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Tsonga blames loss on tatty towel service
10 November 2008 (08:31)
Jo Wilfried Tsonga © Gallo ImagesJo-Wilfried Tsonga blamed clueless ball kids for his opening loss at the Masters Cup in Shanghai, with the petulant French player perhaps finding excuses for his own rookie mistakes on court.
A debutant at the year-end event, the hyper-fit 23-year-old who won the Paris title a week ago said he "lost energy" waiting for hardd-working ball kids to fetch him his towel frequently between points as he went down in Gold group play to Nikolay Davydenko in three sets.
"When I ask for my towel, my towel didn't come," lamented Tsgona, "When I ask for a ball, the ball didn't come. That's it."
Tsonga, who made his move to prominence with an Australian Open final in January against Novak Djokovic, but then faded away with a knee injury, re-surfaced with a Bangkok title in September.
He claimed the last spot in the eight-man Masters Cup field with victory at Paris Bercy. But the bright new face is perhaps turning a bit "diva" as his profile rises.
"You are here and you want your towel. You say one time, two times, three times, and then you ask the other guy," said Tsonga.
"The other guy looks around, so you have to say one time, two times, three times, and the towel comes."
Tsonga claimed that he paced an extra kilometre going for his towels. "Sometimes I have to take my towel alone. So for me it's maybe ten metres more.
"But if you count at the end of the match, it's like one kilometre."
Suggestions have been made to hang a towel rack at each end of the court, with players responsible for just getting it themselves.

Can you believe this guy. What the hell is happening to tennis. The Masters Cup was something I always used to look forward to. Its the end of the year.Everything is winding down and the best of the best or final 8 slug it out for the crown.

Back in the day it used to be Agassi, Becker, Edberg, Courier, Samprass, Stich, Chang, Courier and the likes.

Used to be awesome. But I cant understand this guy Tsonga. How can you blame the ball boys.

ANyways my pick is a Federer vs Djokovic Final.

Apart from Federer and Nadal...Tennis has lost its characters


  1. Swoosh I'm highly upset with you for only mentioning the names of chang, edberg etc, you perhaps left out the maestro of that time Ivan Lendl. Pull out the stats of Lendl and see how many times he has won the Nabisco Masters(as it was called in the late 80's and early 90's). Here are the stats

    Lendl-5 times(81,82,85,86,87)
    L Hewitt-2

    So Mr Swoosh, I think you forgot to mention one of the most consistent performers of world tennis-Ivan Lendl. Throughout his career he excelled and even won the diamond studded racquet in Antwerp twice(this tournament has to be won 3 times to get one racquet and he has won it 6 times).

    I think you have to write a big article on your blog on Ivan Lendl.

  2. Anonymous Lendl was class. But his reign sorta ended when Agassi and the likes burst on the secene

    Lendl was probably in the era with Wilander,Connors, Macenro, Edberg, Becker. So I hardly watched him.

    But Lendl never won on grass. He wanted to win on grass badly

    If you talking about serve and volley, Edberg was in another bracket.

    Best Return of Serve, Id say Agassi.Agassi brought color and razmatazz to the sport. A man that will be truely missed

    Best all court game, definately Pete Samprass.

    And Seth , Yes Thomas Muster the man that used to eat clay. Met up in a car crash once, His legs were stuffed., but he sat on a platform and still hit balls on clay.

    For Speed, F#4ken Chang used to chase down every ball.

    And how can we not mention Boom Boom Becker and Jhon Macenros temper tantrums

  3. I'm sorry Swoosh but you miss the plot completely. Lendl was a tragic hero!!! Even edberg once said "I would rather have Lendl's record than win the limited titles that I have won. Sure Lendl was not good at grass but he still has a good record on grass. Agassi did not win as much as Lendl, neither did Becker, Edberg and what needs to be said here is that in that era Lendl had the record of being worlds number one for five years and their as a brief break when Wilander won the US open in '88 to become number 1, but Lendl took that back in Jan '89 winning the Australian open. So you can't compare Agassi and Becker to the likes of Lendl. Lendl was sheer class and played sublime tennis. He wore down his opponents from the baseline(never had a serve n volley game) yet won all these tournaments. I think you need to pull out the Lendl/Mcenroe French open final and watch how Lendl became the best. Don't even compare him to Chang coz that was a once off french open when chang won-what did he win after that? Sweet fanny nothing!!!!!!!

  4. true. true. Back in the day we never had TV coverage as we do now. Which was a shame.

    We could just get glimpses on the ATP tour show which I used to sacrifice time and watch

    Those were the days.

    The last time I watched a Lendl game was when Agassi beat him in Montreal in 1992. I still have the cassete.

    Samprass was great and like Federer he could never win on clay.One of the chaps that has won on every surface was Agassi

    But Lendl was class. What racket should he use. Was it not MIZUNO.

    Marty. Do you remember the days when Garys Track and Field and Lesly Sports had the Adidas Edberg Range

  5. derby 2-1 leeds

    sorry Mini. Let me ease your pain!

  6. Hey Marty what about the Diadora Becker B50 and those colourful Nike high tops that Agassi used to wear.

    Swoosh, post some pics of you in your tennis heyday kitted in the full Agassi gear with the swoosh shaved into your head.

  7. Liverpool is Rokraah Perishaan..

    Go check sky sport headlines

  8. screw all the cunts you guys mentioned. Mcfly says Rod Laver the best that ever lived.sais this before, He won two grand slams.

    I only respect people who played with wooden rackets an women who played with long respectable skirts not half kal like these modern dames.

    Marty Mcfly
    "back to the future"

  9. Yip, swoosh, first Lendl was with adidas for a long time and then in '89 changed to Mizuno with that eagle on his t-shirt


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