Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Azee the Champion presented the trophy by Adegas Shahid Osmany

Last Night we presented the Best of the Best Adega FA Cup to the winner Azee Moola. Azee recieved a spectecular trophy and a lekker meal sponsored by Adega Fordsburg. The atmosphere was superb , the food was good, We thank Shahid for going out of his way.
As for the Champ Azee, He beat Herbly in the final. At least he can Say now that he has achieved on the Big Stage and has come good. Azee please say a few words


  1. Thanks to Shahid for sponsoring the prize and a thanks to his staff. The chow was sublime and atmosphere tops! Thanks to swoosh and his blogg for organising all the fantasy challenges.

    You need a bit of luck to win these things and Herbly was a challenging advisory in the final! At least i dont have to hear swoosh giving it to me about how i never produce!

  2. Jurgen KlinsmannThursday, 19 March, 2009

    Like how England NEVER produce when it matters

  3. Now Azee wat was he advising you on? Surely you mean adversary. lol

    Anyways now only if you could produce some kind of form on the action soccer field that would be helpful. If you pitched up it might even be more helpful.


  4. ENGLAND never produce........
    they just kak....

    and u always hear those english commentators stating what a great england performance it was....what shit....its always to get to the next round........never to win anything...

    even with 10 lions on there shirts and the pitch they`ll still be kak.......


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