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Hash and the SA Team are in JHB for the first Test against Austrailia. Swoosh0018 was really proud of Hash's accomplishments and it was a perfect time for me and Hash to have our chaai (tea) and get an exclusive one on one with Hashim Amla
swoosh0018: Hash, Welcome back. Shukr. A great performance down under. You were in form. Ozzies and people around the world commended Hashim Amla's performance. Going to Oz is always a psychological barrier for most SA Cricketers. You overcame this with ease. How was the experience. Is Australia as intimidating as people make it out to be?
hash: Thanks Nas, the tour was a lovely experience.Before we left we had a few discussions within the team about the pressures that come in Oz ie. the banter on the field, crowds and general public chirping and hostility. So i guess to a certain degree we were expecting and prepared for a tough time, however, after the first test match in which we won chasing down a record total the public were not as hostile towards us since then.

swoosh0018:Describe to us, the feeling when you scored the winning runs to secure the series victory?
hash: I guess deep down everyone on the team had the desire to be the one to finish the game and end the series, so i was just grateful that I had the opportunity. There were a few players in our team who had waited a long time to defeat the Ozzies so you can imagine there were a few emotional moments.

swoosh0018: Define one moment that you would cherish for many years in this tour?
hash: On a personal note, hitting the winning runs in the Melbourne test and also being there at the end when we won the 4th One day game in Adelaide which clinched the ODI series. Another moment was when JP (Duminy) scored his century, the team was just so ecstatic for him and his achievement.

swoosh0018:You have stepped into the one day team with breathtaking performances, and now its great to see Hashim Amla as a Great Test and One day player. Is it a big transition. Are your preparations the same. It seems as if your loving the one day game. How does it feel knowing that you have had two great one day series against giants like Austrailia and England
hash: haha i dont know about being "a Great test and one day player". God willing.The ODI's have been a different experience altogether and i very much feel that i am still finding my feet and have so much to learn in this format.

swoosh0018: Did you meet Shane Warne, Gilchrest and the likes, Its fair to say that they were legends and that Austrailia missed them. What are they like off the pitch and retired. Im sure they, especially Warne missed the atmosphere and competitiveness
hash: I did get to meet them although I didnt get to tap into their wisdom of the game. I can only imagine that a competitor like Warne misses the intensity of the International cricket, and really, both of those guys were brilliant cricketers and to replace them immediately is improbable.

swoosh0018: Did the Ozzies Sledge you Hash.? I know its hard to get this info out from you.Care to share some if their antics with us, especially on the fence where its known that everyone takes a beating?
hash: On the field there was not a huge amount of sledging, but certainly on the boundary the spectators used to hurl abuse at us. Lets just say there was more swear words then classical Oxford dictonary ones. :)

swoosh0018: Who was the one Ozzie bowler that you always found a threat and kept you on your toes. With McGrath gone, Mitchell Johnson looked menacing?
hash: At times different bowlers were threatening. Yes, Johnson had a few good spells as well and Siddle on occasions.

swoosh0018: At home JP Duminy sknock was described as unbelievable. In the context of the game, and psychological anlaysis that SA has never won down under, how was it embraced by the dressing room and of course by you as a cricketer? A worthy mention is Steyns 70 odd?
hash: JP's knock will remain in the memories of many people who watched it and non more so then the teammates. After that days play, there was a sense of disbelief at the how the match had changed in our favour. Dales knock was more surprising then anything. Although everyday is a blessed day, that partnership left us something more to marvel at .

swoosh0018: How is the squad shaping up for the upcoming series, Im sure there is a lot of confidence. Your predictions?
hash:We have had a few training sessions and preparation is on the way, however, we all are excited and anxious as any other series. We know that the Ozzies will have much to prove and be more determined now more then ever so we will have to be up to our best to win the series. I dont do predictions.

swoosh0018: Lastly how has the Doc Mohammed Moosajees new role impacted the team. Im sure he commands alot of repect from opposition and SA Players. How to the players and yourself feel about the Doc, and on a personal capacity. Whats it like touring with the DOC. Is he a legend?
hash: Doc is certainly a legend and has a profound respect in the team. Its lovely to have good company on tour and someone to settle down , chill and have a hot chai at the end of a day with. :) You know how it goes Nas.

For sure Hashim,lol.ONE FOR THE ROAD HASH, AND I have to ask you this. Im sure there are many wanting to know the answer to this. Are you Single?Can We give you the through Ball?
haha@through ball. Yeah im still single.

swoosh0018:Thanks Hash, and all the best for the series against the Ozzies, and the first test at the Wanderers. Bring us a century.
Once again please leave your comments and let us show our support to a remarkable individual who has achieved what many have dreamed to achieve. His stature on and off the pitch has set the precedent for many of our communities youth , he is an inspiration and destined for greatness. Please leave a comment and show your support.


  1. It is really pleasing to see on our own playing at the highest level. On top of that Hashim has been able to remain grounded and true to himself...Well done on representing us with such ellegance. May the Almighty make rest of your playing days as successful...

  2. which soccer team does hashim bhai support ?


  3. I don't back the Proteas, rather not say who I back, but Hash is a legend already in my book. All the best to him for the tour, I always support him when he is batting.

    All the success yet he remains humble and never showboats, now that is a great attribute for any sportsman. I think Cristiano Ronaldo could learn a thing or two from Hash.


  4. We're proud of you Hashim! Sterkte for the home series.

  5. Hashim make us proud my boy


    Ahmed Parker

  6. Hash YOU ARE A LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My son always sits glued to the TV when you are batting.

    May you go from strength to Strength

  7. Bring us a hundred Hashim. Show the Austrailians what you made of

  8. Salaams Hashim. I work with Naseem.
    You must keep hoing as you are making runs.

    Best of luck for the Future

    Sajid "Bhaai" Khan

  9. Hashim you have set the precedent for many youngsters. You are an inspiration to my kids.

    When you bat my whole family bats.


  10. Hashim, If you reading this

    I have watched you all Summer.

    Keep up the good work young man. You have done South Africa proud


  11. Hashim

    You make us proud.My nephew down under is obsessed with you after having met you!

    Always be the level headed person you are!

  12. All the best HASHIM. You are our favourite

    Raihan Mayet & Mo Cajee

  13. The Power of the Dharee

    Hashim Amla as the next SA Captain

  14. Your performances in Austrailia were majestic. Keep it up Hashim

    onward now to being the best in the world and a true ambassador to the local communities in South Africa

    We will support you through thick and Thin


  15. to swoosh: Mean person that didn't let kay and i tag along
    i'll meet the legend one day i will

    Hashim: you make SA Muslims proud and may Allah SWT carry u from strength to strength. I'd love to see you doing motivational workshops, time permitting the way Zain Bhika does encouraging Muslim kids to aim for excellence in sport

  16. It was a pleasure having lunch with DOC & Hashim Bhai here in Brissie, even though it was just some kebabs. My son still talks of the night he met Hashim and the cap that he has from him. Doc is doing a wonderful job for the team and you can see the respect that he has earned. Hash has performed superbly with the bat and may it continue. And most of all both of these guys are great ambassadors off the field. Insha-Allah you guys will go from strength to strength.
    Jazkallah to both of you for the time in Brissie.
    Bilal Coovadia

  17. Hashim Bhai, you are a true gentleman (just like me) and an inspiration to the whole of South Africa. Keep it up and may you hit a few tons in this series Insha Allah Ameen.



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