Sunday, January 18, 2009


Well it was a weekend of festivity for me to be honest. Weddings and Waleemas. My cousin got married on Saturday and on Sunday one of the MANCS and Laudium owes went down. Congrats to both the parties and the functions were sublime. Beautiful settings and decor I might add.

And Dheg (Indian Metal pots) food. Simply class. Now the thing with Deg Food is ,well especially at a Alipor the hierarchy. Firstly the cook is important. But it doesn't end there. You need a man that was built for that moment, a man that has the pedigree, the discipline and the authority to handle his team. A man that takes no shite from no one. The so called "Roy Keane" of the DEG world. Because make no mistake you get the timers that just show up and start dictating and disrupting the whole show

My cousin once made the quote of the week. When there was an uncle trying to be a big deal at the DEGS. He said "He is in the class of MANICHE , He only shows himself at the big occasions"

and after the DHEGS comes the dishing out, Again the men of the Dhegs rise above the rest. They install order, Timing and make sure the right food and quality is sent our to the people

Because at the Indian wedding, everybody is hungry, everybody wants food and some people carry on like they will die if they don't have food

But yes, A tribute to the MEN OF THE DHEGS, Both past and Present. May you continue to serve our culture with HONOUR AND VALOUR

If anyone wants to share some DHEG Experiences,please do?Leave a comment

Now to the footie. At the wedding the guys had their phones and were rambing Berbatov in the 120th minute.Typical THE MANCS steal again. Yes I know three points is three points but f#4k. What if they didnt score, What if the ref didnt add stoppage time. But the MANCS steal again.At the Death.

Berbatov the lazy man,lazy but skillfull

Chelsea also stole at the death to keep the pressure mounting.
Then again maybe us Liverpool we need to learn how to Steal.

Big one for us, tonight. mersey Side Derby.We have to win. The pressure is on Big Time.

Arsenal and Robin van Persie, were rampant.

Elsewhere Madrid Won, Juve could have been a point behind Inter as Inter lost in Bergamo and Juve drew. 1-1 against Lazio. As for Milan, KAKA is on his way out. Shakes why will the fans embrace him that way and the palyers hug him etc. His father also wants him to go to City.

Lets wait and see,

Also was dissapointed that Amla scored 8 in teh second ODI. Ozzies levelled the series....and we in for a ripper
Reports are also rife that Real Madrid have lined up Rafa Benitez as Manager. How true it is I dunno


  1. Theft I tell you. That is what you say. I say the game is not over till teh whistle gos and we are now rightfully where we belong....AT THE TOP.
    Glory glory man united, glory glory man united

  2. Swoosh, like I said before, as long as Rafa is there, pack your suit away as you will not need it

  3. Swoosh like you always say, 3 points is 3 points, it doesn't matter how you get it.


  4. swoosh, don't be silly now, 3 points is 3 points no matter how you get it. Just like the own goal scored against us when liverflops played us. No matter how you get it, 3 points is 3 points. Don't worry, we won't dare say the Mancs won the league yet, but know this, the Manc's are not just going to steal the league this year but win it convincingly coz liverflops are going to slip up big time. Glory, glory Man United!!!!!!

  5. UNITED !!!!!!!

    back where we belong !!!

    "go" its not inside , its ON TOP

  6. Go thats why you cant make babies coz u cumming ontop instead of inside.


  7. Liverpool will go tops tonight

    liverpool 3 - Everton 1

  8. Maybe liverflops 1 Everton 2. That seems like a good result.

  9. "Go", where you went?

  10. Azee Do you know Jim Beglin

    Marty McFly

  11. With the money on offer it's an enticing one for Milan. Was reading an article also that Kaka's father stands to get 35 million euro's from the deal as well.

    Money is a big factor here, will be sad to see him go, but same as the Ronaldo saga, if he wants to then they should let him go.

    We can then start looking for the next big thing in football armed with 120 million euros


  12. how many times did the scum steal earlier in the season? remember jumper gerrard when he stole that penalty? swoosh stop talking kak!

    everton are in real ggod form at present, tough came for the scousers, we could be a point clear and a game in hand, and its not even February!

    u think buffon and tezeguet are also leaving for manchester?

  13. Hey Azee,

    Is Wayne Parnell a coloured lighty or is he a wit ou?

    I thought he was larnie but i saw his pic and he looks like one of those coloured larnies from the States like Hansie and Boje?

    And why the F**K isn't Bodi in the ODI team? The man finished the season as the leading run scorer in the domestic competition, what more must he do? He's better than the dronkie Gibbs whos a F**Ken useless wife beater!

    Join the Facebook Group "We won't support SA until Bodi is picked for the Proteas!" and show your support!

    "Who is this Jacques Kallis?"

  14. Balfour, you are right. Pakistan Zindabaad!! Azee, these scouzers thought that te league was 20 games so they started celebrating after twenty games. Now that The real champs are on top they will feel the pressure and drop even further. They are too heavy for the top like fat dossena. And as for jumper gerrard, he looks like he is going to quit the club very soon. He has no future at the club, I mean azee after giving them a 10 point lead the liverflops are now one point behind and level games and they beat us the Mancs. So I don't know anymore, rather take swoosh by the hands and walk him to the musjid, take the nikah book out and get him married. Otherwise he is going to wait till I don't know when. And where the hell is UBG, is he on holiday or what? Long time never hear from him. He will have plenty to say about Kaka and the Mancs being on top.


  15. DoNT KNOW WETHER PARNELL IS WHITE OR COLOURED? I KNOW HE CAPTAIND sa UNDER 19 last year, Still learning. He is one for the future, same as tsotsobe.

    On bodi, look if smith is fit, he will be fighting with Hash and gibbs of the other opening slot, Imran Khan from the dolphins also had a great season opening the batting.

    on bodi i think his a very good provincial player, whether he will cut it at international level i dont know but we wont know until he is given a chance?

  16. Ari bhai I was chowing paan and enjoying the domestic season coz my lity Bodi was batting superbly.I am boycotting SA until he plays.


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