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We gonna jump straight to Super Tuesday from now on. One Super Post. And this weekend was a riviting Sports weekend, 5th ODI at the Bullring, IPL, Soccer and whats even great was the MANCS losing and now whats that word that Waseem Khan and the Laudium owes and all the other MANCS usem, The Quin,Quan,5th Tupil,tiple ,5 titles.

Lets start with the MANCS. Ok you guys going for 5 trophys, nothing wrong with that. I mean you are well placed for all of the 5. What was the toppie thinking by picking that team. I dont want to take the lime light away from Uncle Bhai Gora but here is what the wise man had to say

With Uncle Bhai Gora

Areh Svoosh. Me and Sir Alex ve go bak a long vay. I even told him Sir Alex, Vy you vant to go for det stukkie in Cape Town ven deh are models det vait for you in Cafe Caprice.He didnt listen.He say UBG, "U know lad, A sardine is also a fish". And you see vat happened. Den he got in dog box. Dis veekend he phoned me and say Ooi Bhai Gora. Whats your advice for the semi final. I say to him. SA, Ve frends for long. Go for full strength team.You are so vell posied for da Quant..Are f#4k. de 5 trophies. Go for jugular mamoo. He say ok. ven I finished having coffee vit Prithi Zinta and Sanjeeev Chowla (not bookie,relax everybody, ne just my friend dat likes to eat alot..His name Sanjeev Googledas, he my information resource, but he eat like a pig, so I call him sanjeev Chowla. Anyvay i finished coffee ,I vent to long room ,onned the TV and den I sat vat da f#4k. Sir Alex You are my Mugg of da veek. How can you leave your team on bench and let da reserves play. Foolish,Foolish.For dat da toppie took a gamble and de jugaar didnt vork. Dey got dumped out and da MANCS cant say dat dey going to veen everyting now. Stupid decision.Go for jugular man, Bury dem. He had da players. And Im sorry to say MANCS fans but del Berbatov to F#4kk off. For dat shocking decision as Svoosh says

But my friend Sir Alex Ferguson is da MUGG OF DA VEEK
Bye Bye FA CUP.
Oh and PS....Im voting ANC because I played ball wit mandella at Robben island ven I spent a few years deh. But Svoosh's blog is no politics so Youl catch me on da flip side. Also look forward to my research in da Oriental Plaza from da toppies about da greatest sportsman eva in da Vorld Mohammed Ali. My friend Sanjeev, after he eat he like to break vind. So ven he fite vit me or other owes I call him Gaseous Clay. Anyvay Bhai Gora Over and out. Meeting all da famous people and staying in Sol Kersner,my friends new hotel in VATERFRONT

But the toppie he shocked me really. How can you play a side like that and expect to win.
And whats that 17 year old litys name again?That Italian Lity.
After that we snapped up pics of the gutted MANC lads at my bros Debonairs. They pull some die hards there...and of course the gutted Mamoo, a passionate MANC Man indeed.

As for GO..................Im still waiting for his sms from the 4-1 thrashing.
Is Cell C better than MTN and Vodacom

On Saturday after Gym I stopped over at Faaiz Oz da Arsenal Man. Watche the game and I told him bring the toilet paper because the Arsenal Goalee is stinking. He didnt listen. Although the Gunners went 1-up they never seemed convincing on Saturday. Chelsea are grinding results. Oz was swearing Eboue again. And in the end the keeper sold the Gunners. Cant they bring back Jens Lei man

Speaking of keepers.Chech was woeful. And he has been woeful for a while now. Since that injury Petr Chech is a shadow of what he was. And he better pull up his socks. But well done Chelsea and Everton for giving everyone the Blues.

For you MANCS, They selling Toffolux at Jeevans Supermarket. It come only 5 in a pack. Its called the Quantuple Value Pack.

In Spain Barcelona and Real madrid are all poised for the El Calssioco by winning theier respective games.
And in Seria A.Juve slipped to 3rd leapfrogged by Milan After drawing at Inter. Inzaghi belted a hat trick as Milan crushed Torino 5-1,More to follow on Tuesday,

As for the cricket at thE BullRING.Sublime. The game was a dead rubber, but will be adding more on it. And IPL is going down.

My team the royals though were thumped and Yusuf Abdullah felt the wrath of Sehwag.Wel have more as we head into Tuesday.A bumper Super Tuesday that is


Live from Debonairs Lenasia CBD. This man is known as Larnie. Passionate MANC if there ever was one

The blog is not complete if we dont have a picture of Mamoo after a MANC defeat. To my cuzzies in London that are reading.Look at him

The MANCS of Deboniars,led ny my bros Swaar Zahier Moosa and the Ulum owes


So it’s going to be an all Blue final at Wembley and congratulations are in order to both Everton and Chelsea. Drogba and the Chelsea squad seem to be on their way to great form and it couldn’t have come at a better time of the season for them. Although a large part of this new found form is down to the new gaffer, it can’t be dismissed as entirely coincidental that Chelsea have looked better since Essien’s return to the squad. Well done to the CFC for despatching the Gooners and reaching the FA Cup final. I made my way to Wembley for the other semi-final and needless to say I am gutted !!! Now, it’s typically round about this time we’ll see all the muppets crawl out of the woodwork and start the slating, weak excuses, jealous remarks and offering their reactive views on how SAF should be managing the team. The truth is no matter how you try to add things up, prior to this weekend, United were two games away from their 12th FA Cup title, we’re not anymore and as a Red that kills me. Granted, the FA Cup is no longer considered as prestigious as it was years ago, but silverware (no matter how big or small) is still silverware. SAF’s team selection for the semi-final fixture was extremely controversial and in the papers this morning he cited a dodgy pitch at Wembley as being the reason behind his decision not to play his first team. Watching Everton play against our reserves on Sunday I can’t help but think that if the likes of Rooney, Ronaldo and Giggsy were on the pitch we would have killed the Toffees, but still, you have to give credit to the United youngsters who held their own against a decent Everton, but ultimately we succumbed to the lottery of a penalty shoot-out. Questions are being asked and excuses being handed out ... Why not play the first team??? Dodgy pitch at Wembley??? Welbeck was brought down??? Mike Riley fell victim to Moyes’ pre-match comments??? Bottom line is that we’re out of the FA Cup but still in with more than a good chance of winning another premier league title and in with a half decent chance at glory in Europe. Let’s not forget that is the work of SAF so too are the numerous titles United have won under him (and not many other teams are fortunate enough to be in the situation we’re in). What’s done is done and it’s time to forget the moaning and whining and get back to business.

Mistakes may have been made, but that’s football, sometimes, the gamble pays off, sometimes it doesn’t. Personally, a big positive I drew from the match was the performances of Vida and Rio. It’s no secret that we wobbled a bit at the back over the last few games but watching Vida and Rio do their thing at the back, I can only describe them both as the consummate professionals any budding centre back can look up to. I think our defensive blip is over. Let’s not forget Newcastle losing to Spurs. Bookies have Newcastle at 4/6 to go down this season and watching Gazza on Match of the Day last night, you’ve got to feel for the Geordies if Newcastle go down. Speaking of going down, it’s all over for Charlton. Their result this weekend ensures that Sean Bartlett’s old club will be playing in the 3rd tier of English football for the first time after a 20 year absence. On the other end, Wolves have confirmed their promotion to the Prem League. Sunderland also edged one step closer to staying in the Prem league by picking up 3 points at the expense of Hull in a relegation dog fight. Lastly, I shared a tube journey last night with a bunch of Toffees who were still lurking around London looking to get pissed.

I stepped on to the train expecting to take a lot of flak from them (I still had on a United jersey), but after a few light-hearted exchanges and some laughs they jumped off and left me with this pearl “Just ensure your mob win the league, coz that lot from Anfield are going to be unbearable if they win it”. Never heard anything more true coming from a scouse !!!



An exciting opportunity out there

REQUIREMENTS • 20 promoters (10 male / 10 female) - for 14 days - these could be young college going people or executives
These 20 people will be cheering for Mumbai Indians Team for all their 14 matches.
* All the matches will be held at different locations in South Africa like Durban, Cape town, Johannesburg, etc.

We will be taking care of their F&B requirements and the cost of
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* They just have to use the props provided by us and cheer the team.
* The props would be Djembes, Drums, Whistles, Huge foam fingers masks / probably face painting done/ etc..

Please contact:Nabihah Desai <>
Email now.first 20 will get in.try your luck readers


Speech delivered by
Lalit Modi
Chairman & Commissioner
DLF Indian Premier League

At the
Opening Ceremony of Season 2009
Newlands, Cape Town
April 18th 2009


As I stand here before this excited, committed and sold out crowd in one of crickets most spectacular arenas for our opening day of Season 2009 of the DLF Indian Premier League

I feel joy, humility, pride and gratitude.

The last month has been one of the most exciting and memorable of our lives.

It has also been one of the most joyful - the carnival on Thursday, the visit to the Alexander Sinton School yesterday; the party last night and today’s wonderful cricket, all memories I will cherish forever.

I am humbled by how graciously you, the South African people, have allowed us into your country and your homes; I am humbled by how you fans you have let us into hearts and minds; and I am humbled how readily you have adopted teams and players of the IPL.

I recall the words of an old Buddhist saying:

“the flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all”.

We by necessity brought the DLF IPL to South Africa.

And I am proud that we have spread our wings, that we have brought a taste of Modern India to a sports mad country; proud that we are on our way to making the DLF IPL a truly global sports event; proud that we have left a small legacy of contributing R9 million to assist in the education of your young future leaders and sportsmen with our HEAT initiative; and proud that we have in a small way helped to forge greater links between our two great Rainbow nations.

But mostly I am grateful. On behalf of the BCCI, I wish to thank our great friends at the South African Government and Cricket South Africa who have acted so quickly and so brilliantly to make the move happen- it all happened in less than 4 weeks! It seems in this country the difficult happens immediately and the impossible takes a little longer!

Thanks also to the State Associations here, whose wonderful facilities we are all enjoying so much.

From the first day we arrived here I was convinced that the move could be a success, and with each passing day that conviction has grown ever stronger.

The support of our Franchises, media partners and sponsors has been invaluable.

Not once did any of them waiver in their support once the move was announced, so thank you to Sony, WSG,, DLF, Fly Kingfisher, Hero Honda, Citi and Vodafone for the faith they have all shown.

I would like to thank our partners, IMG, without whose expertise and unwavering commitment we would not be here today.

The IMG team, led by my good friend Andrew Wildblood and his indomitable colleague Peter Griffiths, has been with us on the IPL journey from its inception and I knew when we arrived in South Africa just 25 days ago that if one company could succeed in the unchartered logistical challenge of organising an event of this scale at less than four weeks notice, it was IMG.

Finally I wish to thank Sundar Raman and my colleagues at IPL for their round the clock dedication and hard work.

You have all helped us create sports marketing history by moving the DLF IPL to South Africa so successfully.

I should also mention the role of my old friend Etienne de Villiers and Francois Pienaar, the two newest members of the DLF IPL team.

They have been invaluable in implementing a marketing plan that has explained the IPL to a new audience and generated the excitement we see here today.

If today’s action is anything to go by, all cricket fans are in for a treat over the next 37 days.

I hope that you all enjoy the feast of cricket and entertainment that lies ahead.

I know that by the time I address the audience at the DLF IPL Final on May 24th, we will have made a lasting and positive impression in South Africa.

You certainly have made that on us!

Finally I want to assure the hundreds of millions of cricket fans in India that we have not forgotten you.

We know that you will be watching in your millions, and we look forward to bringing the DLF IPL back home next year.

And now a little something to get your hearts racing again-Let the Games continue!


IPL fan with star quality will be off to Bollywood!

Cape Town, April 16 2009: One lucky South African IPL fan with star quality stands to win a role in a Bollywood movie, R50 000 in cash, a business class trip to India and other prizes in the 2009 tournament’s Miss Bollywood SA competition.

The search for a South African lady with the potential to take Bollywood by storm was announced in Cape Town today by IPL Chairman and Commissioner, Lalit Modi, and Bollywood superstars Shah Rhuk Khan, Shilpa Shetty and Preity Zinta.

“We’re looking for someone who has the star quality to stand out in a crowd, probably without even trying that hard. It’s that special, almost indefinable, quality that makes someone a star more than a beauty queen that we are looking for,” Modi said today.

“IPL matches with their mix of fun and excitement are an excellent environment to identify the kind of person who is a natural stand-out in a big crowd,” said Modi.

“Star searches like this are a really great way to find people who may never even have thought that they have what it takes to really make it big,” said Khan. “The heart of our idea is to search the crowd at IPL matches for someone who has the attitude and appearance that automatically draws the eye. It will be the kind of person who is not necessarily showing off for the camera, but who can mesmerise even total strangers,” he said.

A total of 50 winners will be chosen from the crowds at every one of the eight venues around the country that is to host IPL matches. Winners will be shown on the big screen at every match during the second five-minute break.

There will be one finalist per match, identified with the help of TV producers who will have cameras scanning the crowds. IPL matches are being played in Cape Town, East London, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Bloemfontein, Kimberley, Johannesburg and Pretoria. Tickets to matches are on sale through Computicket.

Photographs of each match winner will be loaded to a section of the IPL web site ( where fans from around the world can cast their vote. Fans casting votes will also be able to participate in a fan competition around Miss Bollywood SA.

Before photographs are uploaded to the web site, each winner will need to verify that she agrees to enter, that her photograph can appear on the web site and that she is at least 18 years old.

One finalist from each venue will be chosen, leaving eight winners to be hosted and feted at The Wanderers in Johannesburg at the final of the IPL 2009 tournament on 24 May. The ultimate winner will be announced during the final.

Theres no atmosphere like the Bull Ring

On Friday myself and the chaps went to the Bull Ring. The atmosphere ofcourse was the atmosphere that the Bull Ring always produces. The game I felt didnt have that byte because of it being a dead rubber but the lads enjoyed it. The fun was added by former Pirates,Wits University and Manning Rangers Footballer,Warren Du Pont. He and his lads were behind us and we had a class time. But as usual the Bull Ring never failed when it came to atmosphere

Been there Done that! We met former Orlando Pirates,Wits,Manning Rangers & Swallows hard man Warren Du Pont.


  1. Well done Everton, you showed those arrogant muggs! once again the mans came up short against the Merseysiders!!!

  2. Swoosh I think Sir Alex showed he's hand yesterday. He's more interested in the title and champs league. You say how could he expect to win? To be honest they played well to trouble Everton and if they we a bit more clinical would have won. So they had the ability to win, they just did not carry it through. There was also that penalty, which would have saw a red card as well.

    As for the quintuple, that was a media hype, Sir Alex always said we wouldn't do it. It's a long shot to win everything and is beyond any team. Yeah some fans were shouting about it, but it was always going to need something really special to win it.

    As for the team selection, like Sir Alex said in 99, it can all blow up in our face and it still can. If we win nothing people will point to yesterday and say he played a weakened team to concentrate on the league yet achieved nothing. It's all a gamble but thats football you can't take anything for granted and there is no certainty, thats the beauty of the game that makes it so exciting.

    I agree with his team selection, we need fresh players for Wednesday. You couldn't predict Everton were going to play badly, they been pretty good lately. The lity's gave a good account of themselves yesterday. Swoosh the names Macheda and yesterday he showed he has alot of potential. He's all round play was quite good and he was mixing it with Evertons premier league players at only 17.

    As for the penalties that is a lottery, we won the last 3 shootouts we were involved in, one had to go against us.

    Milan were devastating last nite, but im afraid its all too late. We may claim 2nd, but thats not good enough. Top spot is what we want and 2nd is no consolation. If by some miracle we can overhaul Jose's Inter, I still think Ancelotti should go. We should have been well up their, not hoping for a miracle with 6 games to go.
    But finally things are coming together, we just need Rino Gatusso back.


  3. united have so much talent to call upon at anytime in the season.

    i think saf was right in playing that team...

    But they bwahahahahahahaha u asshole MANCS..

    shoobs? u can remove the FA cup from the list of trophies u guys were supposedly gona win...

    dont count u trophy before u won it MADERS...

    hahahhahahahahaha... punks

  4. Out the cup we go. So much for the Quintuple!
    Fergie played a very young side, however UTD fans should not use that as an excuse for going out. Credit to Welback and Macheda who looked good on many occasions. The same can be said for the Da Silva twins. Everton got the better of us, however that penalty decision was a little dicey. At the end of the day, Fergie knows best. He picked a completely young side except for Rio and Vidic.

    On a mre positive note, Man U can still look forward to the league and champions league.

    Now for the Mugg of the week: BERBATOV!!!!


  5. Shakes, thats a typical fuckin man united answer that we expected to hear! To come and talk shit here! For fuck sake at least accept defeat you arrogant scumbags. Now the talk that we wanted to concentrate on leage and champs league, wat fucking bullshit! had you guys won you'd be jumping and talking a different lingo! FUCK YOU MANCS LEARN TO ACCEPT DEFEAT AND SHOW OTHERS RESPECT!


  7. James Lawton: Ferguson's law states there's one rule for him and another for those he hates

    It is a talent peculiar to men like Ferguson to see things exclusively their own way

    As a student of American politics, and an interviewee of David Frost, Sir Alex Ferguson will be aware of the killer line in the recent Frost/Nixon movie. Pressed on his role in Watergate, Richard Nixon utters his self-serving justification that reveals his megalomania: "When the President does it, that means it's not illegal."

    Let's take that theory and apply it to modern English football. How do we know when a Premier League manager is acting with arrogance and contempt? When Ferguson says he is, of course. Or, when Ferguson spots an innocuous gesture from Rafael Benitez, whom he happens to despise, towards Sam Allardyce, who has proved his unwavering acolyte. That is Ferguson's Nixon principle: it is because I say it is. And how could we be so stupid as to argue with him?

    read on at:

  8. bwahahahahahhahaha... united are out.!!!! good....
    more exits to come... gonna be great....

    fuck manu .. fuck saf... fuck ron...fuck tevez...fuck them all....

    shoobs where u @ son?

    we waiting for u kak comments?


  9. the ou with the theories.... u also talking kak....

    we all know united grease the ref`s...

    now thats not a theory .. its a fact.......

  10. Fruit Shop KhalaMonday, 20 April, 2009

    Hey Seth and Azee

    Do u like green or red apples to go with ur TOFFEE

  11. The shocking thing here is not one of you lot jumping so much is an Everton fan! Don't jump on the wagon. Concentrate on your own side and what you need to do to win the league! Let us worry about our side!


  12. must i teach u about rivalry?Monday, 20 April, 2009

    biggy if u are a football ou like u claim to be u will know about the intense rivalry of english football...esp between Liverpool and manure united....

    Liverpool still lead the way with overall victories .. and man u winning anything will errode this lead further.... how can liverpool supporters not be happy at the manures exist yesterday.....wahahahahhahaha!!! u bastards are out.LOL

    go learn about the rivalry of the english game my bru.......

    shocking u say .. I think not.....

    yes u must worry about u side....cos they getting skopped out of all the remaining comp and liverpool are winning the league....they`ll win it by a point on the last this space........


    united made it further than livepool in the fa cup & the champs league.

    the chelsea buns are still affecting the little brains you muggs have left.

    united were on course for 5 trophies : duhhh, cos they were still in the competition.

    show one article where a man u player or sir alex saying they were going to win all 5 ? it was the media.

    united lighties played everton to the end, & credit to the youngsters.nOT even rafa would have left out 9 first team players if he was in sir alex's position.

    i wonder if rafa will ever be "sir" rafa.

    we were robbed of a blatant penalty & our youngsters would have been in the final.


    "go" be a bad boy

  14. then that would mean u okes won fokol...except the league cup or carling cup? which one? and the world club championships where u okes were competing against shite opposition....imagine if u didn`t win that kak it would of been...


  15. MAN U THE GAY TEAMMonday, 20 April, 2009

    yay the go is back with his dom dom comments...

    "united made it further" hahahahah... DABOO getting knocked out in the semi`s is like losing in the 1st round.....wahahahahhaha..who cares who made it further.its winning that counts...losing in the final is even worst cos then u the 1st LOSER like all united okes for the champions league its not long till u get knocked out or lose ... then u gonna claim we made it to the final...if u dont win u lose.....go prepare u kak comments already......

    as for being robbed .. i guess this refree is not bang for dronky ferguson and doesn`t take a greasing.... see the result u fuckers lost..

    so once again... and this is esp for u go...

    fuck saf..fuck vidic(poes serb bastard)..fuck rio .fuck evra he looks like a malawi...fuck the twins..fuck tevez(he is a split image of blanka from street fighter)...fuck carrick...fuck berba....he thinks he can walk through okes and he cant kick a penalty to save his life ... fuck foster... fuck the carrot van der sar...fuck macheda he looks like a chicken and fuck wellbeck... FUCK MANURE UNITED.....

  16. oh yeas and go bhai.... dont forget everytime u scream rooneys name u screaming for a SCOUSER......

    SCOUSERS rule manchester...

  17. go? rafa wont be a sir cos he aint pomping the queen....

  18. ABU for life, if your understanding is a bit more intellectual you would see I'm not making excuses. What I am saying (pity I have to spell it out in an essay), is an answer to Swoosh's question. He asked how could Sir Alex play the team he did and expect to win.
    The reason for his selection was to rest players (ABU4LIFE resting them for what? the league game on wednesday, automatically showing if you resting you top players you placing more importance on the competition you resting them for, not and excuse from me but and observation, which again swoosh pointed out that playing the players he did was a risk. eish...), also I said my view on the game is with that team he played we should have won, but we lacked a cutting edge.

    I don't think we lost the tie because we played 6 reserve team players, as I said we were more than capable of beating Everton yesterday, but we lacked a cutting edge and it cost us.

    You liverfools always see things thru blinkers and take what you want to from statements.
    Im making no excuses, we lost because we didn't play well enough to win. I said I agreed with the players fielded by Sir Alex and I felt they were good enough to win the match, but didn't produce on the day. (ABU4LIFE the last statement automatically credits Everton for their victory, because if the United players didn't produce a result on the day it means Everton played well enough to neutralise their talents which means I give credit to Everton for their win).


  19. Fruit Shop Khala or should i say KILLA

    I'm still waiting for you to come and collect your Chelsea buns or have you forgotten about them. 3 for 1 and you ordered 4 packs!

  20. Hey Swoosh

    Why no mention of my great performance this weekend? On Tuesday i broke your scum pigs and then on Sat i destroyed the Gunners!

    You Pigs are quick to forget how i break you year in and out! Now we win 3 titles and shut all the Red Big Mouths Up - Arsenal, Man Utd and Liverpool.

    I'm dreaming of a BLUE MAY!

  21. shakes...well said.....i felt the team saf fielded was strong enuf to beat everton...esp since everton were without arteta(devistating passer of the ball) anichbe and one other...

    but they didn`t cos they kak and they got a kak dronky manager also....thats y its a sweet monday morning cos the mancs got dumped just when they thought they were back....

    hahahahhahaha MANCs.......wahahahahhahaha!!!

    fuck MANu

  22. drogba..u rite this swoosh is mention about the chelsea.....

    so i`ll mention that u are a horse u look like u on steroids....and that shit in your thats enuf to put any defender or goalie off....who would wanna touch that ..sis...

    r u better than ronaldo?

    in diving and crying that is...

  23. Hey drogba, would you like to be the new face of Soft n Free. The relaxer that dont let hair down

  24. hey drogba

    Is Easywaves betta than Soft n Free

  25. Is Clive Barker better this Sir Alex
    Is Jomo better than Sir Alex
    Is Santana better than Sir Alex

    Would they have picked the same team in an FA Cup Semi


  26. You scum pigs can mock me all you want but guess what i f**ked up last Tuesday and i'll f**k you up again and again!

    Bring me Skrtel, Agger, Carra and the rest of your pansies. I'll have them for breakfast, lunch and supper!

    I am better than those 2 fags Ronaldo and Torres!

    Plus for you scouse pigs i'll settle the debate now:


  27. Is Rafa better than SOUNESS!

    There's only 1 Graeme Souness!
    There's only 1 Graeme Souness!
    There's only 1 Graeme Souness!

  28. Being a Liverpool supporter, I am extremely satisfied that United got knocked out. SAF needs to get his head checked for putting out the side that he did. He didn't take the competition seriously and he didn't take Everton seriously. Apart from the disputed penalty, UTD never showed anything. I doubt that the plan was to avoid conceding and get a penalty to get to the final. He wanted to fool around and paid the price. He also started slating the Wembley pitch just like Wenger but they both forgot that Chelsea and Everton played on the same pitch as well. There is all the talk of so many games and players get tired and keeping them fresh (Benitez) but these players are there to do a job and they get paid big money for this so he must play his best team. It's like saying im good at giving your hours of foreplay but when the time comes to the crunch i'm worn out. What nonsense is that.

  29. mama thembis hair and gel shackMonday, 20 April, 2009

    drogs drogs drogs....u feeling left out.chelsea won but u dont even get a mention on the blog....shows what a shit team u support.....

    just for u i`ll settle it....easywaves is better than soft n free...

  30. To blame the pitch for the side he put out just highlights the ignorance and contempt of the man. Why save his 'big players' for when the pitch was at it's worst?? Surely if he wanted to save them put them on at the beginning win the game then take them off. He didn't and this just proves he either doesn't care about the FA cup or he sees Everton as a team he could send out his under 18 team to beat.

    Unlike Wenger the pitch issue only came up after his team had lost. I can't remember too many times that his team had lost because they had played badly, it is either the referee, the pitch, the kick-off time or the other team cheating (god forbid that anyone would actually try to beat the almighty Manchester United)

    When all is said and done Everton deserved to win as they were the better team.

  31. Liverpool 4 - maunre united 1 ....

  32. drogba? i forget to say...u smell also....

  33. fergie the dronkie has exceptional talent especially when it comes to excuses around his kak team losing.... the only reason he is a sir is because he pomped the queen...

    what a lame excuse for the loss ... the pitch.. of the best ive heard in a while...

  34. Manure supporters were buzzing last week when we drew against Chelsea and were knocked out of the CL.

    Fact-The impression from Manure supporters is they were more passionate about Chelsea.Go figure.

    This weekend United got knocked the fcuk out.
    Young team . Alex the Hognose might have got his priorities wrong.The team you put out is the team you pay the price for.Pienaar 4 lifting the CUP and honours going to Merseyside.

    CL - Wenger has something to say about that.

    League(Liverpool) - Rafa is leading the way with a Liverpool team set to destroy.United will faulter and truely dont deserve anything because they play like sh1t.

    In Summary United will be glad to have won the carling cup.

  35. u liver cunts
    why the fuck was rafa having a rotation system u poeses ?????????he wanted to rest his faggot bitches thats why.
    fuck you all, sir alex is king.

  36. As it is noted-it doesn't matter how a game is won; but a win is a win; so well done to Evaton for beating ManU...
    However---your Liverfools need to come down to earth---NOTHING HAS YET BEEN DECIDED! There are still a few more games left.

    My God! Liverdrool beats Utd and the fans carry on like they won the World Cup! Liverfool might have won the league more times than ManU, but ManU are still the better team by far!

  37. thats the point nothing has been decided...
    thats y we say to the manc idiots like shoobs not to count u trophies before u won it..understand IDIOT........

    cos not to long ago he was going on about the title being wrapped up and the CL won and the FA cup.... look at u IDIOTS now.... battling to win anything....

    alex dronkie ferguson is a nai...

  38. Wahahhaha, liverflops won nothing in 3 seasons. Wahahahahahahaahahahah. Swoosh, take all your smally and baboos and go wank coz YNWA means you will never wank alone. liverdrols are so stupid, they don't even know that they got knocked out of the fa cup and champs league before United. And they are smelling our asses in the league. Shame, must be hard to follow the leaders especially when you trophyless for 3 seasons!!!!!!

    In Rafa we trust to make stupid comments, coz everytime he opens his foul mouth livercunts get a hiding. Wahahahahaha!!!!

  39. Liverpool dooses take more pride in uniteds defeat than Liverpools victorys
    What round did Liverpool get knocked out in???

  40. it doesn`t matter if u lose in the 1st round or the semi - final... u r OUT ... u not gonna win....

    so dont get all excited and say u went further cos it counts for vokol if u dont win it....

    typical manu IDIOTS..

    go learn about the rivalry in english football thenu`ll know y we take such pleasure in a united defeat.....

    the reason we never wank alone is cos all the united female supporters do it 4 us....

    and they pretty good too... hard to get a decent hand job these days.

  41. hillsborough loverMonday, 20 April, 2009

    go fucken cry about hillsborough! and have days of silence! i dont see liverpool winning on the weekend! why all teh celebrations? coz u muggs dont suuport the scum, u muggs are anti mufc!

  42. drogba is better then torres! he is a proven marksman! delivers when the chips are down!

  43. was roy evans better then phil thomson?
    is rafa better then souness?
    is lucas better then kleberson?

  44. u will never wank aloneMonday, 20 April, 2009

    who the fuck are champs of the world?

  45. respect life alwaysMonday, 20 April, 2009

    id say everton are the champs of the world...cos they fucked manure up.....

    drogba is better than torres in fooling people about his hair....they got the same hairstyle..
    torres`s is real.. drogba weell we all know about hair products...

    hillbilly boy... of cos we are anti manure united....why u wanna be stating obvious things...stop being an IDIOT please..enuf is enuf...

  46. Viva Uncle Mo, champion !!!

    As for all our Liverpool supporters ... your scouse brothers in Anfield would be shaking their heads in shame to see fellow "Liverpool fans" celebrating a Toffee victory. Real Pool supporters don't give a flying f**k about the weekend's fixtures. They're out of the tournament and hate both Man United and Everton alike, so no reason for them to look into the fixture at all.
    As is stands United are still the european and league champs as no club has yet decided otherwise.

    Brian Clough

  47. VICTORY_DESTROYSMonday, 20 April, 2009


  48. Cloughie the worst thing you gave us was Nigel.

  49. Quote of the week: Sir Alex Ferguson said the soil looked "dead" and withdrew three senior players from his starting line-up because of injury concerns ahead of the season's run-in.

    Seems like his players were suffering from dead legs.

  50. hillsborough loverMonday, 20 April, 2009

    respect life, go get a life u cry baby!
    go cry about hillsborough and hazel!

    win the league and then talk, until then shut ur mouth coz when i dish out u wont be able to take it!

  51. hillsborough lover is an IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT..

    of the highest degree.......

    he even looks like a digree....

  52. shoobs of cos the lot from anfield r gonna be unbearable....cmon mate be real.... after 19 years...ooohhhhh!!! can u imagine...

  53. Quote Sammy Lee "One thing I will say is Rafa is certainly not arrogant. We are humble football club, we have a healthy respet for everyone and win, lose or draw we have humility about ourselves"

    Pity the same can't be said about their supporters !!!

    Brian Clough

  54. Shoobs

    The fact that you mention that the FA Cup does not have the prestige as prior years is a great insult to the FA Cup just as Terry Paine mentioned on Monday night football last night.

    It is still one of the most watched cups in the world.

  55. Hey Mini

    I share your respect and passion for the FA Cup and it is a brilliant tournament and the one that holds some of the best memories for players and fans. The sad truth is that it’s not a big money spinner anymore, hence no longer coveted by the big clubs. Setanta sports won the rights to broadcast the FA Cup games here in the UK and Sky Sports didn’t even bother outbidding them for the rights which gives you an idea on how the cup is declining. I’m sure players and fans alike still love the FA Cup but the sad truth is that money dictates the modern game and the FA Cup doesn’t bring in the pounds, dollars and euros as much as the Prem League and CL does. Either way, doesn’t change the fact that I, like most other Reds, am gutted that we’re out.

  56. "go" your comments are crap

    "go" grow some hair

  57. go u good thing go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    go u beauty go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    go u biscuit go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. For ABR... from a fellow Ronaldo hater !!!

    Cristiano Ronaldo, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. They add up to... er, well, not very many.

    But then the oily, smirking, preening *** scores a goal like that and, well, what is a chap supposed to do? I need help here.

    How do we solve a problem like Ronaldo?

    His extraordinary goal on Wednesday settled the tie against Porto and took Manchester United to the semifinals of the Champions League, and I must say, I resent it very deeply. Not because it wasn’t brilliant, but because it was. He had no right to score it.

    It wasn’t his goal. It was Bobby Charlton’s goal. Ronaldo’s duplication of Charlton in his pomp played havoc with my memories and affections. Charlton didn’t score many goals like that, but far more than any footballer has a right to. Above all, he scored the goal against Mexico in the World Cup of 1966, England’s first in the competition, the goal that ignited belief.

    And Ronaldo’s effort was much the same sort of thing, the defence backing off (no-one can score from here) the audacious certainty flowing into the attacker’s mind and then the thunderbolt, the impossible distance, the bulging of the net almost simultaneous with the strike.

    I have a thing about that Mexico goal. It was the goal that told me beyond all doubt that sport was unutterably wonderful and that the impossible is sport’s daily routine. What business has Ronaldo in scoring the same goal? It’s dreadful. I must start considering him in the same terms as Charlton. In terms of ability, anyway.

    Every time I hear someone describe Ronaldo as the best footballer in the world, I have always decisively rejected the notion. I think of others, someone, anyone... and yet no convincing alternative comes to mind. And that’s deeply dispiriting.

    There was no problem in admiring Bobby. He was a fabulous player, he came across as a decent fellow, a man of quiet charm, a man with a sense of the team and his place in it, a man who, despite his certainty about his own talent, possessed a sense of modesty and proportion.

    But with Ronaldo, you realise at once that a person can be a great footballer and at the same time insufferable. And let’s hear no nonsense about how I don’t know him, how I am not privy to his private thoughts, about his love for his family and his kindness to dogs.

    I do know him. We all know him. We know him from the brutal examination of human nature that is sport. Sport does not build character, sport reveals character, and much of what sport reveals in Ronaldo is uncompromisingly obnoxious.

    Please don’t feel I am caught up in the rivalries of partisanship here. I feel no obligation to hate Man United and their players; au contraire, they have given me more football to get excited about and more personalities to discuss than any other.

    It’s not just rivals of United who find Ronaldo hard to love. Neutrals feel the same. He’s just too damn pleased with himself.

    If, after scoring that impossible goal, he had run about like a headless chicken with a grin all over this face, I might have warmed a little towards him, identified with him in his moment of triumph. But no, no smile, very determinedly no smile: look at me, I do this sort of thing all the time and I’m cooool. Instead of rejoicing for him, I felt like kicking him in the rump.

    That’s what Ronaldo does to people. Some players of great ability delight you because, in a sense, they become your representative. You revel in the skills and identify with their practitioner. Ronaldo’s skills make you identify with the tackler. You find yourself more amused than you should be when Ronaldo, instead of beating his man with 13 successive step-overs, trips over his prancing feet and falls on his white-shorted ***.

    There was a special delight to be found in that grotesque penalty he took in the shootout in the Champions League final last year. He put in a ludicrous stutter in his run, minced up to the ball and saw his kick saved. It would have been a rather depraved pleasure to far too many of us if that error had settled the tie, but it wasn’t to be.

    We always want great ability in sport to be accompanied by some kind of moral authority and, failing that, by an admirable, or at least likeable, nature. We want all great performers to be like Bobby or Freddie or Johnno or Jonny.

    But sometimes we find great ability in a person who appals us. Ivan Lendl was a wonderful tennis player, but his gloomy intensity, his joyless point-gathering and his pushing of the rules to the limits alienated many who watched him. He never won Wimbledon because we just wouldn’t let him. John McEnroe’s unstable personality and unspeakable behaviour made his sport a thing of great ugliness, despite his talent.

    Michael Schumacher must have been hard even for a German to love. He was an incomparably skilled driver, he passed the test of ability allied to courage and yet his demeanour, his smugness, the air of dodginess that forever hung over him, will compromise his astonishing record always. Lewis Hamilton, the corporate-speaking mendacious tax exile, is learning that talent alone is not enough to make you loveable. Diego Maradona is forever being compared to Pele, but there is no comparison to be made: one was a mad, cheating addict and the other wasn’t.

    To some extent, these things are a matter of taste. Some people can’t stand Kevin Pietersen because of his sense of self, his crassness, his flamboyance. I find his genius so compelling that, for me, he rises above his faults.

    In the same way many people, most obviously those who strongly identify with his club, see Ronaldo as a persecuted genius. Fair enough. Such people must accept that there are other views, that Ronaldo, for all his skills, is the man who flings himself to the floor at every nudge, winks when getting a fellow pro sent off and is more convinced of his own loveliness than any man — or woman — should be.

    One last thing. Ronaldo tries a trick, gets chopped down, throws a hissy fit — then gets up and tries the same trick on the same player. That’s courage. What’s more, he tries a shot from 40m while everyone in the stadium is booing his every touch. Had he missed, had the ball ballooned into the stands, he would have looked a fool. But no, he took it on, with a glorious result. He has courage, all right, and in considerable measure. I really think he must be the best footballer in the world.

    Damn. — ©The Times, London

  59. is that from a real ronaldo hater???
    cos the last paragraph calls him the best footballer in the world....

    the countless stepovers are not fooling anyone this season.
    Some teams are not even double marking him anymore.

    i havent watched every united game, so I pose this question to the Manc Die Hards :

    How many free kicks has ronaldo taken this season, and how many has he scored... is he wasting?


  60. abr u poes shut up!

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