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This was sent in by Yusuf Seth and interesting to see .

An All-time Club World Ranking can only be meaningful and useful if it can be determined by taking account all the results of the national championships, the national cup competitions, the club competitions of the six continental confederations and the FIFA. It is therefore only possible to determine an All-time Club World Ranking from January 1st, 1991 – when the Club World Ranking began taking all these details into consideration.
The period from 1872 to 1990 can only be asssessed subjectively, mostly by using national and international champions as a guide. It follows that teams placed in the individual competitions cannot be taken into consideration, even if their titles were won easily or in spite of many defeats. It is simply not possible to establish a basis for giving all participating clubs an equal opportunity for the period 1872 to 1990.
The IFFHS has therefore has decided, logically, that the All-time Club World Ranking should be determined from January 1st, 1991 using the annual Club World Ranking (the situation at 31st December annually). For this it will take into consideration the "Top 50 Clubs", annually and award them points from 50 points for the top club down to 1 point for the club in 50th place. Adding the points from the individual years for each club will provide the All-time Club World Ranking.

1.FC Barcelona España 757
2.Manchester United FC England 678
3.Juventus FC Torino Italia 621
4. Milan AC Italia 611
5. Real Madrid CF España 605
6. FC Internazionale Milano Italia 567
7. FC Bayern München Deutschland 563
8. Arsenal FC London England 550
9. CA River Plate Buenos Aires Argentina 503
10.Chelsea FC London England 442
11.Liverpool FC England 435
12. FC do Porto Portugal 425
13. CA Boca Juniors Buenos Aires Argentina 420
14. AS Roma Italia 405
15. AFC Ajax Amsterdam Nederland 400
16. Parma AC Italia 373
17. São Paulo FC Brasil 367
18.Valencia CF España 367
19.Glasgow Rangers FC Scotland 364
20.SS Lazio RomaItalia 342

By Uncle Bhai Ghora

Areh Vah.It feels good to be back. I vent for a long time. I vent to Dubai, Australia, Kenya, India and UK.

Veh can I start. First I vent to Dubai to do some property business and help them get the Vorld Cup 2010 if dey take it from SA, Just kidding I vent there on some business.Spent 3 nights in dis artificial city wid da artificial economy and da big buildings and undervater hotels etc. I vont lie...Its breathtaking. I stayed at the Hilton Jumeirah, last hotel on the coastline. I needed some privacy because all de arabs ven dey see me. "Kayfel Haal Bhai Gora! Bhai Gora would you like to stay in my Palace, Bhai Gora would you like to smoke Shisha. Bhai Gora.Please come to the Horseracing event with us.

So I needed some piece and Qviet. On da second evening. at about midnight the door kocked. I say. Who da hell. I open and mmmmm. Mareejgia Vat a beautiful Russian cross breed with Romanian. She say in a musty Russian accent. "Ive been sent as a gift from the prince of Abhu Dhabi, I alvays vanted to do this. I JUMP on a chair. Spin round and say. I am Bhai Gora.......Uncle Bhai Gora. She look at me and say "Vaita minuute here!" You day guy dat me and my friends see on I say thats correct darling

Anyvay she vas a kajuur and badaam in vun. Breathtaking. So ve start .....U know. After half time. I say Jump on the Gora, Jump on the Gora...Jump on the Gora.
She say.."You such a vain man, U mention ur name troughout love. "I say gerchodee Jump on the freakin Gora (Horse and ride )man.

Anyvay ven we finish. She vant to come bak with me to SA. I say dont vorry my darling. Ven yu serve your internship at the Grand, I vil find you.

I notice another guy leaving comment on Svoosh's blog also about da Palestine March. I know that dis is sports blog and Svoosh dont like politics but "fella try to have Marches during Work times. I guarantee you wont have poor turnout.

After Dubai I vent to Austrailia and caught some of the Cricket. Great to see our boys beating the Ozzies in Austrailia and great to see Hashim Amla in such good knick.
Ven I vas in India I watched some of the ODI'D deh as vell. I cant understand vy Goolam Hoosain Bodi not in the Squad at least. But did debate goes on and on.Maybe wel see him ven he is about 35. But da squad looks good.everybody chipped in and it vas a great all round performance

After Oz I flew to UK and stopped to meet Sir Alex Ferguson. I told him Alex Between me and you Vat is wrong with Christiano. Sir Alex said f#4k the lity look at that poor Ferarri. Vat a fine automobile the youngster destroyed.

Sir Alex den vent on to say. I wanted to emulate the Beckham incident and throw him with a shoe. But the portuguese winger is not George Bush. Back then throwing shoes was innocent. Now you throw a sure it makes the headlines. If I was there in that press conference I would have never missed.

After dat I vent to India but thats another chapter vich I vill discuss next week. On My VAY BAK I stopped in Kenya and soaked up the Barak Obama festivities. It vas better than the Rio Carnival and After seeing did my next goal if i DONT BECOME COACH in SA is tobecome the next and the first Indian President of South Africa

So help me people. You tink i can become next president and Vat would I change in did Country

Ven I came bak I met Svoosh outside Cafe Nescafe. He say UBG. Wats up. I say Are you talking KAKA. EVERYBODY TALKING KAKA these days.
My take on whole KAKA Story. The lad von everting. World Cup, Champions League, Scudetto.And he turned down that amount of Money. Kaka is mad. AND HE IS FOOLISH.

I vud have vent immediatley. Beside Milan are going to reshuffle the old players soon. KAKA For that amount of should have went.

So vat if peopel dont talk about him. People alvays talk about da rich. De media vud have followed him for the mext 100 years.

And If KAKA vent, Buffon vud have vent. and dey vud have beacme the next C@#lesea

Oh and Lastly

Svoosh vas talking about Dhegs. You know theres nothing like a GARM DHEG. Even F#4jen Dhegg Tea is nice. You know vat the problem vas, dat before the food used to come HOT. And the Mohabbet the Dheg created vas wonderful. Now people cook in pots. Its nice but dat dheg is metal and the heat in the deheg gives you HOT HOT food. Now the pot......its not a DHEG.

Its like comapring and a Akals Toasted cheese and steak to vun da woman folk make in a Russel Hobs AND DEY TELL da small children after School. "I made you Akhals. Its just not da same

SA secure memorable series victory
by Jason Humphries
26 January 2009 (12:20)
AB de Villiers & Hashim Amla © SMP Images/SportzpicsAB de Villiers and Hashim Amla put on a 144-run partnership to take South Africa to a comprehensive eight-wicket win and a series victory in the fourth one-day international against Australia in Adelaide on Monday.
South Africa scored 223 for two to win the match with 71 balls remaining and wrap the series up 3-1 with one game still to play.
Amla and De Villiers came together in the 13th over and their unbroken third-wicket partnership was scored off 155 balls with Amla ending unbeaten on 80 off 103 balls with seven boundaries. De Villiers was not out on 82 off 85 balls with six fours and one six.
The pair’s partnership was characterised by some sharp running between the wickets and towards the end of the innings both men were struggling with cramp on a very hot day in Adelaide.
South Africa’s innings got of to a fast start thanks to Herschelle Gibbs who clubbed 38 off 29 balls with nine fours before he chanced his arm once to often to be caught at mid-off by Mike Hussey off the bowling of seamer Ben Hilfenhaus.
Jacques Kallis (13) was next to the crease for the visitors and he began his innings in positive fashion before he was caught by Shaun Marsh at mid-wicket off the bowling of medium pacer James Hopes.
With South Africa on 79 for two there was to be no further success for Australia as Amla and De Villiers played chanceless innings to take their team to a memorable victory.
Earlier South Africa’s bowlers throttled the life out of Australia’s batsmen as they dismissed the home-side for 222.
Speedster’s Dale Steyn and Makhaya Ntini picked up three wickets each as Australia were dismissed with two overs of their innings remaining after winning the toss and choosing to bat.
After Steyn and Ntini had snared a wicket each to reduce Australia to 17 for two Ricky Ponting and Michael Hussey (28) looked to have put Australia in a position of some strength.
The pair added 93 runs for the third wicket at a healthy run-rate of 5.63 before Hussey was out lbw after attempting a sweep shot off the bowling of off spinner Johan Botha.
In the very next over Ponting, who had notched up his 66th ODI half-century, fell to Ntini when he drove a full delivery to Neil McKenzie at short-cover. Ponting was out for 63 off 70 balls with nine fours and his departure signalled a collapse as Australia lost five wickets, including that of Ponting, for the addition of 75 runs.
Hopes, batting at eight, provided some cheer for his teammates as he made his way to 42 off 44 balls before he was caught by McKenzie at cover off the bowling of Steyn.
Steyn finished with figures of three for 49 while Ntini picked up three for 52. Botha bowled economically to end the innings with figures of two for 28 off ten overs.


Punisher please give us feedback on how the Ozzie media are approaching this biiter defeat, as well as their reaction toward a rejuvenated SA bolstered by youth and experience


  1. If UBG was president of South Africa, mendhi would be used as war paint

  2. If UBG was president Biryani would replace the Boerewors and Pap as SA'S national dish

  3. If UBG was president the SA Cricket team would be known as the "DANYA'S and not the Proteas


  4. The atmosphere is lovely for us SA boys here. What can we say, teh Oz media is lambasting Ponting and his team. They are taking stick but as usual making lots of excuses. however I must admit they are in awe of Hash, Duminy, De villiers, Albie Morkel as they have not seen such fine cricketing from an international team on their home soil for a long time. As for me, I am enjoying lambasting the Aussies at work and gloating over the win (esp since yesterdays win was on "Australia Day"). Well done to teh boys for pulling this one off.

  5. Just an example of one of starts of the media reports here "ADELAIDE Oval will host one more one-day international before its iron-clad members' stand is torn down for redevelopment next month - but yesterday, spectators could have been forgiven for thinking the demolition team had arrived early."

  6. Punisher

    What you slaughter for bakri EID?.....Kangaroo?

  7. UBG, Do you eat PAAN or smoke a JOINT?


  9. The mighty Kung Fu kick might have come @ MUFC but OOH AAH came from LEEDS

  10. Barcelona deserve to be number 1. What the hell are Man Utd doing above of AC Milan

    Gianluigi lentini



  12. And kopout should be booted out coz he is stupid.


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