Friday, December 12, 2008


The quarter finals were played the last gameweek....and I had a izzet battle with Ebie J. Winning was of utmost importance and what a battle it was. I was 7 clear on Saturday night and looking good. Next thing Crouch scores for hima and Laursen was keeping a clean sheet. Dufor got to, Villa conceded, I was clear with Bent to play on Monday. Next thing Keane doesnt play for Ebie which leftGreening as his fist sub.Greening score 10+....which means I needed a double from Bent, But the f#4ker sold me and Ebie Kop End pulled it off. Hows that

We had into the semifinals this gameweek and th first Silverwear is down to for. The ADEGAS FA CUP will commence in the new year

1. FLY F.C Farid Saloojee 46 VS 6. ZamRam Faiyaz Mayet 48
8 Kop End Ebrahim Ahmed 64 VS 2 . Swoosh0018 FC Naseem Mayet 55
3 Azurri Boys. Shaheer Laher 36 VS 7. Shahid Osmany Adega 63
5. Gunned Down . Faaiz Oz 44 VS 4. ANZO STARS ANEES MAYET 62

1. Zam Ram Faiyaz Mayet vs ANZO STARS. Anees Mayet
2. Kop End Ebrahim Ahmed vs Shahid Osmany.Adega


  1. The draw's been rigged to allow a Mayet to compete in the final!

    Is this the ALICHOR connection at play?

  2. hows this a Mayet does the draw, so a mayet will get into the final! bullshit


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