Monday, October 27, 2008


What can I say. It was an amazing weekend. Full of action and a weekend I definately must blog. Also it was Chelsea vs Liverpool, The Curry Cup and Hazrats wedding. So it was going to be a bruiser. Friday I was at a braai at Rashid Cassims place. Lots of sports pundits there eagerly awaiting the Chelsea vs Liverpool clash. So I indulged in some class sheesh kebaabs, chops and eish...too much food, ice cream the works. Had to stock up the tank for my trip on Saturday to Weenan, Yes Weenan , a town bout 2 hours away from was a road trip to Hazrats Wedding. I would however recieve sports updates from my pundits ....Then again Im sure Weenan had a TV somewhere.

On our way Faheem Vahzerz smsed me. He said Middleburg is blue. iTS F#4KING Blue. The blue Bulls fever hit Middleburg Big time. I said FV Im going to the land of Sharks. Myself and Rio Perfumes set off from Lenz at 6:30 pm. f#4k it was raining, it was like a Hurricane. We felt like we in the movie Perfect Storm. Rain in F#4ken Buckets. We were cruising at 40. Phoned Hazrat & Frahan/ and told him hel see us at midnight. And so we hit the rain,Set the garmen for Harrismith and I was on this road for the first time in like 5 years. We said wel pull up and hit a chow at Wrap it Up. We got there bout 9ish. F#4ken cold in Harrismith.One local uncle told us its like -8 degrees in Winter

Wrap it up was closed so we had a masala steak sandwich at a new place , The Roadhouse Diner. Net the owner, a nice lad, went out of his way for us. Asked him "Bro, What happens in Harrismith.Why so many Bikers.

Apparantly it was the Rhino Biker Rally. Bikers and chics everywhere. Some caravan park was the venue. But we said Na, Lets soldier on into the night and meet Hazrat.

On the way Ebie Kop End phoned me and gave me some results.

The weekend started off on a good note, The Mancs drew. Before I left I met a despondant MANC Mamoo. The owe was in teh perishaans. He kept on saying that what a Kebaab..that owe that scored for Everton. Again for the MANCS it was the k#4k Darren Fletcher that put them ahead. Well taken goal. I watched the highlights. Surprised that Vidic and Co conceded from a cross. But they got one f#4kn point.and thats what counts.

Whats this I hear that Jose wants to coach the Mancs. Reports say that Jose loves Man Utd and SIR ALEX will retire soon. What do you Mancs have to say. Why are all the owes smsing me and saying Rooney is a MUGG.
And well done Hull City for hammering the Hawthorns for three. Great from a fantasy league perspective

The reality of what the Sharks achieved in winning the Absa Currie Cup was still sinking in the for the Sharks coaching duo of John Plumtree and Grant Bashford as they sat at Durban International Airport on Sunday morning.
Currie Cup final time is here! Send us your best fan pics and videos and win big with Log on now to share the fun!Plumtree, Bashford and their spouses were on their way to the Seychelles, where in between fishing and swimming, they will probably start to turn their thoughts and conversation to the next challenge that awaits them -- the assault on the big prize that eluded them when they lost last year’s Super 14 final.
While they celebrated their 14-9 win in the Durban final over the Vodacom Blue Bulls into Saturday night, neither Plumtree nor Bashford lost sight of the fact that the Currie Cup is just a stepping stone to Super 14 success. But Plumtree reckons it is an important one for a Sharks team that suffered a terrible psychological blow when they lost the Super 14 trophy last May to a dramatic last minute Bryan Habana try.
“The significance of this game for us was that this Sharks team needed to come to the realisation that it could win a final, that a final was not something that was going to always prove a bridge too far for them,” said Plumtree.
“I know I played down the significance of last year’s game and the other finals that have been lost during the past 12 years to you guys (the media), but I had to do that. It would have been a negative thing had we concentrated too much on what had happened in the past because in reality it has little relevance to today and there is a danger it would increase the pressure.
“But was their pressure in these past two weeks? Of course there was, and personally I can say it was massive. We knew that another defeat in a final would be a severe dent on our confidence ahead of the Super 14, it would prove a massive setback. We were also aware of how much silverware meant to the union and our fans.”
Plumtree’s feeling of relief was accentuated by his own reasonably long history of losing finals as a coach.
“Before last year’s Super 14 final, I had lost three NPC finals in New Zealand as coach of Wellington, so there was my own record in finals to worry about, I didn’t want to start getting the reputation of being a choker,” he grinned.
Asked at the post-match press conference how the Currie Cup achievement would have compared to winning the NPC, he said it would have been about the same.
“But if you watched the New Zealand final on television this morning you would have noticed that they had a crowd of 20-odd thousand, whereas we had a crowd of 50 000,” he added.
Plumtree said that while he would have liked to have won the final “a little differently” he had always felt his team was in control.
“What makes it special for us was that we know what strong opponents the Bulls are, and how good they have been at winning finals themselves. It was a typical final. We were maybe guilty of not taking all our chances, and the pressure would have been less had we done so, but then that tends to happen in finals. At least now the players have the experience of winning one.”

Seth and Azee, Zk..Your Views?

We got to the lodge at about midnight, stayed over in Estcourt. A beautiful lodge. With Estcourt and Weenan surrounded by nature reserves, obviously there were some breathtaking views. Nature at its best.
On Sunday was a glittering function fit for a Hazrat. We were treated to an awesome display of fine food and decor. We took a photo with the chaps and behalf of them we would like to thank Mrs & Mr Hazrat for the great hospitality and warmth....and for a glittering function.

We wish you all the best for the future

While we were at the function, the sms's were flowing which brings me back to my next point

DADAS....WE ARE THEIR DADAS. What does this common phrase in the English language mean. Its when you always one up on someone when it matters the most. Mind you though , you allowed a relapse, aka last years champions league semi. Loks, I know you wont take this well but we are indeed Chelseas Dadas. We always hurt them. Sunday was no exception. I didnt watch the game but I heard from my pundits that Liverpool played a good tactical game. A tactical game that required three points. Score one and put ten men behind the ball to defend, A crucial three points and we are now top. TOP OF THE PREMIERSHIP. I better start getting the cooks and hall venues sorted out or at least start browsing and getting a feeler.

And this was minus Fernando Torres. Interesting point by Rafa. Last year Liverpool only got twop points against teh Big three. This year we have 6 out of 6. We hit Arsenal which is very robabple, its 9 out of 9. That feeling is there. Cisse on the other hand that Liverpool were brilliant in keeping Chelsea from playing their game

2-0. The litys are staying up there. I spoke to Jive Bhamjee. He said a great Arsenal performance. Well bring the litys to Chelseas Dada's I say

In Serie A, Juve seem to come out of their mini slump in the Turin Derby thanks to a cracker from Amauri. We now travel to Bologna next. Milan won 1-0 and are my favourites for the scudetto. Inter drew o-0 against Genoa and Roma lost 3-1. Fans were rioting at Roma and Spaletti looks like his history.........losing 5 out of 8

In La Liga Madrid and Barcelona won. The game between Atletico and Villareal was a blter.4-4.
Samuel Eto is still prolific and bagged a hatrick. In Bundelsiga Bayern continue with winningways and are now 5 points off the pace

JOSE MOURINHO has amazingly branded Didier Drogba a ‘diver’. Mourinho angrily defended Drogba against accusations of going to ground too easily during his time as Chelsea boss. But the Inter Milan chief has blasted Blues hitman Drog a year after leaving the club. Mourinho, speaking as part of Ford's FeelFootbal campaign, said: “I am no longer Chelsea coach and I do not have to defend them any more, but I think it is correct if I say Drogba is a diver. “Drogba, Ronaldo, Torres and Van Persie are the divers. Who dives more? Who has won more penalties in recent years? “English football criticises divers. In England, coaches teach the kids how to play a game of football but in Italy, Spain and Portugal, coaches teach the kids how to win a game. "When players go England they need to adapt. Drogba today is better than he was before. Ronaldo is better than he was. And Torres will be better too.” But Mourinho doesn't appear to mind so much if the 'dive' is to draw the referee's attention to a legitimate offence. “I hate diving," he said. "But I'm not happy if a player is kicked by somebody in the box and he tries to remain standing. "It’s very, very rare a referee gives a decision if the player doesn’t go down so I tell players not to be na├»ve, but to be fair.”
sent in by the Chavel

UBG. Can he maybe make the Difference for Spurs........
Haringey council has blocked Tottenham's plans to build a new ground on Northumberland Park. A town hall source said: "We don't mind having a funfair there once a year, but a circus every fortnight is a bit much."

"I was playing Scrabble and had enough letters to make 'Tottenham Hotspur Football Club'. I was gutted when I found out it was only worth two points.

"Tesco are releasing new Oxo cubes in Spurs colours. Customers are told to look out for laughing stocks.

A young boy goes to social services and tells them he has nowhere to live. "What about your parents?" asks the social worker. "No, they beat me," says the boy. "What about your grandparents?" says the social worker. "No, they beat me even harder!" says the boy. "Well ... where do you want to stay then?" replies the social worker. "Tottenham," says the boy. "They don't beat anyone.·

What do a toothpick and Tottenham have in common? They both have two points

Juande Ramos, shortly after another training session, comments to the head groundsman at White Hart Lane how impressive the pitch is looking. "It ought to," replies the groundsman. "We put 70 million quid's worth of manure on it every week.

"I just went down to the newsagents and bought Tottenham Hotspur magazine. Thank goodness they had porn mags to hide it in.·

What does a Spurs fan do after he sees his team win? Turns off the Xbox

After leaving San Siro, Jose Mourinho was asked if he was going to help Spurs get out of their slump. He turned around and said, "No way, I ain't that special".

Apparently the entire Tottenham squad have been busy honing their skills playing the computer game Championship Manager. Sadly it seems Juande misunderstood and thinks they want to play for a Championship manager.

Contrary to what you may think, Spurs are the strongest team in the league at the moment. Sure, aren't they holding everyone else up?

What do the Premier League and a cowboy have in common? They both have spurs at their feet.

A man was found dead floating in the Thames, wearing a blond wig, full make-up, bra, knickers, suspenders and a Spurs shirt. Before informing the next of kin the police removed the Spurs shirt to save the family embarrassment.
What would an improved version of Spurs be called? Newcastle United.

Did you hear that Juande Ramos was clocked doing 169mph on the M1 coming back from Stoke? Apparently he was just so desperate for three points.·

Is it just me or are Spurs the team to beat this season? Everyone's at it.A man is sitting in a pub with his jack russell dog one Sunday afternoon. The football results are coming up on the television in the corner: "Stoke City 2, Tottenham Hotspur 1," reads the announcer. Suddenly the jack russell jumps up and shouts out, "Oh, no, not again." The shocked landlord says, "That's amazing. Why did he say that when it was announced that Tottenham lost?" "Because he's a Spurs supporter," the dog's owner replies. The landlord then asks what the dog says when Tottenham win a match, to which the man replies, "I don't know. I've only had him six months."
When a groggy Vedran Corluka regained consciousness in the ambulance leaving the Britannia Stadium on Sunday he asked medical staff who he was. On being told he played football for Tottenham Hotspur he lapsed into a coma.

All trains through White Hart Lane have been cancelled due to a massive points failure.

What does THFC stand for? Tottenham Heading For the Championship.

A little boy gets £10 for his birthday and rushes down to the sports shop to buy the new football he has been desperate for. He gives the ball to the shopkeeper, who says, "Sorry, son, this ball is £20. You only have £10". The boy says, "OK, if you blindfold me and I can guess the name of the club on any ball, will you give it to me for £10?" He agrees and gives the boy an Arsenal ball. "I can hear cannons blasting, so it's an Arsenal ball." Next he gives him a Millwall ball: "I hear lions, so it's Millwall." Amazed, the shopkeeper says, "Get this and you can have it for nothing." The boy listens and says Spurs. The man asks if he's heard a cockerel. "No," says the boy. "It's going down.

"What's the difference between Bigfoot and the Spurs defence? Bigfoot has been spotted several times.

Spurs have been forced to rename their ground "White Lane" because their "Hart" was surgically removed when Berbatov and Keane were sold.

Breaking news: Tottenham Hotspur have finally won a game. It was a friendly behind closed doors at non-league Walthamstow the other day. And if you don't believe us here is the proof.

Thanks ZK for the mail


  1. Kamikaze WarriorMonday, 27 October, 2008

    Before you get ahead of yourself, remember that the diving king didnt play against Liverpool and no doubt he brings alot when he does play. And chelsea yeterday were without the regular thorns in our side i.e. Joe cole and drogba. It will be good to see how liverpool carry this form in the coming games against the other teams and hopefully by the time we play arsenal in December we can make a fair assesment of their title credentials. Benitez is managing to eek out the results but for ho long.

  2. FIFA announces team of the year

    Iker Casillas (Real Madrid), Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid), John Terry (Chelsea), Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United), Carles Puyol (Barcelona), Steven Gerrard (Liverpool), Kaka (AC Milan), Xavi (Barcelona), Lionel Messi (Barcelona), Fernando Torres (Liverpool), Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)..

    Swoosh, that was a big result for us yesterday.. But its still early days..

    Did anyone see the Atletico vs Villareal cracker last nyt..

  3. shut up kamikaze.we won without torres and thats brilliant.i have not come on the blog for a while but after yesterday i just had to come stick it to all the anti liverpool wheres all the fuckers now........the table talks.3 points clear

  4. what will the poor girl say if she finds out it was just a bet?get married bhai coz maybe liverfoools mite win

  5. The return of Faheem Vahzerz. What a thing.Where is Azee and Seth, This is a moment we anticipated. He has made a return. Slate the MANCS. We are top of the log

  6. the mancs got no mouth.
    Speak up now
    we all waiting

    "go" find your voices

  7. How was Cisse?...Class I tell u!

  8. Faheem Vezharz

    You've finally woken up! You decided to open your mouth and start talking sh*t again! I hope you still pumping your mouth in May when titles are actually won!

    No doubt, big win for the scousers and the draw to Everton was 2 points dropped but it's still early days yet.

    Anyway winning the title in May is going to be so much sweeter knowing we came from 8 points behind the scum to pip them!

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. VEZHARZ your kunji !!!!!

    liverpool were 11 points clear last season & won jacksh1t !!!

    to the doos using "go"
    "go" GET A NAME

    ATLETICO & VILLAREAL what a game. atletico with 10 men did brilliant.

    liverpool, what a side. hand them the trophy i say.

    even better , hand them the PREMIER LEAGUE , CHAMPS LEAGUE, CARLING CUP & FA CUP.

    liverpool are going to win everything , just after 9 games of the season. what a side. world soccer , "BE AWARE" , the scousers are back !!!


  11. verzhaz u mugg! where the fuck were u when we won the double!

    look the scouser scum are looking impressive and this may be the best chance in 20 years! but even paisley, shankly , dalglish will tell u fuck all is won in october!

    hows your health mate?

  12. u recall adrian cashmore, lee stensnesss, eroni clarke, joeli videri?

    marty mcfly
    "back to the future"

  13. die blou bul eet van die vloer af nie..........................

    omdat die haai het hulle geeet!

  14. hey swoosh u recall,

    brian roy, reggie blinker, gesten taumant,

    marty mcfly
    "back to the future"

  15. Listen here faggots I said nothing about winning the league YET!And you gotta admit we got real quality at the moment and are capable of winning the league and champions league.We will talk at the end. . .P.S Request for duas.Starting finals on mon.And azee my health is as great as Liverpools season

  16. Listen here faggots I said nothing about winning the league YET!And you gotta admit we got real quality at the moment and are capable of winning the league and champions league.We will talk at the end. . .P.S Request for duas.Starting finals on mon.And azee my health is as great as Liverpools season

  17. guys dont forget tonight is a new week for fantasy league ..
    so make sure you do your changes

  18. Ay you livertwtas have no heart!! Winning games like these is not what it's all about-it's winning the DOUBLE!!!!!! I don't recall the blog being painted red when the Manc's won the double coz you livertwats never had a mouth then! So what is so different this season. Let me tell you-Gerrard gets injured, torres scores when livertwats score more than 2 goals in a game, meaning its pointless goals and nobody else scores so you have 11 livertwats defending(just like against chelsea). And livernonsense will drop points and back to square one-end of season livertwtats 4th Manc's 1st!!!!!!

    Marty, you remember bush telegraph and uncle percy??

  19. So tell us how da chow was Swoosh

  20. Azee,

    Wayne Who?

    Would you like to sample some of that humble pie i'm supposed to be eating?

  21. Swoosh Milan are looking good, but it was a hard fought victory away to Atalanta. I still think Ancelotti should go, we need to play with a bit more invention in the last 3rd than we seeing at the moment. Class goal by Kaka, collected on his right foot, taking it past a defender and calm composed finish with the left.

    Juve are back grinding out results. Was an important and big win in the derby and Inter dropping points helped, but it's way too early to pick a Champion. I'm just glad we in the running, unlike last season.

    I think Inter have alot of fight in them yet and it's gonna go all the way to the end of the season. Watching Milan now almost takes you back to the golden era of the 80's and 90's, except then we were untouchable.

    Barca are looking good again, Guardiola has them playing some attractive looking football.

    Liverpool have done well thus far. They playing as a team and getting results, but it's still too early to crown them champs, still a long way to go, but they look like they gonna be up there when the title race begins to hot up. They've learnt to play without Torres and that will stand them in good stead.


  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. Azee

    Why no Rooney comments????The kid has alot to learn.I reckon the thing that prevents him from greatness is his temper.

    I watched Monday night football lastnight and Terry Paine reckons RAFA has alot to prove in the EPL(I couldnt agree more with him).Because titles prove sucess as a coach....Heck even LEEDS won the title more recent than the scum!

    I see SPURS heading our way(sorry CHOONZ!)

  24. Shakes

    What's your view on Beck's going to Milan? Do Milan really need the oke considering the creativity that already exists in their midfield - Kaka, Ronaldinho, Pirlo, Seedorf?

    Also what benefit would he be to Milan swinging in balls to the box considering their is no real target man in the mould of an Adebayor, Ruud playing upfront? I haven't seen Borriello so am not sure what type of a striker he is.
    And i doubt that they need another dead ball specialist considering they have those mentioned above who are all pretty decent.

    I think he'd benefit more from the move as it would keep him playing in a competitive league and possibly prolong his international career as Capello can see him playing against decent opposition as opposed to the Mickey Mouses of the MLS!

  25. seth,

    wayne who?
    wayne fucken rooney!

    come now the lad cant score every game. it was against his old team and he got a bit wound up! so what? thats what makes him who he is, imagine rooney as a morbid oke with none of that competive streak, it will be sad! the passion and agression makes him who he is!its way too early for me to be sampling humble pie!

    mini are leeds gaining promotion. hows the start to the season at ellan road been?

  26. what about model man? what a horse?and ella de vitorri another class horse?

    marty mcfly
    "back to the future"

  27. how you okes wishing the lad bad on his exams? thats uncalled for! it just against everything that anyman who has written any exam is about?

  28. Where does Sir Alex Ferguson begin to dissect a performance against Everton that so reeked of self-satisfaction it made a mockery of the belief that his champions had found again their old hard edge?

    He might, who knows, begin with his own decision to preserve the illusion that Cristiano Ronaldo can do any more for Manchester United than stew in his own self-regard.

    It may be true that the roots of United's slide from absolute control ran deeper and wider than Portuguese narcissism, but it was still impossible not to note the comparison with the Ronaldo of last season and the one who fretted and pouted his way through a match that came within a heartbeat of being surrendered.

    Last season, Ronaldo was plainly on an extraordinary mission, and even if a lot of the motivation may, as it turned out, have been to do with his own standing in the world of football - one which he is currently announcing as unquestionably without a challenge - there could be no questioning its prime value to United's renaissance.
    'Ronaldo was plainly on an extraordinary mission'

    On the evidence provided at Goodison Park on Saturday, Ronaldo's mission appears to be complete, at least in his own mind and on this island.

    His body language would have looked disenchanted on the back of a lorry filled with disconsolately homesick fruit-pickers.

    Maybe, for everyone's good, Ferguson might consider a team-building principle that has always been fundamental to all his work. It is one that says the fibre of a team is often conditioned by its least committed heart.

    Players like David Beckham, Jaap Stam and Ruud van Nistelrooy ultimately all had their loyalties and priorities examined without a scintilla of sentiment at Old Trafford.

    Maybe Ronaldo is due such a slide-rule assessment.
    'But in whose shirt?'

    It was a possibility that certainly brushed against the consciousness when he rolled in risibly exaggerated agony after a tackle by former team-mate Phil Neville which, on re-examination, justified the Everton manager David Moyes's judgement that it was one "spot on by a professional trying to do the best for his team".

    Was Ronaldo doing that? Not, given his skill levels, you had to suspect when he blasted wide a late chance to retrieve the victory that early on looked, with a barrage of flicks and other niceties by such as Ryan Giggs and Dimitar Berbatov, no more than a formality.

    Maybe Ferguson reckons that Ronaldo is merely making a slow recovery from injury and that he is just an eruption or two away from all his old elan.

    But in whose shirt? Whatever the outcome, it is one of the more intriguing aspects of United's effort to get back on terms with the elite of English football - and Hull City.

    What certainly wasn't in question here was the impatience of the United fans, who soon enough were crying for Argentina in the form of the benched Carlos Tevez.

    They wanted a sense of urgency that was rarely conveyed even when United were pulling all the strings and the admirable Giggs sent a pass beautifully into the path of a biting run by Darren Fletcher.

    That goal perfectly illustrated the command that was so easily within the reach of United, but unfortunately it inspired little more than the lazy belief that another United triumph here was a formality.

    Wayne Rooney's decline from his recent mastery of all circumstances and challenges no doubt was partly to do with the intensity of his desire to score his 100th goal in the face of the wearisomely predictable torment coming down from the Goodison terraces, but a terrible failure of maturity was confirmed when Ferguson was obliged to call him off the field for fear of a red card.

    That last happened four years ago in Madrid when the England coach Sven Goran Eriksson was obliged to take the same precaution.

    Kissing his United shirt, soon after a bullying tackle on Everton's best player, Mikel Arteta, was a flash of an adolescence that has plainly still to run its course.

    How much more punishing to the objects of his frustration would have been a touch of the brilliance that has recently been spilling out on behalf of both United and England?

    Most worrying of all for Ferguson, Ronaldo's self-absorption and Rooney's angst were infectious, and might well have cost still another point if Rio Ferdinand had not pulled himself out of a terrible bout of failed concentration.

    He made two rank mistakes, the first preceding Marouane Fellaini's equaliser in the 63rd minute and the second presenting Yakubu with a scorned chance to complete the destruction of the Red Devils.

    It meant that in the end Moyes had reason to be most satisfied with an afternoon that had threatened to cast further doubt on his ability to continue producing a team capable of running far ahead of the club's investment.

    Of particular relief, no doubt, was the impact of the Fellaini.

    Rated on first inspection something of a luxury, the tall young Belgian grew in assurance, especially in the air, to give more than a little foundation to his manager's belief that he may well prove an important element in a new Everton set-up.

    While rumours swept the ground that potential new owners were running an eye over prospects, Ferguson could be excused a peek into the past rather than the future.

    The recent past, that is - a time when the hunger of a team seeking new levels of achievement was self-evident, and when Ronaldo was making his big push to be regarded as the best in the world.

    Suddenly, both ambitions seemed to be some way down the agenda. Maybe the need now is for a new one, minus the item which appears to have been, quite unilaterally, resolved by Cristiano Ronaldo. - The Independent

  29. Azee(I have to positively disagree with you on that)

    Judging from that last article by ABR it seems Seth and I are not the only people of the view that Wayne Rooney needs to grow up and be a man! I have to positively disagree with you on that.

    As for Elland Road,Leeds are smooth sailing as expected of a great team(currenly 2nd on the log with a game in hand too)

    We should be back in Premiership in 2 seasons time as I have previously stated.

    Anyone that can explain the logic of Beckham going to Milan please do!(I mean there are players of much higher calibre there)I was thinking maybe he is just a money spinner?????

  30. hey abr give me the fair go! i want to fu*& u up!

  31. hey ABR, who gives a sh1t about your long fatwa,


    yeah, as voted by fellow players & professionals who actually know abit about the game , unlike yourself.


  32. hey ABR, who gives a sh1t about your long fatwa,


    yeah, as voted by fellow players & professionals who actually know abit about the game , unlike yourself.


  33. LIVERPOOL 2 - Gay United 1
    LIVERPOOL 1 - Chelsea 0

    Wa hahahahahahahhaha!!!!.

  34. go?

    he was voted player of the season for LAST season...

    this season he`s KAK.....hence the position of united...the one man team....with out they shitter that leeds .. ne mini...

    go get a life...U r so last season doll....

  35. Hey Marty

    I had the hots for Peter Beardsleys haircut before you!(Remeber him-Mr Scottle cut)

    Oh but Marty your all stars were so sexy with those white socks in Back to the Future!

  36. Hey anon

    Dont speak if you dont know shit! Leeds were not shit,they just ran into financial trouble.With the worldwide credit crunch I want to see which teams pull through without funding.

    Think before you speak or else your team might just become victim just like Leeds!

  37. hey mini remember erik bakke oliver dacourt matteo michael bridges harry kewell rio

    John Black
    "those were the days of our lives"

  38. Seth I don't think signing Becks has any major advantage for Milan, but is a major advantage for him personally. However we do have target men, if they are played in Boriello and Sheva that can get on the end of crosses, although I think it's not a question as to how Milan would fare with him, but more how would he fare in Milan's system.

    You cannot change a system to suit a particular player that is coming on loan, Becks is gonna have to show that he has the class and ability to adapt his game to suit Milan's style I think. Any world class player will be able to do that. It would be a traversty to our season and would disrupt it if we had to suddenly change the way we play just to suit a player who is gonna be there for four months. Also competition in midfield is strong, so would he even be a guaranteed starter. 3 of Seedorf, Pirlo, Gattuso, Flamini, Emerson, Ambrosini and Becks can play, that is considering Dhino and Kaka are natural starters. Looking at the 1st 3 names who do you drop, definitely not Pirlo or Rino, so you left with Seedorf and he is a legend at the club. I feel Becks is gonna be limited to substitute appearances as he is for England, and I read in one report it is a free loan, so I don't think that concerns Milan too much whether he plays or not.

    The plus side for Milan, if Becks is a success they can look to making it a permanent deal and if he is a failure, they just let him return to LA and it costs them nothing.


  39. Hey Marty remember Hana Mandlikova, Manuela Maleeva, Tim Mayotte, Jakob Hlasek, Kent Carlsson heh!!!! By the way all the shit talk in the world won't take away the doubles and treble won by the greatest team in the world Manchester United. These stupid rumps are talking about something they have not won in 20 years-EPL and they want to pump their mouths after nine games. Whoever thought of the league being nine games-that's such a joke, in fact no it's serious coz the FA may take disciplinary action against these scouzer chicks for saying such stupid things. According to livertwats this season, they have won the EPL, they have won the FA Cup, the CL and that worthless cup.

    I wonder if they know that the FA is extending games-each team must play 34 odd games rather than 9 games. Hey scouzer scum-get real and get with the programme stupid idiots. Glory, glory Man United!!!!!!!!

  40. Well done LIVERPOOL u guys deserve to be at the top ,playing some good football and playing strong as a team .Solid defence and even without Torres beat us mancs and now chelsea .So again "GO"liverpool

    "GO " wanker

  41. Hey Marty, you remember Johan Kriek, Zina Garrison who used to shake her ass for the return of serves, Natalia Zvereva, Jo Durie, Arantxa Sanchez Vicario.

  42. Hey marty, you remember marty feldman???? Hehehehe? Seriously what about Neville southall and Tzakile Nzimandi????


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