting Development is the spat that is going to court between Ingesund and Ethygral. Ingesund claims Mohsin called him a Donkey. Is that defamation of character. IF that was the case, I should have F#4ken taken Mr Bhairooa and all the other teacher legends from school to court for calling us Donkeys. Fans used to scream "Donkey" for Tony Adams. I think it all started when Ingesund met Rooney in July, where the latter said in an astute Irish accsent. "DONKEY"


  1. you sure know how to pose them questions...
    The Curry Cup is definitely all about pride. Its even bigger then the FA Cup to most hardcore rugby fans. Its your team against the country and damn it your team better win...[crap i sure hope the Sharks do :)]
    Take a bet on who would win but i have to say that this years curry cup is proving to be the most exciting that we've had for a while. Its been over ten years since the Sharks have won it and they have managed more semi's and finals in those years than other teams. They had a tough time beating the Lions and i have to agree were really lucky to win.
    Lions have one of their best sides for a while but you can never rule out the bulls, cheetahs and WP going into the crunch matches this weekend.

    Though it looks like home semi's for the Sharks and the Bulls, facing either the lions, cheetahs or WP will be no easy task.

    Bring on the pride of the provinces. The match to watch this weekend will def be the Lions vs WP.

  2. die kurrie beker aka the Currie Cup is... was... and always will be a landmark in BULLE territory..

    Whether it be the sharks, lion, Free State or WP that come in our way.. There is no chance they will win it..

    Be it at Loftus or the Shark Tank..

    In Naas we Trust..

  3. True.This years Currie Cup has been riviting.

    Andries from Bloemfontein

  4. Hey Swoosh

    Who the hell is Jonathan Cleland???
    What they doing buying Newcastle??




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