Sunday, November 09, 2008


Not a bad weekend really, bad weather, I hit a pothole. Buckled a rim. These freakin roads are hazardous. Just a warning. Anyone in Rosebank beware the wretched pothole next to the Caltex Garage. I watched a movie Saturday with a beautiful lady, Did some great work for the Charity foundation on Saturday, watched the MANCS get Gunned down ..........Sunday....I enjoyed a beautiful Tuscan Function by Hazrat which hosted many footballers, Del, Fabregas, Cisse, to name a few. Great function by the Hazrat.........Congrats to him and Thats Football.

At night went to see the Hajees and Mr Jamaal off.


I cant understand these MANCS. They were adament that they outplayed Arsenal. Wenger is a genius. And so was Fabregas and Nasri on the day. The Arsenal litys play football. Immediately after the game I went to Akals. Zaks Akals was lambasting Gary Neville. He said how much space did Neville give Nasri. And Neville must go, Hes too slow. I always rated Gary Neville.But I cant understand why he backpaddles away from teh ofensive player. He just doesnt have the pace and tenacity he has like he did before. But teh build up to the second Arsenal goal. 16 passes all in all.
And what a finish from Samir Nasri. A great win for the Gunners no doubt, Faiz Oz, Zam Ram, Jives. But I hope Arsenal dont go lose against the minnows a gain. From an ABU perspective, Purely Spectacular.
But how was Clichy, He didnt give Penaltino and inch. Rooney was a villain on not scoring earlier on and well you cant blame Neville for the first. Deflections are crude.

But a moment to savour as the MANCS have only pulled a point from the BIG THREE.

Purely sublime. We await your comments you MANC MUGGS. And please dont say that you outplayed Arsenal.
The litys did our dirty work when it mattered the most

Nicholas Bilal Anelka. What a chap. He just keeps on scoring. Plenty functions this weekend. So the timers had to obviously add their two cents. Their debate was Jose used to sit and defend after a 1 goal lead. Big Phil on the other hand attacks and says go for more. And its showing with Chelsea. They hitting teams with numbers. And Fat Frank is having a great season.

Robbie Keane. Settling in. As the kop owes said before. Keane is tried and tested in the Premiership. And it was just a matter of time. More importantly though is that Liverpool are getting the three valuable points that they always used to squander in the past against the mid table hagglers. WBA are not the best , but 3-0 was resounding. Shall we phone the cooks and tell them what to start preparing. And what made this 3-0 victory more special is that the MANCS lost. I spoke to some big kop owes yesterday, Cisse, Coffee....and they said Swoosh ...Its coming...This year its ours

Spurs are on the up with Harry Rednapp. And now all of a sudden Darren Bent is putting away.

In La Liga Barcelona were awesome..........Thats all I can say.Samuel Eto. Imagine he left and came to the premiership.

In Serie A JUVE won again at Cheivo Thanks to a stunning free kick AGAIN by Alex Del Piero. The man is rolling back the years. Inter won and Milan were held

In other Sports I sms'd Azee and Seth and sai why is De Villiers playing attacking Rubgy. How can you leave your front door open when you go out at night. Wales were fighting back. And after that last line out,IF they got a try and a penalty, they would have sealed it at the death

In Cricket everybody that got Zee TV are talking about the IPL . Some big names there. India have contained the Ozzies at home. But the Ozzies on home Soil are a different cup of tea,

And Congratulations Hashim Amla on that superb 141 against the Bangalees.
I want to ask the readers to share their views on Hash and his one day form.
Its a great thing now to see this cricketer as a World Class performer in both forms of the game


  1. I spit in the face of that lookalike Rafael


  2. mancs gunned down my french missile!

  3. Sameer "story teller" NasriMonday, 10 November, 2008

    Once upon a time there were 3 goals.

    2 for us and 1 for them

  4. well done to the gunners. 3 points is 3 points.

    swoosh, stats showed that united controlled posession & chances. for those that watched the game , united had the better game.

    nasris 1st had luck , but the second was no doubt a class goal.
    rafael is going to be a star. what confidence in his goal....sheer class.

    anyways, no excuses. the gunners won , so well done to all gunners fans.

    "go" WE'LL BE BACK

  5. hey "go"

    what happened to your beauty Rooney?


  6. Hey abr !!!!

    who gives a sh1t about u ?











  11. Go

    You should be voted Mugg of the week.You probably are NOT aware, but stats mean shit!( all bullshit stuff that statistitians draw up)

    Rooney is rubbish!(Stats might show he had more shots on goal than other players but did he score???? NO!

    Atleast I am glad Anelka is scoring because that crap man Avram Grant never did give the man game time.


    Looks like we heading to championship?2 more seasons to premiership!


    We are back to winning ways after our mid week slip up. Mancs and Gunners can beat each other up. The scousers will drop points against Bolton, Villa and the like!

    While we will waltz away with the title!

    We do all this without me, imagine when i am fit what we do to you pieces of sh*t!

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  14. Dear Anon

    If you choose to be anon how can I leave my comments to you?(YOU could be A SHE-MALE that knows little about football and is SCARED of being blasted)

    Be A MAN not a MANC!

  15. anon mini is right!you got issues being anon.are you hiding in a closet?

  16. Well done Mini for nominating "go" to be Mugg of the week.

    "go" learn to be a man and not a MANC

  17. "go" grab a good time
    "go" grab a wimpy burger now

  18. go you good thing go!

    go you beauty go!

    go you biscuit go!

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  20. the mancs were bad bad bad rubbish

    We lost i'm a manc supporter and i keep saying this kick shrek out the team he is frwaking useless

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  22. Hey brothers whats happening to the blog?????From football the comments went to wifehunting to shemales.Whats up with that?Mini you should've said be a MANC not a sheMANC.ROFL.BTW ask the anon if he is married coz something tells me he isnt

  23. Well said Abu

    Time to boot owes...never done that in a while.

    Only structured comments we will try to put on. The sh#4 we will eradicate.

    Lets hope we get some structured debate from now on.

    The footie is going exellent

  24. This is an aricle by a sportsmanMonday, 10 November, 2008

    This is an article by a SPORTSMAN

    Hence my inclusion to the blog

    Excellent Read...!!!

    Why The West Craves Materialism &
    Why The East Sticks To Religion
    By Imran Khan

    My generation grew up at a time when colonial hang up was at its peak. Our
    older generation had been
    slaves and had a huge inferiority complex of the British. The school I went
    to was similar to all
    elite schools in Pakistan. Despite gaining independent, they were, and still
    are, producing replicas
    of public schoolboys rather than Pakistanis.
    I read Shakespeare, which was fine, but no Allama Iqbal - the national poet
    of Pakistan. The class
    on Islamic studies was not taken seriously, and when I left school I was
    considered among the elite
    of the country because I could speak English and wore Western clothes.

    Despite periodically shouting 'Pakistan Zindabad' in school functions, I
    considered my own culture
    backward and religion outdated. Among our group if any one talked about
    religion, prayed or kept a
    beard he was immediately branded a Mullah.

    Because of the power of the Western media, our heroes were Western movie
    stars or pop stars. When I
    went to Oxford already burdened with this hang up, things didn't get any
    easier. At Oxford, not just
    Islam, but all religions were considered anachronism.
    Science had replaced religion and if something couldn't be logically proved
    it did not exist. All
    supernatural stuff was confined to the movies. Philosophers like Darwin, who
    with his half-baked
    theory of evolution had supposedly disproved the creation of men and hence
    religion, were read and
    Moreover, European history reflected its awful experience with religion. The
    horrors committed by
    the Christian clergy during the Inquisition era had left a powerful impact
    on the Western mind.

    To understand why the West is so keen on secularism, one should go to places
    like Cordoba in Spain
    and see the torture apparatus used during the Spanish Inquisition. Also the
    persecution of
    scientists as heretics by the clergy had convinced the Europeans that all
    religions are regressive.
    However, the biggest factor that drove people like me away from religion was
    the selective Islam
    practiced by most of its preachers. In short, there was a huge difference
    between what they
    practiced and what they preached. Also, rather than explaining the
    philosophy behind the religion,
    there was an overemphasis on rituals.
    I feel that humans are different to animals. While, the latter can be
    drilled, humans need to be
    intellectually convinced. That is why the Qur'an constantly appeals to
    reason. The worst, of course,
    was the exploitation of Islam for political gains by various individuals or

    Hence, it was a miracle I did not become an atheist. The only reason why I
    did not was the powerful
    religious influence my mother wielded on me since my childhood. It was not
    so much out of conviction
    but love for her that I stayed a Muslim.
    However, my Islam was selective. I accepted only parts of the religion that
    suited me. Prayers were
    restricted to Eid days and occasionally on Fridays, when my father insisted
    on taking me to the
    mosque with him.

    All in all I was smoothly moving to becoming a Pukka Brown Sahib. After all
    I had the right
    credentials in terms of school, university and, above all, acceptability in
    the English aristocracy,
    something that our brown sahibs would give their lives for. So what led me
    to do a 'lota' on the
    Brown Sahib culture and instead become a 'desi'?
    Well it did not just happen overnight.

    Firstly, the inferiority complex that my generation had inherited gradually
    went as I developed into
    a world-class athlete. Secondly, I was in the unique position of living
    between two cultures. I
    began to see the advantages and the disadvantages of both societies.
    In Western societies, institutions were strong while they were collapsing in
    our country. However,
    there was an area where we were and still are superior, and that is our
    family life. I began to
    realize that this was the Western society's biggest loss. In trying to free
    itself from the
    oppression of the clergy, they had removed both God and religion from their
    While science, no matter how much it progresses, can answer a lot of
    questions - two questions it
    will never be able to answer: One, what is the purpose of our existence and
    two, what happens to us
    when we die?

    It is this vacuum that I felt created the materialistic and the hedonistic
    culture. If this is the
    only life then one must make hay while the sun shines - and in order to do
    so one needs money. Such
    a culture is bound to cause psychological problems in a human being, as
    there was going to be an
    imbalance between the body and the soul.
    Consequently, in the US, which has shown the greatest materialistic progress
    while giving its
    citizens numerous rights, almost 60 percent of the population consult
    psychiatrists. Yet, amazingly
    in modern psychology, there is no study of the human soul. Sweden and
    Switzerland, who provide the
    most welfare to their citizens, also have the highest suicide rates. Hence,
    man is not necessarily
    content with material well being and needs something more.

    Since all morality has it roots in religion, once religion was removed,
    immorality has progressively
    grown since the 70s. Its direct impact has been on family life. In the UK,
    the divorce rate is 60
    percent, while it is estimated that there are over 35 percent single
    mothers. The crime rate is
    rising in almost all Western societies, but the most disturbing fact is the
    alarming increase in
    racism. While science always tries to prove the inequality of man (recent
    survey showing the
    American Black to be genetically less intelligent than whites) it is only
    religion that preaches the
    equality of man.

    Between 1991 and 1997, it was estimated that total immigration into Europe
    was around 520,000, and
    there were racially motivated attacks all over, especially in Britain,
    France and Germany. In
    Pakistan during the Afghan war, we had over four million refugees, and
    despite the people being so
    much poorer, there was no racial tension.
    There was a sequence of events in the 80s that moved me toward God as the
    Qur'an says: "There are
    signs for people of understanding." One of them was cricket. As I was a
    student of the game, the
    more I understood the game, the more I began to realize that what I
    considered to be chance was, in
    fact, the will of Allah. A pattern which became clearer with time. But it
    was not until Salman
    Rushdie's "Satanic Verses" that my understanding of Islam began to develop.

    People like me who were living in the Western world bore the brunt of
    anti-Islam prejudice that
    followed the Muslim reaction to the book. We were left with two choices:
    fight or flight. Since I
    felt strongly that the attacks on Islam were unfair, I decided to fight. It
    was then I realized that
    I was not equipped to do so as my knowledge of Islam was inadequate. Hence I
    started my research and
    for me a period of my greatest enlightenment. I read scholars like Ali
    Shariati, Muhammad Asad,
    Iqbal, Gai Eaton, plus of course, a study of Qur'an.
    I will try to explain as concisely as is possible, what "discovering the
    truth" meant for me. When
    the believers are addressed in the Qur'an, it always says, "Those who
    believe and do good deeds." In
    other words, a Muslim has dual function, one toward God and the other toward
    fellow human beings.

    The greatest impact of believing in God for me, meant that I lost all fear
    of human beings. The
    Qur'an liberates man from man when it says that life and death and respect
    and humiliation are God's
    jurisdiction, so we do not have to bow before other human beings.
    Moreover, since this is a transitory world where we prepare for the eternal
    one, I broke out of the
    self-imposed prisons, such as growing old (such a curse in the Western
    world, as a result of which,
    plastic surgeons are having a field day), materialism, ego, what people say
    and so on. It is
    important to note that one does not eliminate earthly desires. But instead
    of being controlled by
    them, one controls them.

    By following the second part of believing in Islam, I have become a better
    human being. Rather than
    being self-centered and living for the self, I feel that because the
    Almighty gave so much to me, in
    turn I must use that blessing to help the less privileged. This I did by
    following the fundamentals
    of Islam rather than becoming a Kalashnikov-wielding fanatic.
    I have become a tolerant and a giving human being who feels compassion for
    the underprivileged.
    Instead of attributing success to myself, I know it is because of God's
    will, hence I learned
    humility instead of arrogance.

    Also, instead of the snobbish Brown Sahib attitude toward our masses, I
    believe in egalitarianism
    and strongly feel against the injustice done to the weak in our society.
    According to the Qur'an,
    "Oppression is worse than killing." In fact only now do I understand the
    true meaning of Islam, if
    you submit to the will of Allah, you have inner peace.
    Through my faith, I have discovered strength within me that I never knew
    existed and that has
    released my potential in life. I feel that in Pakistan we have selective
    Islam. Just believing in
    God and going through the rituals is not enough. One also has to be a good
    human being. I feel there
    are certain Western countries with far more Islamic traits than us in
    Pakistan, especially in the
    way they protect the rights of their citizens, or for that matter their
    justice system. In fact some
    of the finest individuals I know live there.

    What I dislike about them is their double standards in the way they protect
    the rights of their
    citizens but consider citizens of other countries as being somehow inferior
    to them as human being,
    e.g. dumping toxic waste in the Third World, advertising cigarettes that are
    not allowed in the West
    and selling drugs that are banned in the West.
    One of the problems facing Pakistan is the polarization of two reactionary
    groups. On the one side
    is the Westernized group that looks upon Islam through Western eyes and has
    inadequate knowledge
    about the subject. It reacts strongly to anyone trying to impose Islam in
    society and wants only a
    selective part of the religion. On the other extreme is the group that
    reacts to this Westernized
    elite and in trying to become a defender of the faith, takes up such
    intolerant and self-righteous
    attitudes that are repugnant to the spirit of Islam.
    What needs to be done is to somehow start a dialogue between the two
    extreme. In order for this to
    happen, the group on whom the greatest proportion of our educational
    resources are spent in this
    country must study Islam properly.

    Whether they become practicing Muslims or believe in God is entirely a
    personal choice. As the
    Qur'an tells us there is "no compulsion in religion." However, they must arm
    themselves with
    knowledge as a weapon to fight extremism. Just by turning up their noses at
    extremism the problem is
    not going to be solved.
    The Qur'an calls Muslims "the middle nation", not of extremes. The Holy
    Prophet (peace be upon him)
    was told to simply give the message and not worry whether people converted
    or not, therefore, there
    is no question in Islam of forcing your opinions on anyone else.

    Moreover, we are told to respect other religions, their places of worship
    and their prophets. It
    should be noted that no Muslim missionaries or armies ever went to Malaysia
    or Indonesia. The people
    converted to Islam due to the high principles and impeccable character of
    the Muslim traders. At the
    moment, the worst advertisements for Islam are the countries with their
    selective Islam, especially
    where religion is used to deprive people of their rights. In fact, a society
    that obeys fundamentals
    of Islam has to be a liberal one.
    If Pakistan's Westernized class starts to study Islam, not only will it be
    able to help society
    fight sectarianism and extremism, but it will also make them realize what a
    progressive religion
    Islam is. They will also be able to help the Western world by articulating
    Islamic concepts.
    Recently, Prince Charles accepted that the Western world can learn from
    Islam. But how can this
    happen if the group that is in the best position to project Islam gets its
    attitudes from the West.
    Islam is a universal religion and that is why
    our Prophet (peace be
    upon him) was called a Mercy for all mankind. (Internews)
    This article appeared on < arabnews > , a leading English daily in Saudi

  25. Guy that posted article

    If you feel you got any lekker articles like the Imraan Khan one

    mail me

    Wel flight on Super Tuesdays.....


    AND GO....What stats are you talking about.Seth any comments on Rooney this week. Maybe hel start scoring

    Shakes, Azee...How was the game? Arsenal vs Man Utd

  26. pakisatn zindabad, pakistan zindabad!

    remember 92 world cup. imran was superb! ayoung wasim doing damge as well! aqib javed godd foil to wasim. mustaq ahmed, salim malik. inzi(very young), ramiz raja, lim khan, quality!

    marty mcfly
    "back to the future"

    ps: any one saw TV this saturday afternoon? they had back to the future i!

  27. why was my comment deleted?

    u discriminating against us!

  28. we won the double so who gives a shit!

    we won the double! and the scouser have gone 18 years without a league title!

    we won the double so who gives a shit!

  29. we won the double so who gives a shit!

    we won the double! and the scouser have gone 18 years without a league title!

    we won the double so who gives a shit!

  30. we won the double so who gives a shit!

    we won the double! and the scouser have gone 18 years without a league title!

    we won the double so who gives a shit!

  31. pakisatn zindabad, pakistan zindabad!

    remember 92 world cup. imran was superb! ayoung wasim doing damge as well! aqib javed godd foil to wasim. mustaq ahmed, salim malik. inzi(very young), ramiz raja, lim khan, quality!

    marty mcfly
    "back to the future"

    ps: any one saw TV this saturday afternoon? they had back to the future i!

  32. Stroker

    Like i sms'd Azee during the game when the Rooney got subbed - the substitiution came 77 minutes too late!

    Azee: Wayne Who?

    Mini, is it true that Safraaz is now an honourary member of the Leeds board?

  33. Swoosh

    Seth finally seen SHREK for the mugg he is!( I speak for him)There is a distinct difference in supporting a good team and a good player.SAF is gonna blast Rooney just like he did to Becks and crew,unless ofcourse SHREK shows some Ryan Giggs maturity


    How could you miss the MAN Javed Miandad.The man could win a match with 6 runs to go off the last ball.

  34. mini seth stop talking kak!

    the guy is a legend! its easy to blame him, the team messed up! alex will not blast him. wayne who wayne fucken rooney!

  35. mini what about promodya wickremesinghe, asanka gurusinghe, pushpakumara, champaka ramanayake,hamantha wickeremaratne, pubudu dasanayake,

    class acts!

    Marty Mcfly
    "back to the future"

  36. excellent article by Imraan Khan!
    You a true legend.

  37. Who's that fat lad they call Rooney
    He's the kid who's not so bright
    Oh we loved you that's for sure
    'Til you went and joined Man-ure
    Now we hate your guts, you fat-arsed little shite

    Fat Little Knob ed
    You're Just A Fat Little Knob ed
    Fat Little Knob ed
    You're Just A Fat Little Knob ed

    Lets go fukin looney
    coz well all hate wayne rooney
    da da da da, da da da da!!!

    Rooney woah Rooney
    No longer a Blue man
    he'd love to shag your gran

    You are a Manc twat
    A dirty Manc twat
    Coleen only loves you when its pay day
    Your ma's a stealer
    Your dad's a dealer
    Can you hear us fat boy Wayne

  38. One day, Wayne Rooney wanted to prove to his fiance Coleen McLoughlin that he was not dumb. So he decided he was going to paint the house while she was out shopping.

    When Coleen got home, she noticed that he was digging through the closet looking for something. When she asked him what he was doing, he said, "The paint can said, 'for best results to use two coats'."

  39. Do you like Wayne Rooney's new haircut?
    Apparently it happened as the result of a misunderstanding when Playboy offered Colleen a 100 grand to shave her c***

  40. Who gives a shit. Manc's won the double!!!!!!!!! By the way guys, it's ok to take out frustrations early in the season. But when the Manc's say "I told you so" at the end of the season all these Abus will be in sakaraath coz they won't know how the Mancs win AGAIN

  41. ABR & Mini for Mugg of the week

  42. mini & swoosh , who gives a shit !!!

    if you complete reading what was written u'd undestand.

    rooney is a manc & we all support the lad.we not like the scousers who dis their players all the time.
    rooney is class & plays a good game.
    so what if he missed a few ?? for f$#cks sake, i saw baggio miss a penalty in a world cup final !!!


  43. "GO" Find a wife ! You even off the calender boetie ,maybe if you stop supporting that kak scum team some chick will show intrest !

    "GO" 4 wanker of the decade !

  44. Hey stop dissing "go" coz swoosh feels the same way. Leave the unmarried ppl alone. It's got nothing to do with getting married-don't become personal coz what goes around will come around. It's a sports blog, nothing personal, if you want their are many other chat sites you can talk abt marriage and other personal stuff.

  45. hey you muggs again

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