Monday, December 08, 2008


Eid was good. Long day, tiring but atmosphere always something else. We were done early. Waited in the que at Bhatias farm. Avoided the druxers,(guys that jump the que) and were done. But these druxers, ridiculous. If everyone just has to wait their turn, things will be in order. But no, our owes come last but they want to finish first. LIFO, Last in , First Out.

Anyways an interesting story about EID. Some Paki owes or India owes decided to slaughter a Brahmin Bull, Magnificent Beast I might add. They had a big yard, brought the Bull home and by some strange reason the bull escaped. My buddy, was walking past the road, he seen people running in all directions. He asked the India owe, Whats wrong. India owe is screaming ,he is petrified. He is saying..."GUY" GUY". Hassen asked,"What Guy?Where". He say there........

Next thing Hassen checked this Bull running down the street. Hassen said" Benchot, why dont you speak in English and he started running. (guy, gujrati for Bull?). Turns out one owe had roped the beast and on the corner cafe he fastened the Brahmin to the Stop sign. The f$ekn Bull bent the whole stop sign. The Metro owes were driving down the road, they seen this whole gemors and they got involved. In the end they got the Bull back to the farm and slaughtered hi there. But thats the beauty of Eid. If any of you owes got some stories of this magnitude, please leave a comment?
As for the footie
In the afternoon yesterday I met Uncle Shane, an avid MANC FAN. I said Uncle Shane "94th minute". Thats Theft, you huys are thieves. He said "It was 91st minute"
I said Uncle Shane whether you steal from a guy when he is going to work or coming home from work, you still stealing. But the MANCS were peppering the Sunderland goal. To no avail. It just wasnt coming. I spoke to Mamoo, who couldnt contain himself. He was playing the UTD SONGS, HE WAS SAYING HIS HAIR WAS STANDING WHEN VIDIC SCORED. He kept on saying that the context of the goal and the time it came and how it came by VIDIC was sublime. He couldnt contain himself.........He said this is the joy of a MANC FAN.
I want to ask the MANCS, "Whats up with Berbatov...and Penaltino?Just a question, no need to get defensive here.
Whatever though, I still call it THEFT
A great win for us and we maintaining momentum going into Christmas. I was speaking to some guys the other day and they said that Xabi Alonso has been Liverpools best plasyer and that Kuyts hard work is an asset to the team. Even though many pundits are saying that Liverpool are playing the S#@3est ball. We are still up there
Eid has taken its toll. so Im gonna keep the post short.
Good wins for Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs, juve, Milan and Inter. As for Madrid, Shuster must f#2k off


  1. swoosh those okes were under the cosh for the whole 90mins but we could not core. it was not theft. they deserved niks from the game!

    nb: why was fordsies dead last nite? where are all the peolple gone? was the lake skitting?

  2. What about Cambiaso and Villa to Man City

    January she is coming.

  3. Azee and Seth. Greta win for the Boks 7s in George

  4. go you good thing paul treu go!

  5. Swoosh, theft is also when you get deflected goals like the one against blackburn and the one alonso scored against chelsea. Sunderland did not deserve anything, they were never in the game. Anyway these are defining moments in the league and always favour the Mancs and we will soon be on top of the log, coz liverflops can't hang on anymore, they scoring fluke goals and it's not going to last anymore.

  6. how was stenson at the gary player sublime!

    we want a swoosh golf day!

  7. how was stenson at the gary player sublime!

    we want a swoosh golf day!

  8. Swoosh, you could have chosen a better looking brahman!!!! This one looks like it's been thru an orgy it couldn't handle!!!!!


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