Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Well I'm back......Back to blogging. I didn't go anywhere this year...just Sun City for 2 days.It was the first time in many years that I actually stayed at home. It was quite chilled. Then we got a two rooms in Sun City this past weekend.

Sun City was class. I find it truly relaxing and the scenery on all fronts is breathtaking. I just chilled. Got my tennis gear and intended to rip a few on the Sun City Courts. Myself and Shazo didn't get down to it though. I spent most of my time in the Cascades Pools believe it or not. The Sun was baking and there were just two options...sit in the shade or jump in the water. I spent most of my time in the pool in the Monsoon Lagoon Section...that's where most of the Indian locality was....the Hot water section. Met many okes there and it was good to catch up. When things were too hot I jumped over into the Taboo Section..the cold water. Many Indian owes dared not venture there because of the temperature. But plenty badaams in the Taboo Section.

At nights though there's not much to do in Sun City. Beside taking a romantic walk in the gardens I often enjoy seeing the PUNTERS (gamblers) at work.

Like sport it involves concentration, discipline and of course the right moment to take the risk. Some punters throw Big....some just feed the 5c machine (pronounced meechine). Like on Friday Night I went into Prive at main hotel. I seen this Punter aunty on the 5oc meechine. I swear I could have pulled a funny face at her and she wouldn't take notice of me. I left bout q0pm , went to entertainment section...chilled with the vehzerz litys....etc. I took a walk into Prive at 4am. The Punter Unty was still there. There was like a table like structure next to her meechine. There was coffee and all bran flakes there....She was into it. I asked her..."Hows the luck Unty?". She reckon "Nuthing....Sun City not giving us nothing.

I know there were many blog readers there in Sun City..If you have any punting experiences to share..please leave a comment, but use fictiticious names please. Did anyone moor Sun City,that's what I want to know.

Myself and Shazo were up this morning watching the last four overs. It was tight. 1 wicket , about 22 balls to save the day. Smith came out as a hero. Broken hand at all, defending his country. BUT it was not to be. Hats of though to Smith and his men for winning the test series Miraculously twice from the jaws of defeat. Great performances from Steyn, a great innings from Duminy, consistency in the top order from Amla and Smith and an all round great team performance.

Even thiugh Hash didnt score any big centuries, He has passed the Ozzie Test with flying colors. A great performance from Hashim Amla and South Africa.Well done to the DOC and his boys.We are proud?


  1. The top 20 players in the rich list are: (overall position in the main list show in brackets)

    1 David Beckham - £125m (38)
    2 Michael Owen - £40m (56=)
    3 Wayne Rooney - £35m (61)
    4= Rio Ferdinand - £28m (69=)
    4= Robbie Fowler - £28m (69=)
    4= Sol Campbell - £28m (69=)
    7 Ryan Giggs - £23m (77)
    8= Michael Ballack - £20m (80=)
    8= Frank Lampard - £20m (80=)
    10 Steven Gerrard - £19m (86)
    11 Cristiano Ronaldo - £18m (87)
    12 John Terry - £17m (88)
    13 Didier Drogba - £15m (89)
    14= Nicolas Anelka - £14m (92=)
    14= Damien Duff - £14m (92=)
    16= Dimitar Berbatov £13m (96=)
    16= Ashley and Cheryl Cole - £13m (96=)
    16= Fernando Torres - £13m (96=)
    19= Emile Heskey - £12m ( 100)
    20 Gary Neville - £11.75m (101)

  2. To punt or not to punt that is the dilema

    Its sad some of our own have that itchy feeling to throw money

    here is a slogan for you

    dont gamlbe it away rather put a smile on a childs face and donate it

    reformed GAMBLER

  3. i like the horses more certainty there! its more calculated!

    the former england captain once again shows his class. way ahead of every1 else.

    hey swoosh take a punt or 2 and maybe u will be at Sol's new palce on the palms ,atlantis, next year!

  4. so SWOOSH did you dobble a few?

  5. swoosh is an MVG Gold member!
    mvg-"most valuable garaak"

  6. i am sure swoosh played the good old spinner

  7. I'm sure swoosh played the 50c machine, that's what all liverflops go for-the "Cheapies", just like when they buy players.

  8. GRAEME SMITH greatest captain . Imagine sitting with a broken and you cant even use that hand to kit up but to come out with 50 balls remaining to save the test is a quality of a true and outstanding leader . THE EXTREMIST


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