Tuesday, February 03, 2009


The Swoosh0018 Charity Team met a family that really made me sit back and think.
Look for Obvious reasons I wont go into detail but this mum and her kids ,5 of them were so down to earth and gave us a warm reception. Swoosh0018 CF assisted these kids and they are are the Swooshing for a Dream Recipients for January.

These kids are sweet, warm and in need of assistance in many ways. The Swoosh0018 CF in conjunction with A-Wear Wholesalers (Faaiz Oz and them) contributed School Uniforms and school tracksuits to these kids. Their names are Mukhtar, Hajira, Tahira,Mohamed Zakarya, Nabilah and Fatima
They were so appreciative.
As I said they are in need of any assistance. Clothes, Toys etc.
For more information please email me swoosh0018@gmail.com. I will brief you of their plight in confidence and we will take it from there

Thank You again to all the contributions to the Swoosh0018 Charity Foundation that assisted us in this venture

*A personal note from me. Sometimes in life, sometimes some people dont even have the basics, For me this experience gave me a lesson that things we regard as basics some people dont have. If you look at these pictures. You will see What a visit and School Uniforms Can do.
On a personal standpoint to see this sought of appreciation and joy makes what we do even more worthwhile
Again I from the bottom of my heart Thank everyone who has taken the time to make generous contributions to the Swoosh0018 Charity Foundation.
Even if its just buying a T-Shirt. The List is long but and distinguished
And SPECIAL THANK YOU to Shakira Khota and Fatee Cassim on the day
Yours Sincerely
Naseem Mayet


  1. Keep it up Swoosh,you're doing great work!



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