Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Forza Juve and Forza Alllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxx Dellllllllllll Pieeeeeeeeeeeero. Jeez how many times have I typed it like this of late. To go at the Bernabeau and take all three points and Del scoring a brace and rolling back the years. Where are all the critics. it seems everytime Azee and them talk sh@3 about Del or anyone they perform. Its the blog syndrome.

I watched the game with Riyad Loonat the MADRID MAN at his place the Bernabeau. And thanks to Alex's magic Juve are virtually through. Im honestly surprised that with Madrids firepower and prowess on paper they are actually woeful. But Forza Juve

Proud to be a Bianconero.And how was the free kick

I was chatting to Riyad that results went the opposite of Matchday 3. Villareal drew, Lyon won, Barca drew, Chelsea lost, Arsenal drew, Bayern frew, Porto won. Zenith make life hard for MADRID

For the Mancs it was loyal servant Giggs that got the equaliser. But no point harping on the Mancs, They should qualify. For them they protected izzet and never lost a Derby

For some teams though matchday 5 will be important

Azee and Isy all the other b@3stards were smsing me and saying how can you steal Swoosh, bla bla. But it was a crucial point. All Kop owes were saying before that that 2 points is what we want from Atletico. Although Rafa will feel hard done by, because they should have won in Spain. PSV should be a push over. Marseille Im actually worried about. But one more victory is sufficient to ensure qualification

Good win for Roma. Big Phils izzet must be hurting. Chelsea losing 3-1. Unexpected.

Guys sorry...My whole Internet is stuffed..I cannot do this update...
But we are on course.

Big game for Juve tonight.
We will go to Madrid and aim to get a point


  1. liverpool got what united the cunts always all u united poes faces must shut u mouths...

    LIVERPOOL 2 - manunited 1

  2. That was theft..

    What are the thoughts on the penalty ??

    I think it was a dicey decision..

    Who cares.. A point is a point

  3. It was theft...

    The referee was poor all night. no consistency in his decisions.

    How was Keane crying for that Penalty in the first half... absolutely shocking.

    Can Liverpool survive without Torres???


  4. Only the ALI'S will argue! Gerrard didnt dive. soft decision but what the fuck, a point taken!

  5. Anonymous-Man United defending league champs and european champs

    livertwats-no trophy for 2 seasons.

    So who should shut up, it's definitely you scouzers!!!! One game doesn't win the league does it? Livertwats had played over 650 league games in the last 19 years and not won a league title-how about that for a stat?

    Go drool about winning the league. Livertwats look like a side that can only last 9 games in a season!!!!!!!


    what a k@k penalty decision.
    gerrard practically rammed into the defender.


  7. chore no maal!(stolen goods)

    and the cunt stevie g celebrates like he did something amazing. so much for all the attacks on ronaldo drogba etc. for being divers. and add to that alonso has gotten a few guys sent off this season, the scouse in the team will always come out!

  8. i have a dream, a dream that swoosh wont get buckled this year!

  9. go you good thing obama go!

  10. Gerrard did not dive! just remember theres only 1 penaltinio

  11. Hey you anonymous first posting muthafucka if i know who you are i promise i'll shit mancunian pallets in your that livertwat

  12. ABR u MUGG bhai..

    Who needs Torres with REFS like these..

    ABR bhai i avait an interview for MUGG OF THE WEEK next week..

  13. GOD BLESS THE USA!!!!!!!!

  14. Anonymous don't get angry, i just mentioned the facts of life, if you can't handle it then go play somewhere else. The fact is livertwtas are weak and it is showing that after 9 games they are going down. So if you want to be a stupid idiot and show your livertwat jaath then by all means swear all you want. By the way I predicted the tottenham game correct as 2-1 to spurs so don't tempt me to predict how livertwats are going to get relegated. So apologise for swearing and make taubah!!!!

  15. Oh ok then gerrard never dive, he jumped!!!! So we will from now call gerrard jumpa. So guys ronaldo is penaltino and gerrard is jumpa from now!!!!

  16. Gerrard Jumper it is thats what we call the twat...hope next time he jumps like a karia he breaks his freaking legs

  17. Keep hoping you cunt manc motherfucker!!!!!!!!

    Fuck off!


    LFC RULEZ!!!!!

  18. To: Anonymous

    yo man i sense alot of heat maybe you not getting any action in the sack coz of libido problemos...i give you advice to solve your manhood problems START supporting the mancs and maybe then you will have some ammo...heheheheh

    Your Anonymous Bro

  19. No need for the word "karia" on the blog. Swoosh, please do not tolerate any racial prejudice on this blog!

  20. Jumpa will be in action this week for the livertwats attempting a higher jump than tuesday night-hope he falls on torres if he is playing coz i think the reason why torres is injured is that jumpa gerrard was practising his jumping and fell on torres!!!!! That is BREAKING news-especially for torres!!!!!!!!

  21. Who is better ??

    Jumpa Gerrard or Hestrie Cloete ???

  22. "A lot of things have been said over the last few days, some of it almost slanderous. I'll tell you now, I would love it if we beat them. Love it!"

  23. Theres only 1 alex del piero! 1 alex del piero..........

    swoosh the guy is rolling back the years! in outstanding form. credit to him. but he never delivered on the big stage for italy!

  24. headline in the star:" barack to the future"

    makes marty very proud!

  25. See Gerrard Jumper & El Nino play well together. The one jumps and the other blows some wind to make it look more dramatic. This sort of strange phenomena is known as the El Nino effect something that you only see on a football pitch.

    I agree with anonymous i hope Gerrard Jumper tries one of his tricks again and El Nino tries to enhance the jump and it all goes screwy. Fuck i can do a role play hmmmh Mr GJ falling on El Nino what a whirlwind and they both break legs


  26. There's Only 1 Del Piero!
    There's Only 1 Del Piero!
    There's Only 1 Del Piero!

    Azee i have to agree Del is really coming to the party! I don't think i've ever seen the man perform as such!

    Stroker, this is a sign for you to make a footballing comeback!

  27. hey chaps,

    recall the silver fox fabrizio ravanelli?and angelo peruzzi?

    Marty Mcfly
    "back to the future"

  28. Yeah Ravenelli came to the EPL and was a hit at Bryan Robson's Boro!

    Peruzzi was Strokers man in the Juve poles!

    What about Moreno Torricelli and Angelo Di Livio?

  29. Sorry anonymous bro but I just couldn't live my life as a wanker!!!

    FCK MAN UTD!!!

    LFC RULEZ!!!!!

  30. some anonymous bro is highly strung

    People help this okie out pls

    My advice in order to relieve the stress support the mancs and your problems will go away

    hahahah....wank on that u livertwat


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