Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Guys please support a close friend of mines Naadirah Abdool in her quest to become the face of Sutra Finalist Round 2. She is a local lass and lets support her by getting her some votes

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This a poll for the the finalists of the Face of SUTRA Competition 2009. This prestigious event will be held in Cape Town on 18 April 2009. The tickets are limited as the event is limited to the most premium guests from South Africa and internationally. It will be covered by local and international TV channels. The contestants are listed below. and you need to be a registered member to vote. * Premium SMS, Free SMS do not apply.

Swoosh0018 caught up with Nadira and got some insight into her quest to become the Face of Sutra 2009

swoosh0018:Hi,Nadeerah. Great to have you on Swoosh0018.com.And Firstly we wish you the best of luck and success of the upcoming FACE OF SUTRA event. Tell us more about the competition and what its about?And how has the journey been thus far
naadirah:Well the competition is basically based on the judges finding a particular so called ‘face’ to represent the front cover of their Indian magazine called ‘SUTRA’ in London, Cape Town and Mamba as well becoming the magazines brand ambassador, which will enable me to write and attend any matter which I feel of concern nationally and internationally. The journey so far has been great. I have met a lot of magazine publishers, designers, media moguls and I have made many new friends.

swoosh0018: I see its quite an elusive field and will host premium guests as well as being hosted in the City of Cape Town. Are you looking forward to it and how do you fancy your chances.
naadirah: A lot of sight seeing and attending various events is to be done, so yeah I looking forward to it and very excited, all the girls are great and friendly so I am not that worried about my chances, instead I am just going to have a great time.

swoosh0018: Tell us more about yourself and your dreams and aspirations.?
naadirah: Well I am studying my third year bachelor of sciences in mathematical statistics. I'm hoping to one day lecture and be able to educate and help people to reason.

swoosh0018: If you win this competition. What would be the first thing you will do
nadeerah: Emm…ill probably run 1st to my mum and give her a big hug and kiss for all her support and thank everyone I know for showing me theirs.

swoosh0018:Nadeerah, you a local talent and its great to see you competing amongst the Best. It will be a pleasure to support you and get as many votes for you as possible from our readers. Good Luck and We hope you return home with the Crown