Monday, February 09, 2009


As we head toward the middle of Feb, the premiership race is hotting up and Liverpool had to win against a struggling Pompey team. I sat down with an ice sold coke and a Burger special from Akals. And to my dismay we were 1-0 down. I said .F#4k , yet again we beat the top teams and throw it away against the minnows. With Chelsea drawing it was a perfect opportunity to get some leverage and hope the Mancs stuff up against their voodoo team, West Ham. But 1-0 down an perishaans (problems) set in. And Peter Crouch ironically came to our rescue with a horrid back pass. Aurellio duely dispatched the indirect free kick. 1-1.Not good Enough.
Then from a Set piece Pompey went 2-1 up. Again Caragher and Co were woeful from a set piece situation.

Now it looked certain that we were heading for defeat. First of all to me Rafa is a MUGG. He was f#4ken lucky that his gamble to leave Tores on the bench worked out well. When Tores was introduced ,Liverpool were sparked into action. And AGAIN I admit we were lucky, a terrible Popmpy miskick by Distan was it, Tores went through and Calamity James couldn't save a ferocious Kuyt shot from an acute angle. Thank you Calamity James.

Heading for yet another draw , El Nino hit Pompey as he bulleted a header, Thank you Calamity again in stoppage time.

We stole, we snatched it, We were Lucky, But we got the vital 3 points and I told the Tailors to get back to work. What a a chap ,Fernando Tores.

Ferenando Tores steals it for Liverpool in stoppage time

Chelsea and Arsenal both had goaless draws and Chelsea even with new signing Quaresma coulnt do what they supposed to do. Arsenal also couldnt score against Spurs and I guess.

But watch out for Aston Villa. Just watch the space.

In Italy Juve scored at the death to snatch a 2-1 win at Catania. Poulsen was the man that stabbed in the winner after Juve lost form of late and slipped. Milan drew again and Inter maintain a 7 point cushion.

In La Liga why talk about Real Madrid when Barcelona are playing exellent soccer. 3-1 winners over Numancia.

And In Cricket England bowled out for 51. We will have more on that from the Masagee in Super Tuesdays


  1. Now you guys always say theft.What was your win?

  2. Swoosh what were you saying about a rampant Milan? Another performance that lacked a cutting edge and now Kaka is injured, the Becks deal is still to be concluded and even super Pippo wasn't good enough last nite.

    The news this morning reported no fracture so hopefully Kaka will be back soon. I still say Ancelotti needs to be kicked out next season.


  3. Azee..

    Will England beat Spain..

  4. Torres is a thief, stole the european cup and now the less important league game twice.

  5. Oh i forgot..
    Its a FRIENDLY.. So most def England will win..

    The match has no substance and meaning.

  6. jurgen you were shit! rudi voeller was ten times better then you u cunt!

  7. hey swoosh u remember,

    thomas berthold?

    marty mcfly


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