Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Stevie G, You beauty. Once again our Captain Fantastic has put us through in a competion that is Liverpools forte. Lets be honest, Liverpool have enjoyed great success in Europe. A win against Marseille now puts us clean through to fight it out with Atletico Madrid

Chelsea find themselves needing to pull a result in the last gameweek. Fat Frank saw red as Scolari doesnt seem to have Europe figured out yet.

Good wins for Barcelona and a geat result for Pananthiakos. They pulled of a blinder against Inter to split the group wide open

For some of the Big Guns it was just making sure that they qualify. Juve travelled away to Zenith in the group of death. No one expected us to pull results against Real Madrid, 6 points in fact. Juve managed the point that was enough to see them qualify. But what a campaign thus far by Alex Del Piero, rolling back the years. A one man show twice against Madrid.
Strangely enough it was another man, Raul who rolled back the years yesterday by scoring the goal that sends Madrid through. So two big guns through to the round of 16 already.

As for the MANCS they and Villareal...will fight it out for top spot. I was right when I say that the MANCS are squealers, always hastling the referees, and squealing and squealing. They used to do this from the Dennis Irwin era. Leav ethe referee alone. As for the Rooney Dive, well his a a MANC. More importnatly though both of them qualified

The new Arsenal needed a late Nicholas Bendtner goal and under Fabregas saw themselves through to the knockout stages.

Tonight it goes down against Marseille. We must not stress ourselves and qualify tonight


  1. is Rooney taking lessons from ronaldo?

    blatant diving in the box. He should have been sent off.

  2. go Rooney you beauty...
    what a dive...
    the debate is settled...
    the man is over rated...
    why didnt Teves start?

    ZK i agree... he deserved a card for that...

    i have one question regarding the villareal players after the Rooney incident... why the hell do all players at the highest level STILL protest with the ref, and ask for yellow cards.... at that level they should be professional enough to get on with the game...
    Ronaldo got a silly yellow card for arguing with the linesman....
    and im not just picking on united... all the great teams are guilty of this.
    Is there any way to eradicate the shirt pulling, diving, protesting from soccer???


  3. ABR i think all the shirt tugging and so on have now become very much part of the game.
    Its sad to see the state of the game has been lowered to such an extent. He deserved a sending of and Ronaldo didnt deserve the yellow but showing disrespect to the ref is not on so the yellow can be justified. That or the ref was making up for not sending Rooney off.

    Teves should have started and his discontent at United is increasing. I don't see him staying on for another season if he doesn't get game time.

  4. I want to hear Azee???(the Rooney dada)

  5. Rooney apologises for diving :P

  6. Swoosh you and your idiot supporters are squealers coz you so engrossed in squelaing at the mancs squealing that you forget wht whiners you(liverflops are). That's why in the past 20 years United have won much much more than liverflops!!!! So squealing gets you everywhere, not like your mampara team that plays drab football that wins them nothing at all. What have liverflops won in the last two season-nothing swoosh, nothing!!!!! So lave the tantrums on the post coz every season is abt mancs squealing!!!!!! So what, write abt something else. And yes Ronaldo is the best, why? Coz he scored 42 goals last season and the mancs won two prestigious trophies-unlike torres, coz even with that goal tally of 31 liverflops never won a thing. They are total flops and they will remain flops!!!!!!

  7. Screw all you whiners about diving!

    Swoosh it's rich that you even f**ken mention diving, if it wasn't for diving your gay Italians would have been knocked out of the WC at the 2nd round! Or did you forget about Grosso against the Aussies!

    What sh*t are you talking that he should be sent off for diving, the last time i checked the rules it said you should be given a yellow card for diving, no talk of a red card!

    ABR, i can help you out stop watching football and your problem should be sorted!

    Embrace the fact that diving is part of the game and is here to stay. Now that i have retired i spend most of my time teaching pro soccer palyers how to best con referees and win penalties.

    Klinsman was 1 of my finest students and i see that the techniques i taught Gerrard paid off 2 weeks ago!

    Hey Azee and Marty, do you remember me?

  8. Greg louganis.

    Yes you were class. Seoul 88. Hows the forehead.

    Anyway you mention that Divers should not be sent off.

    The pain of Korea 2002 can never be erased. Totti was red carded for f#@kall.

    Where was the yellow.

    And we were looking so good in Korea if it wasnt for the referees

  9. what utter rubbish are you talking about rooney diving ???

    that should have been a penalty for united. they took rooney out.

    we are squealers ??? wah wah wah , we want the penalty , wah wah wah.

    abr,i agree that the players that call for cards are unprofessional & should themselves be booked. if they eradicate the rest of the things, we might as well watch ballet.

    the protesting has to go on & will always be part of the game.

    tv replays suggest that referees get decisions wrong alot of the time. dont you think a player is going to protest the decision if he sees it otherwise.

    zk , SENDING OFF ??? thats nuts.
    i think tevez should have started in the midfield in place of fletcher. tevez will play when sir alex sees fit. if he wants to moan & groan , he can kiss united goodbye.


  10. there you go mr "go"
    you are an idiot and i nominate you for MUGG of the month.

    You come here defending Rooney's Izzat like he is your husband.

    You are a MUGG coz you havent read the article on BBC that ZK posted.

    Please read the following :

    You will see an apology to SAF made by Rooney HIMSELF

    still think its utter rubbish

    "go" read it for yourself
    "go" be MUGG of the month
    "stop" being a stupid doos


  11. ABR, don't be naive. That's part of gamemanship, when you cynically apologise for something that wasn't. Dont you know that by now. You remember when boris becker beat ivan lendl in the masters in 1988, the last point was the clip of the net and it was a tight 5 setter. What did becker do? Yes he apologised, why? Coz its called gamesmanship. Becker didnt care how he won the point as long as he won it. Sport is a thing like that. ABR for Mugg and Bean of the week!!!!!! Coz he doesn't know the 1st thing about sport.

    And swoosh stop throwing tantrums about Ronaldo coz recently torres also started whining and protesting with refs and players. It looks like whining and protesting is the way to go. That's how you win trophies. Liverflops are learning this now only!!!!! And that too from the Mancs!!! wahahhaa wahahahaha wahahaha!!!!!

  12. With great regret, I have to hand it to you ABR.

    "go" should be made MUGG of the month for that stupid comment.

  13. Anon

    Becker is a LEGEND!

    Rooney is far from that!

  14. That Aussie CUNT tripped me in Germany...

    i did not dive. i am Italian. we fall over easily but there was contact. Be it minimal there was contact.

    and if u go back and see the replay of the incident, u will notice that the ball was already past the defender.

    if u keep insisting that i did dive well then i guess the ref gave the penalty for obstruction cos clearly i was obstructed.

    What Ronaldo did in the Chelsea game this season is a dive...

    But the lad is still class..

  15. Yo anonymous squeeling on swoosh..

    dont hate on swoosh. the guy wants to get married. maybe its his year.

    Liverpool are going thru a 20 year premier league rebuilding phase.

    Just like united went thru those 26 painstaking rebuilding years.

    well lets just hope liverpool continue to rebuild for another 20 years

  16. hey greg i remember u were u not a homosexual urself? calling people faggots etc! i remember seein a movie about u and your trouble with being gay!

    Marty Mcfly
    "back to the future"

  17. Rooney is class! mr mini! dont know what got into him last nite but it looked like he was looking for penalties! maybe he has waited for too long for that 100th goal and the pressure is getting to him a bit, he is a bit of a loose cannon but thats what i like about the lad.

    evry1 does it these days looking for fouls looking to get guys sent off etc. its part of the modern game, stop whining and get on with it. we qualified and thats all what counts.

    how was carrick, masterful, he is better then gerrard!

  18. beckker was a faggot mini! blonde eyelashes and all!diving around and shit. edberg showed him who was class!

  19. go you good thing go!
    fuckoff u imperfect 1 abr!

  20. Yes Marty that is correct i do prefer batting for the other team and putting from the rough! I did not call anybody "FAGGOTS", that's just wrong!

    I did call the Italians gay coz i love them with their high cheekbones and gelled hair, i'm pretty sure i saw a few at GAY PRIDE too!

    Unfortunately Marty being gay during the 80's was really tough and difficult so things needed to be hidden but my talent shone through to win back to back Olympic titles!

  21. hey greg can we meet?
    mini launched me!

  22. hey you faggots all are muggs ok

  23. GO READ B 4 COMMENTINGThursday, 27 November, 2008

    Ferguson also revealed that Wayne Rooney had apologised for going to ground too easily believing he had won a penalty.
    The striker's action incensed the crowd but he escaped without a booking.

    Ferguson said: "I think Wayne anticipated the challenge as he was expecting a penalty kick. It is unusual for him to do that.

    "I have seen it and he has apologised to me. I think he has been watching (Robert) Pires too much.

  24. Becker is no legend, Ivan Lendl is a legend. Even tho he never won Wimbledon just like Federer never won French open. Anyway, did you hear of the bloke that won Wimbledon at age 35? Watch this space!!!!!!!

  25. I am a LEGENDary server!

  26. there goes any more sarcastic comments from me !!!!


  27. GO Gerrard you good thing GO!

  28. there goes any more sarcastic comments from me !!!!



    lol@ "go"

    how the hell can you try and cover up your stupidity by saying it was sarcasm

    you are a piece of work.... you had the whole day to think of a decent comeback, and that the BEST you can do???

    come on "go" im sure school kids can do better

    "stop" showing your intelligence...


  29. GO GRAB A GOOD TIMEThursday, 27 November, 2008



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