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Its a simple question. We know Milan were the Kings of Europe. I just wanna ask. If Liverpool were not banned from Europe , would they have dominated Europe into the 90's. Did that expulsion have an effect on perhaps one of the greatest team of the 80's decade.

In 82. I was in nursery school. My uncle was an avid Notts Forest Fan. We had Shoots and Match magazines everywhere. My Aunt from UK sent me my first Liverpool jersey. The Crown Paints one. And I cherished it. Wore it for training to when I started playing ball for Tigers...And Rush was my hero. He was clinical. The whole Liverpool team of the 80's were awesome. I remember my cassette I got from the UK. "LIVERPOOL , TEAM OF THE DECADE". I grew up watching these players. Grobbelaar, Phil Neal, Hansen, Lawrenson, Dalglish, Rush, Jhonstone, Souness, Whealan, The Kennedy Brothers. Pure Class. If we go earlier, players like Toshak, Keegan, Highway, Mcdermot, Hughes, ..Class. What Im saying was that Shankly built a legacy which Souness f#4ked up after Dalglish retired .

Liverpool were winning everything in the 80s. Here are their accolades in the 80's

FA Cup
Winners (7): 1986, 1989,
Runners-up (6): 1988
League Cup
Winners (7): 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984,
Runners-up (3): 1987
FA Charity Shield / FA Community Shield , 1980, 1982, 1986 (shared), 1988, 1989,
Runners-up (6): 1983, 1984,
Super Cup
Winners (1): 1986

European Cup
Winners (5): 1981, 1984
Runners-up (2): 1985,
UEFA Super Cup
Runners-up (2): 1984
Intercontinental Cup and FIFA Club World Cup
Runners-up (3): 1981, 1984,

I got a comment from Cisse who supports both Liverpool and Milan and asked him the same question.Here was his response

"With the team that they had when they were banned they would have probably dominated in Europe.In those days only the League winners were allowed to play in the Eurpean Cup and after playing in the '84 final against Roma and the '85 final aginst Juventus ( after which they got banned ) they won the League in '85/'86 , '87/'88 & '89/90 . They would have probably been in another 3 finals and if they won all of them including the '05 Final LFC would have had 8 Cups , still behind Madrid and the most successfull Team in the World......MILAN."

"The great Ruud Gullit nce made a statement that the only reason why Milan were so successful in the late '80's was because Liverpool FC were banned in Europe."-Cisse

I also got some input and an article from Shakes, an avid Milan fan, about AC MILANS dominace in football, baring in mind that Milan were the late 80's and carried it through to the 90's

Milan were only starting out in 1987 having been bought the previous year by Silvio Berlusconi. In 1987 Arigo Sacchi took charge and began building arguably the greatest team of that era. In came Carlo Ancelotti, Ruud Gullit and Marco van Basten and a year later he brought in Frank Rijkaard in my opinion the finest all round midfielder of his generation and also the classy Demitrio Albertini.Milan brought a new style to Italian football under Sacchi, not the typical sound defensive play that the Italians are renowned for, but a free flowing attacking team that was a joy to watch and where creativity and brilliance was allowed to thrive rather than being suppressed. Milan still are till today the most attack minded Italian team. What made Milan so successfull in Italy and beyond was a system that most teams struggled to live with. Most Italian teams play very defensive with even the midfield players marking their counterparts to stifle play and hit on the counter. Milan caused havoc in a system that allowed even the full backs Maldini and Tasotti to venture forward. With no clear wingers, Donadoni and Gullit would start out in the wide positions but would be all over the place pulling players with them, creating space for Tasotti and Maldini out wide and with the finest midfield paring in Rijkaard and Albertini who could interchange as the holding midfielder created havoc with the oppoisition. And with probably the greatest centre back of that era Baresi cleaning up behind them we were difficult to get behind. We never really had a world class keeper and that was more down to the fact that our keeper was rarely tested. The reason that throughout the late 80's and early 90's Milan's number 1 was never Italy's number 1 as the national never coach felt he had proved himself enough. The best teams in Europe had a go at us and failed. I remeber a 5-0 1989 semi final victory over Real Madrid after a 1-1 draw in the 1st leg. We went on to beat Steua Bucharest 4-0 in the final with 2 goals each from Gullit and van Basten. We had the greatest players in almost every position. Three of our defensive unit were automatic choices for the Azurri. Tasotti, Maldini and Baresi. Albertini was the cornerstone of the Italian team midfield. Van Basten was the most complete and deadliest striker of his generation and Gullit the most skillfull and creative player on his day. Rijkaard like I said to me was the most complete midfielder of his era. These three players were pivotal to Holland's Euro 88 success. Milan of the late 80's and early to mid 90's were undoubtedly the greatest team, in terms of success and also the style of play. The undefeated season of 1991/92 is testament to that as not only were we unbeaten but scored a total of 74 goals in 34 games thats and average of 2 goals a game conceding only 21. Compared to the next highest scorers that season, 4th placed Napoli had 56 goals while 2nd placed Juve only managed 45 in 34 games.From 1987 to 1996 they won a total of 5 Scudetti, 3 European Cup/ Uefa Champions League titles, 2 European Super Cups and 2 World Club titles. We also hold the record of having won the most officially recognised international titles by any club.
By Shakes

Come what may, and if Liverpool were not banned, Milan and Liverpool are European greats, I enjoyed that Juve spell in the mid 90's but as lities we only new Milan and Liverpool.

Surprisingly enough in 2005 and 2007, these greats finally met up and its 1 apiece.


Tottenham Hotspur, A great club, great wepaar and vaarsoh, great tradition. I remember in my days ven I devised the Masterplan for Pele, Bobby Moore, Sylvester Stallone and Ozvaldo Ardilles to escape in ESCAPE TO VICTORY. Ardilles and Ricky Villa were two Argentines that will forever be remembered at White Hart Lane. But two things, Vy did Spurs get rid of Martin JOL. And how cud dey sell the two players that scored all their goals. Keane and Berbatov. See dat vy I dont undertsand vy these clubs wit so much tradition get MUGGS to manage the club. Dey must bring calibre. Vat about Terry Venables, Sven. Dese are big boys. Next ting you will hear is that Santana is manager of Newcastle. Dey must look at ouver country and take pointers and lessons. 2010 is the focus on vorld and dey cant see that. Ramos has sold Berbatov and Keane, brought in Modric, Pavlachenko and Bently. He has two lanky strikers upfront, Dat Russian owe plays like he just deh fro Rokrah. Vat has happened to this great team. Dey must get rid of Ramos immediately. Give me da job. Spurs ver full of greats and legends. Now dey cant win. Ramos is my MUGG of VEEK, for F#4king great team like Tottenham Hotspurs up. Mary remember Steve Archibald....He must be turning in his bed



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  1. The question you need to pose Swoosh is going through that Liverpool squad, how many of the first eleven were non english?
    This would be an important factor.
    Remembering that back in the day when Milan were dominant only 3 foreign players were allowed on the field at any one time. Serie A followed that rule as well until UEFA changed it for their competitions.
    I remember United struggling in their early years, because although Irwin, Giggs, McClair, Hughes were British they weren't English so only 3 from that list could play. Add Cantona, Schmeichs and Kanchelskis to that list and thats half your first team out.

    The major factor in Milans greatness was that their team was built on a core of 8 Italians and the 3 dutchman in Serie A as well as Europe. No league in Europe followed that 3 foreigner rule but the Serie A and for that reason their teams were the dominant force in Europe as well.

    But again Milan proved their greatness, as Juve in Europe are not as dominant as they are in Serie A. They may have made alot of finals in the late 90's and early 2000's but winning them was another story, I remember Dortmund and that Lars Ricken chip.
    And the big one against Milan where Sheva actually scored his penalty.


  2. Who are the current European Champs?

  3. This morning’s Sun newspaper delivers Great news for sex fan Robinho, who will no longer have to travel in a cramped air hostess-less helicopter to meet footballing engagements. Manchester City’s new Abu Dhabi-based owners have splashed out on a jumbo jet for the team, and they’ve already started pimping it:

    “MCFC is being written down the side of the plane in giant sky-blue letters, seats are being replaced with state-of-the-art sofa beds and a physiotherapy suite has been installed at the back.”

    Sofa beds? Are they going to cuddle up with each other and watch The Notebook on those long UEFA Cup flights?

  4. The Great Dutch Trio for Milan. They were magnificent. Killa you remember the German trident of Klinsman, Mattheaus and Brehme for Inter

  5. Anyone been taking notice of Giggs superb displays in midfield with Carrick, Scholes & Hargreaves out. THe man fits into the midfield role like a glove. Spraying through balls, passes, creating, defending. DAMN!! I say SAF should give him another year extension.

    Ron the DOn looks like he will be rested tonight, time for NANI & aNDERSON TO START SHINING.


  6. ETV se moer. They showing the United game tonight.

    Why doesnt DSTV offer a "soccer" or "sports" package?

    Can we start a petition?

  7. cheap bastard i think u will find that the united game is being shown on espn and thats the reason supersport are not showing it. it's been like that for years, the supersport show the champs league games that are not televised live on espn.


  8. dstv compact has SS3 & ESPN between them you got all the champs league games covered & most league games.
    PLus all the highlights on SSupd.

    Patel Papree

  9. Hi Shakes

    Like my name says, I am very cheap.
    I dont have DSTV because it costs too much.

    I would however be prepared to pay for just what I needed.

    Hey Marty : remember that polka advert - i got hinternet, i got hemail. i dont need an all an all an all.

    Why cant DSTV allow us to buy a scaled down package where we can choose the channels we want.

  10. whelan, mcmahon, jamie rednapp stevie gerrard all the scouser midfielders. the question remains are they better then michael carrick?

    gerrards recent displays remind me of a young john oshea ie: he aint a midfielder he is just filling in!

  11. hey remember the great irish teams of 90 and 94, niall quinn, andy townsend, ray houghton, john aldridge, mcgrath, oleary, patty bonner,jason mcateer, staunton under jack charlton in 90 the italian muggs robbed them in rome in the 1/4's.

    and ray houghtons goal against the italians at giants stadium, east rutherford, new jersey in 94!

    Marty Mcfly
    "back to the future"

  12. After leaving San Siro, Jose Mourinho was asked if he was going to help Spurs get out of their slump. He turned around and said, "No way, I ain't that special".

  13. Shakes what about Boban. Class act

  14. Spot on. Maldini, Baresi, Costacuta. Thats where the reputation of Italian defenses was born.

    What about the Divine Ponytail and Helveg

  15. Anonymous class act he was, but Boban played for Milan in an era when Liverpool were no longer a force in England let alone Europe. The same with Savicevic who destroyed favourites Barca in the 94 European cup final. Weah is another player worth mention in Milan but also came after Liverpools dominant era.
    Also Desailly and Leonardo who was sublime for us.

    Unfortunately the devine ponytail was not a Milan star, he came a washed out superstar and failed to hit the heights he had with Juve and the Azzuri, specially in 94. Helveg came to Milan in the post Capello era of the 90's, played for probably the coach that instilled the worst tactics ever on Milan in winning a scudetto, Alberto Zacheroni signed from his old club Udinese.

    I never liked Zacheroni and his defensive counter attacking long ball tactics destroyed Milan and ultimately led to Weah leaving the club. The players weren't happy with his tactics either. How's this for a list of players lost coz of one Alberto Zacheroni?
    Albertini, Marco Simone, Dejan Savicevic, Zvoni Boban, Marcell Desailly, George Weah and Leonardo all lost during his reign as coach. Most flair players with the exception of Desailly.


  16. Swoosh,

    What would've happened if the Busby Babes didn't have a plane crash? Would they have gone on to dominate Europe and the English League?

    It's a generally accepted fact that they were on the cusp of greatness and their careers were cruelly cut short! Perhaps they would have won 5 European titles and even more league titles and been the dominant force in European football. Duncan Edwards at 18 was already touted as a great!

  17. True, GOOD POINT. Busby Babes would have made a lasting Mark.

    Then again, Maybe the Zambian team that perished in teh plane crash would have won 2010


  18. hey what about jean piere papan?

    Marty Mcfly
    "back to the future"

  19. Exactly the point Barbar, you can't pose what if questions to matters like these? These things happen in life and in sport and will continue happening for years to come!

    What if Eng's try in the 2007 RWC was given - would the Boks still have gone on to win the WC?
    What if Uruguay chose to defend the WC in 1934 - would Italy have won the title?
    What if India were allowed to play barefoot at the 1954 WC - would the Papa's have sprung a few surprises?
    What if Yugoslavia weren't thrown out of the '92 Euros'?

  20. Ja, what about the deloittes people that died in the plane crash this week-maybe if they were alive they could have saved that company they were going to some taxes-don't talk rubbish!!!! What ifs is for the almighty-not us mere mortals. Remember something-if something is going to miss you even by an inch it was never meant to hit you and if something hits you by an inch it was never meant to miss you-that's life and that's something all of us have to accept!!!!!!


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