Sunday, January 25, 2009


It wasnt a great weekend for me. Summer flu Hit me on Saturday and today. I need to go to Ebie Moose for an injection tomorrow. That will fix me up. I hate being Sick. A med lemon and a cigarette usually does the trick for me but I dunno..this time an injection is in order

Uncle Bhai gora is back for Super Tuesday. The man was in India, Austrailia, Dubai and everywhere. He has his say for tmrw.

In the Premierleague it was the FA CUP. No real surprises except that Arsenal and Liverpool drew. The Mancs won after being 1-0 down and it was Berbatov that sunk his old Club. Chelsea also ran out rampant winners. I watched two whole games this weekend believe it or not. The Liverpool game and the Juventus & Fiorentina Game

Liverpool must take their chances up front. Firstof all I cant understand why Rafa left Robbie Keane out. He should have started with a Keane and Torres duo upfront.
Julian "The Star trek looking defender that always scores" Lescott put Everton in the lead. Kuyt worked hard as usual and the equaliser. Hail Captain Fantastic again that pulled us out of the perishaans (problems) with a powerfull low drive. But the build up or pass by Torres was top draw. Amazing skill and vision. Best backheel I have seen since Totti and Del Piero and Ronaldinho. LIVERPOOL tough just couldnt score

I was reading now and Rafa was piSS@3d off at moyes tactics for the game.He claims Everton went to draw and his words were

He said: "One team was trying to win and the other team was trying not to lose."
"We dominated the game, controlled everything but it was just one mistake and they have scored.

WTF Rafa. We have to win the game ,whether the opposing team plays negatively or positively.

And now its on to the replay we go.

In Serie A Del Piero and Buffon were magnificent in securing Juves win over Fiorentina. Although Gilardinho and co were unlucky with a disallowed goal and penalty decision Juve should have doubled their lead on a few occasions. They were made to sweat in the end but hung on to move to second. Inter struggled against Sampodoria and Mourinho was shown RED. Roma and Milan won emphatically and Becks got on the score sheet as well.

In La Liga Barcelona were F#4ken fantastic winning 4-1. Last i saw Madrid were 1-0 up against Depor and I cant wait for the Tores vs Cananavaro showdown

Oh and Mamoo kept on raving about these two MANC litys Fabio and Rafael. How do you MANCS rate them and another question to the MANCS. Do you guys need another striker. Must Teves go and be replaced by Benzima


  1. Rafa is gonna cost the scum EVRYTHING from the FA CUP to the premiership.

    HE has NO BRAINS!

  2. I think Rafa and his players will help each other stuff it all up

    Da manc will win it

  3. mini u back? where u been ? how was leeds cup run? are they still in it?

    benitez is dom! he must not complain when u want to be the best you must break 9 men defences down, thats what you get paid to do!

    lets not forget on monday he wnet and put 9 men behind the ball after they went 1 nil up. he had like 6 okes in midfield! a case of the pot calling the kettle black

  4. carrick better then gerrardMonday, 26 January, 2009

    United's Michael Carrick Wins Praise From Colleagues

    Michael Carrick has earned the praise of team-mate Paul Scholes and manager Sir Alex Ferguson...
    »Comments (5) Print This Story Send To A Friend Contact Us galleria zoom Many critics of the English national team have cited the absence of Paul Scholes as the reason why the Three Lions have failed to exert themselves fully since the veteran midfielder's international retirement.

    The attacking duo of Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard has been tried on countless occasions, but no manager has yet to make them click.

    Michael Carrick though would offer something different.

    His playmaking credentials have been key to many Manchester United wins since his transfer from Tottenham Hotspur in 2006, and the ability to carve defences open would no doubt play him into Fabio Capello's favour when selecting his next England squad.

    When facing his former club in the fourth round of the FA Cup, the 27-year old did not hide away from the occasion, and manufactured the goals that Paul Scholes and Dimitar Berbatov rounded off in the 35th and 36th minutes.

    After the match Sir Alex Ferguson commented on the Berbatov assist and beamed on MUTV that it was "a marvellous pass," and team-mate Paul Scholes - himself known for his audacious assists - added:

    "It was a great finish from Berba but I think you have to look at the pass as well from Michael.

    "The pass split the defence wide open. It was a great ball and Berba had the simple task of putting it in the net."

    Reflecting on the game as a whole, Scholes said: "It was quite a poor start, we were sloppy, giving the ball away and they made us pay for that.

    "But we stuck at it, kept going forward and then got a lucky goal. Was it mine? If it was on target, yes. If not, then it wasn't," he concluded.


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