Thursday, January 08, 2009


Everytime you see the MANCS theyu boast 5 Cups Wel have this season. Now is the Carling Cup a cup for Commoners. Do the MANCS want to sacrifice a trophy.Kris Commons scored an absolute belter to put derby 1-0 up in the first leg. Even though the second leg still to come, THE MANCS have lost . It was Southend that sunk them a while back was it not that Freddy Eastwood wonderstrike, But hey if the MANCS lose the Carling Cup , then after all as they Claim THEY ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD. But good on Derby, Silverware is Silverware.

Also rumours are rife in the January Transfer Window. Derfoe gone back to Spurs, Teves heading fopr Madrid. Kop lads. Would you think Adriano is a good signing for Liverpool. Does Benitez need to make another signing.?

Rumours are rife also that Big Boy Heskey might be signed for 4 million. Maybe Torres could feed off big Boy...but then again Robbie Keane has found his way.

In Europe Mil;an are hot on the heels of a Classy Center Back. Why dont they go for Vidic?

Its gonna be interesting to see what transpires, especially since all the focus is on MAN CITY


  1. well, kak performance from teh team. We need to start jacking up if we are going to emulate 2008. As for the Liverflops, I don;t see them winning the league. As SAF put it, "they don't have the experience to win the league"

  2. Swoosh, don't talk rubbish, liverflops never won silverware in 2 seasons and it's going for a 3rd season. Why don't you change your bet to "Swoosh will only get married if liverflops win ANY silverware" instead of just the league. That will give you a better chance, since liverflops can't even win anything, you still have an uphill battle to get married. Furthermore, liverflops don't have the funds to buy cheapies, how will they afford Adriano. You liverflops wait for players to end their contracts and then take them for free-that's the club that liverflops are!!!!!!

  3. its not only Liverflops silverware thats keeping Swoosh back

    just like the English Premiership doesnt want to have anything to do with losers, unmarried woman dont want anything to do with dohos

  4. Doho...or no doho...Swoosh is still a hottie!!!:)

  5. from 1 struggler to another, swoosh hold u'r head up high! it will happen when it happens!

  6. man city gonna clear the juve muggs out! then the so called doho will be guttered!

    in my view buffon aint no casillas, dont know what all the hype about the guy is! he is above average thats all i can say!

  7. Struggler, you right, it will happen only in your dreams.

  8. Swoosh you have an admirer
    Whats HIS name?

  9. Swoosh, why you going that route? Their are plenty of women out there. If you want I can hook you up. Do you want me to hook you up?

  10. Swoosh, what colour scheme you having for your wedding? The same wedding you will be forced to have coz liverflops not going to win EPL this season. Must I make the kunchas for you?

  11. hey swoosh u recall, dino baggio? what about carlos bilardo?

    recall this line from the channel 9 crew: " see you later michael slater"

    Marty Mcfly
    "back to the future"

  12. Hey mart, swoosh remember Pavel Slozl

    Marty McBee

  13. Hey remember Carlos Valderama

    Marty Mosquito

    Back to sleepless nights

  14. Whaaaaa.....
    Swoosh bitchin bout United losing to Derby in the Carling Cup.
    You miss an important point here.
    You scousers got booted out by Spurs.
    As my buddy Waseem says:
    Inna lillahi wa ina ilayhi raaji oon.
    Saakhraat has started for Liverpool.


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