Thursday, January 29, 2009


Ok before I get slammed for not being objective
Im walking in the streets of Fordsburg, spoke to many Liverpool fans. Most of them saying we threw the title away.

So the question is plain and simple

IS RAFA A MUG? Must he Stay Or Must He Go?

Have we surendered the Title.?Kop owes .Share your views


  1. Have a look at Skysports features page,19528,15117_4866153,00.html
    You can clearly see the comments by all the Liverpool fans showing that they will never win the league under Rafa.
    As a ManU fan all I can say is "In Rafa we trust" because as long as he is there we don't need to even bother about Liverpool in the league chase.
    Can we start a campaign called "Give Rafa a lifetime contract as manager of LFC".

  2. IN RAFA we trust!!!

  3. Rafa for mugg and souness for jugg of the two centuries. By the way, has liverflops even won a game this year yet?

  4. I aint a Kop owe, and will never want to be, but I just had the urge to put in my 2 cents.

    Only a stupid man such as Rafa takes off key men in crunch games!

    I personally think the man tried to be innovative in an exceptionally stupid manner.He has absolutely no sense of directions.I hate to say this but I actually agree with the Punisher,coz as long as he is there "YOU GUYS ARE NOT GONNA WIN SHIT!"

    I suppose we can hand over the mugg of the season to Rafa coz he makes any other contender look great!

    I am sure even the die hard fans have to agree.

    YNWA-You will never wank alone!

  5. Rafa is definately a MUGG
    Lets make him MUGG of the decade.

    i think he uses the inky pinky ponky method to select his team and tactics.

    btw.. it wasnt the mastermind of rafa that won us the CL. it was the heart of the team and the fans.

    Ian I

  6. Rafa must GO!

    Go must CUM!

  7. In Europe he is great.In Domestic competetion he is Rafa the Rotator

    Liverpool fans need to decide whats more important, Big Ears or the Premiership

    I say bring in Martin O Neil or Kenny Dalglish

    As ad

  8. Alot of Die hard United Supporters were skeptical when United were bought off by the Glazers. SOme Mancunians even went as far as forming there own breakaway club: United FC. In hindsight it might have been an over reaction simply because of Uniteds unprecedented success over the last 3 years. So what is the formula for successful foreign ownership? Simple - MUFC!!!!

    The Glazers simply do not get involved in footballing matters they leave football to be run by footballing people within the club. No players are signed because the owner or board feels he might be the right guy. Now look at what has happenned at liverpool & chelsea's foreign ownership. Rafa wants total control over footballing matters but Gillette & Co wont have it. To put things in perspective Robbie Keane was a forced signing by the board not Benitez' choice. And so he still hasn't signe his contract extension because of these reasons. ON the other hand Abramovich is running at a massive loss at Chelsea who haven't posted any profits since the take over. He was like a little kid in a candy shop, he liked a player & wanted him signed. Case in point Shevchenko, most expensive flop.

    Patel Papri

  9. i want a second chance

  10. patel pari gaan ma lakri lakri kochi patel chochi!

  11. kop out go butter your ass, coz your muggs are getting it from all sides!

  12. is that comment about the board buying robbie keane true? did rafa not want him?

    anyway he has bought alot of kak! who buys deggen and dosena arbeloa pennant, aurelio lucas leva etc etc! shit like that dont win titles!


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