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Full Name: Lothar Herbert Matthaus
Born 21 March 1961
World Cups: 1982, 1986, 1990, 1994 & 1998

Lothar Matthaus is the only outfield player in the History of World Cup Football to have played in 5 World Cups. He also holds the record for the most matches played in the World Cup of 25 Games. Matthaus was a versatile footballer that took up many different positions throughout his career for the German National Team. He played Attacking Midfielder, Defensive Midfielder as well as Sweeper later on in his career. Matthaus was a class player who had the ability to control any game from midfield. Matthaus was a brilliant midfielder who could tackle as well as create and score, as well as having a powerful shot. In both the 1986 & 1990 World Cup Finals he had a battle with Maradona in the midfield. Maradona was quoted as saying about Matthaus “He is the best rival I’ve Ever Had”. Matthaus was part of the 1982 and 1986 West German Team that finished runner-up, as well as the 1994 & 1998 German team. His defining moment was probably leading Germany to victory at the 1990 World Cup against Argentina. Matthaus was a classy and influential midfielder that is a World Cup Legend.


Full Name: Carlos Caetano Bledorn Verri
Born: 31 October 1963
World Cups: 1990, 1994 & 1998
Dunga was part of the 1990 World Cup Team that were disappointing. In the 1994 World Cup Dunga was a regular in the Team that won the World Cup. Dunga actually took over the captaincy of the 1994 Winning team from Rai who had a poor tournament and was dropped from the team altogether. Dunga captained his Brazilian side to victory. In 1998 Dunga was again the captain and finished runner-up to France. Dunga was a defensive midfielder who controlled the Brazilian Midfield from deep. Perhaps he did not possess the Flair & Skills of his team mates and General Brazilian football style, but Dunga played an important role for Brazil throughout the 90’s. Dunga was the midfield Anchor for Brazil and anticipated and thwarted many opposition attacks as well as initiated many attacks through his passes from deep in midfield.


November 28 1925 – May 31 1978
World Cups: 1954 & 1958
Jozsef Bozsik was part of Hungary’s Magical Magyars in the 1950’s. He was an important part of the Great Magyars midfield that finished runner-up to the Germans in the 1954 World Cup in one of the greatest upsets in World Cup football History. Bozsik was a great attacking half back as well as a brilliant passer of the ball. He also the Free Kick Taker of the Hungarian team. Bozsik played as deep lying playmaker due to his ball winning ability and great tactical ability. He was equally good in defense as well as attack. Bozsik was a brilliant all-round midfielder.


Full Name: Obdulio Jacinto Muinos Varela
September 20 1917 – August 2 1996
World Cups: 1950 & 1954
Obdulio Varela was the captain and inspiration for Uruguay’s success in the 1950 World cup against all odds. Varela was one of the greatest center halves of his time. He was nicknamed the Black Chief due to his dark skin as well as his influence he stamped on the game. He was a midfield player he was equally good in defense as well as creating scoring chances and scoring classic long range goals. Varela was an inspirational leader who drove his team to success against Brazil in the 1950 World Cup as well as led his team to the semi-finals in the 1954 World Cup where Uruguay lost to Hungary. Varela did not play in that game. When Brazil took the lead in the 1950 Final Group Game, Varela took the ball from the back of the net and after arguing excessively with the referee about the validity of the goal he took the ball to the centre of the field and shouted to his team “Now it’s time to Win!” and Uruguay under Varela’s leadership, inspiration and influence went on to win the game 2-1.


Full Name: Johannes Jacobus Neeskens
Born 15 September 1951
World Cups: 1974 & 1978
Johan Neeskens was part of the Total Football Dutch era of the 1970’s. He twice finished runner-up at the World Cup in 1974 & 1978. Neeskens played a very important role in the Dutch side in 1974 in central midfield as support to Johan Cruyff hence the nickname Johan the Second. Neeskens was the driving force and playmaker in midfield for the Netherlands in the 70’s and due to the Total Football system could play anywhere on the pitch. He was a great midfielder with great ball winning ability, creative passing as well as goalscoring ability. Neeskens scored 5 goals in the 1974 World Cup. In 1978 with the absence of Cruyff, Neeskens was again an important part of the Dutch side that once again reached the final only to lose to hosts Argentina. Neeskens is best remembered for scoring the Penalty Goal in the 1974 final against West Germany before the Germans had even touched the ball.


Full Name: Gennaro Ivan Gattuso
Born 9 January 1978
World Cups: 2002 & 2006
Gattuso was a bustling and energetic midfielder for Italy. His primary role or purpose in the Italian team was to break down opposition play. His tireless running and enthusiastic tackling was an important part of Italy’s 2006 World Cup success. Gattuso played the game with passion and energy and along with Pirlo controlled many a game in midfield for Italy throughout their 2006 World cup success. Not only was he a mean midfield breaker but he looked it as well.


Born 23 June 1976
World Cups: 1998, 2002 & 2006
Patrick Vieira was a brilliant French Centre Midfielder. Vieira had the ability to get stuck into tackles and break up opposition attacks as well as create many attacks with his brilliant passing and goal scoring ability. Vieira was part of the 1998 World Cup Winning French squad and featured in the final as a substitute where he set up Petit for France’s 3rd goal against Brazil. In 2002 Vieira was again in the French team but he and France had little success. In 2006 Vieira was back again with France and again was instrumental alongside Makelele and Zidane in midfield in France’s Runner-up position. In 2006 Vieira scored 2 important goals against Togo in the group phase and Spain in the Knockout phase. Vieira was one of the best midfielders of the 2006 tournament with brilliant tackling as well as intelligent distribution and goal scoring talents from Midfield.


Full Name: Claude Makelele Sinda
Born 18 February 1973
World Cups: 2002 & 2006
The defensive midfielder position has become an integral position in the modern game of football. Makelele of France is arguably the greatest advert for this position so much so that many people refer to the Defensive Midfield Position as the “Makelele Role”. Makelele was part of the disappointing French campaign of 2002. However after retiring from International football returned to assist France in qualifying for the 2006 World Cup as well as going all the way to the 2006 Final. Makelele along with Vieira in Central & Defensive Midfield Roles for France were instrumental in their 2006 World Cup campaign where they reached the finals conceding 3 Goals along the way. Makelele was the tireless worker of the French Midfield and his invaluable contributions to the success of the French team is often overlooked.

Which 2 Brazilian brothers both captained their National Team at FIFA World Cup Tournaments?

Same rules as Centre Back section applies: You can vote for any player you like and are not limited to the ones mentioned above and you must vote for 2 PLAYERS. Voting procedure is same as last: Send your vote and answer via email to as well as email/cell phone number.

The prize for the overall winner of the competition which is the person who correctly guesses the correct World XI and answers all Trivia Questions Correctly will be Copies of The Complete Set of World Cup Highlights DVD’s from 1954-2006, a total of 14 Discs. At the end of the midfield section the leader of the midfield section will win a copy of a Selected World Cup DVD of your choice.

The answer to last months question of which four players were known as the “Carre Magique” was Michel Platini, Jean Tigana, Alain Giresse & Luis Fernandez of France 1982.


  1. Jurgen KlinsmannThursday, 16 April, 2009

    Rai and Socrates both skippered Brazil isnt

  2. Yes Jurgen that is the correct answer.
    Socrates 1986 and Rai 1994 World Cups

  3. Makalele. The man that did the dirty work in midfield.The unsung hero. The man that grafted tirlessly to pave the way for Figo, Zidane and Co.
    A true breaker in the centre of the park. Pity Roy Keane was Irish. He would be the man I would have in my team


  4. Lothar Mattheus.

    What a player. A man that dominated Italia 90.

    The core to perhaps one of the greatest german Teams ever.

    Even the kit. Pure Class

  5. Anon

    Italia 90 was the class of Caniggia,Buruchaga and Diego Armando........Lets not forget Toto Schillachi,Gary Linekar,Gaza and Walter Zenga!

  6. why does carrick not get a mention?

  7. Is gerrard better than Carrick?
    Is Mamadoo better than Tovey?

  8. ABG (anyone but GO)Saturday, 18 April, 2009

    Who were the only cheaters in golf ???

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