Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Well what can I say. We got slayed at Anfield. Our fortress where I thought we would never concede anything. And now we have to score three at the Bridge. Perishaans,Perishaans.The atmosphere at Cafe Nescafe was sublime. We had a packed house and were joined by the Vehzerz Litys and their crew. But it was a night we got gutted especially Killa, as Bayern were humiliated at the Nou Camp. Seth and his United contingent were jumping more than last night. After the Drog dented us. I f#4ken cant see that celebration winding his arms. But we were outplayed on the night. When Torres put us up I said ok, Let the games begin. But then that zonal marking system.WTF. We let Ivanovic score from two set pieces. Liverpool conceding 3 at Anfield.What the F#4k.
Firstly to begin I would have went with the back four, Gerard in the middle with Alonso Riera and Ben Ayoun on the flanks and Babbel and Torres upfront. WHY LUCAS....WHY.
And then Rafa had to bring Dosena on. Chelsea are not UTD.But we were shit tonight. And too score three at the bridge is gonna be hard.
But it aint over. Lets wait and see.But we are gutted
At the Nou Camp Barcelona turned on and exhibition of football and annihilated Bayern. Messi is something else. Who is Penaltino. Barcelona thumping Bayern and putting Killa in Sakraat.From the highlights I seen Messi and Ti Ti were mesmerising.
Barcelona are something else. 4 against a GERMAN team with European pedigree.Klinsman was shellshocked

a jubilant Mo Cassim in full attire before the game

A gutted Faheem Vahzerz


Barca 4-Bayern 0

Mini the ABU

Mo and Killa after the game


We watched the game at Nescafe.Nice crowd with the school holidays and Seth was in the Perishaans. The MANCS were terrible really. I expected much more from them.Porto came out blazing and sloppy defending by Evans gifted Porto the lead. Porto were dominating until the defender,not HULK, gifted Rooney who calmly finished. That brought United into the game.
Hilton made some good saves to deny the MANCS. When Tevez scored the MANCS were a goal to the goad. Gary Neville who seems to be shouldering all the blame,left a Porto man unmarked and 2 -2 at the death. Two Crucial away goals and the MANCS are worried. PANIC STATIONS as we move into the second leg

Fabregas's long pass was found by Adebejor and he controlled and scored superbly to level the scores and get a crucial away goal for Arsenal.

And all focus shifts to tonight.Big One against Chelsea. And we will find out if we really are their DADAS


  1. Cristiano Ronaldo conceded possession wastefully before a lapse of concentration from Jonny Evans allowed Rodriguez to cut in and curl a precise finish beyond Van der Sar to leave Old Trafford stunned into silence.

    How much possesion did he give away... and its been a while since Ronaldo hasnt been double marked. But what did the lad do?

    we all know you cant write united off, but it must be tough being a Manc since the Liverpool whipping.

    "go" win the the quintuple with a kak defense


  2. ABR is such a ZOT, in fact he is a DOUBLE ZOT!!!!!! At least the Manc's win trophies. Don't worry, scousers are not yet done with their DRAWN season. More to come from them from bottom of the EPL clubs to draw with. They are the DADA'S of DRAW'S!!!!!!

  3. Abdool Blanka Tevez always comes to UTDS rescue in these types of situations.

    How kuk was the commentary on ESPN?

    Punisher it seems Johnny Evans is not quite the "MAN" as yet?

    I look forward to the away leg to see what the gaffer is going to do.

  4. Mini the gaffer is in the Perishaans

    2 away goals is crucial!!

  5. United were woeful...they are a team who survive on luck...but that will run out soon....

    Bring on the NANDOS..... PORTO PORTO PORTO!!! YEAH

  6. Estadio do Dragao will see the end to Alex Ferguson reign.

    Blanka is going to get his ass kicked by the Incredible Hulk

  7. Look we not in the best position, if they hold out for a draw we out of the competition. However all we need is an away win, its gonna be a tough test, but i'm sure we up for it. As for Hulk ending Fergies reign??? I think not! Fergie decides when he wants to step down, we don't sack a manager after one game!!!!


  8. hey Biggy...

    where was the BMT from Ronaldo... or can he only produce againt Villa?


  9. "adebayor!adebayor!....
    ur father's screwing elephants ur mother's a whore!

  10. ABR. His only human!! Do you expect him to win every game for UTD? The thing is you will find a reason to have a go at him no matter what! His still Our best player. His still the World Player of the year!

    So go on all you like, cos his still a boss!!!


  11. ABR, SHUT UP!!

    ronaldo is still king of the world. it's amazing how football pundits have chosen him as the best, yet u still question it.

    seems like you the main authority on football ?

    u know & understand jacksh1t.

    united are in a good position for the quintiple, but its not united or the fans who are saying they going to win it all, its the media.

    so lets get ur unused brain working again.

    "go" eat badaam for your brain

  12. What does ABR's brains and a dinosaur have in common...

    They both extinct !!!

  13. ABR the dinosaur hehehehehe!!! Swoosh, don't be ABR the 2nd, coz your comments seem like you and ABR work hand in hand. How can liverflops be the DADA'S of Chelsea when they whacked you livertwats last season out of the trophy you guys only chase every season, and then Manc's chopped Chelsea. So the MANC's are the true DADA'S then!!!!

  14. abr is a cunt!
    lets moer him!

  15. Mini - Evans is a lighty, he still needs to get the experience. Give him time.

    As for the games, Utd played kak, so it will be an uphill battle for us in Port, but at least we don;t have to come back from 3 away goals like the stinking scousers.

    As swoosh says "Who is whose Dada?"

    Everytime Rafa opens his mouth the flops play kak. He makes himslef look like a fool.

    Chelski are looking dangerous, but the team that is in sublime form is definitely Barca.

    Messi was superb and is a strong contender for player of the year if Barca bag the trophies.


  16. Swoosh..how can i say this....

    first we fucked your old lady (not being rude...you know what i mean) ... then we come to your home and stuff it to your kop....haha!!!!!

    Loks - Chelsea forever! .... its a blue blue world!

  17. well done Chelsea...have to hold your hands up and say what a powerhouse performance..Essien was immense..would have been top of the league if he was not injured..kicked our arses at Anfield so all credit to the blue man..have to be gracious in defeat and say that the better team won.

    totally different mentality from the team that we met in the league, more confident going forward and better in pocession..

    We'll be looking for another miracle at the bridge..come on you redman..YNWA!!

  18. Don't worry RAFA will inspire the livertwats, he is going to make another announcement about Man United before the game at the bridge. What on earth is rafa going on about before a game with CHELSEA? He speaks abt United. It shows where his mind is, and it's not on winning the games ahead, it's abt United!!!! Poor guy, had a 3 weeks of luck, now they think they are champions, wahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

  19. Swoosh, as I said before, liverfool supporters are the most vulgar. Now, where did that vulgarity land you fools? I think you don't need any more posts for the week coz you need a roasting from everyone. Shame on you twats, got a hiding in your own backyard!!!!!

  20. Yes, the better teams won on the nyt..

    I watched the Bayern game late nyt and the first half was the equivelant of watching a horror movie.. The ghosts of the Nou Camp still seem to haunt Klinsmann's boys.. Messi and Co carved us open like a turkey n thanksgiving.. without Lucio the defence looked like that of Utd's the nyt before.. No idea..

    Without a doubt, it was one way traffic at the Nou Camp and i highly doubt that we will get 4 at the Allianz. If we do win at home. It will be marginal, by like a goal.. We got 9 against us in the past 2 games.. I think Jurgen should focus on winning the Bundesliga now and draw his attention to that only..

  21. Killa, is that a tear i see in the last picture. Aah shame

  22. As most of you might know the scum fan Killa stated that BAYERN were moving "KLOSE" and "KLOSE" to the final prior to kickoff(so very typical of the scum,pumping their mouths before the game)

    MESSI showed him who is DADABA-G

  23. Follwed a link from twitter. Didnt know you guys take sport so serious. Look at that 3rd pic. That should be a banner ad campaign for 2010.

    Damn, some of you guys have time to waste on sport.When last did either of you read a book ??

  24. Ay Poppy Why dont you go fry some samoosas or Bajyas.
    Or go Rapunzel go let down your hair

  25. MINI...cmon.. u of all people know u shouldn`t be listening to KILLA????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  26. Things not looking all that good in merseyside after all! A proper hiding and almost certainly out of the cup unless you lot can do something special. Chelsea have been a new side under Hiddink and proved that last night, perhaps he will be the first manager to lead romans side to CL victory. I said earlier that i wonder how Pool would cope on two fronts, clearly not very well.

    From a Utd point of view, we need to beat Sunderland this weekend before we even think bout our trip to Porto!!

    Come on you Devils!!!!!


    Are all the pool fans still locked inside nescafe????

  27. Poppy. Come butter my mielie

  28. You lot are all ignorant you know that. Dont any of you work or have lives. That you feel the need to discuss feable sports matches the whole day.

    Anonymous - I have the butter, but i dont see no mielie. U mean butter your chilli

  29. How Could Benitez start Lucas.

    That was the F#4k UP

    Eid Rheese

  30. have to agree...Lucas is a doos.... the worst ever player at liverpool.... he makes gary neville look world class......

    RAFA??? please sell him...PLEASE RAFA we beg u...sell that shit........

  31. Please note I have changed my phone number, cell number, work number and e-mail address. That b*st*rd Michael Essien seems to have all of them !!!

    Steven Gerrard (aka Stevie G, Captain Fantastic, Scouse w*nker)


    You scum keep talking sh*te! When you win playing a lone striker with Stevie Me just behind Torres then Rafa is a genius and the system works. Now he keeps the same system and gets thumped, claims are that he should have moved to a 4-4 -2 system.

    Granted Lucas is utter shite and no comparison to Monster Masch but let's be honest he had nothing to do with the 3 goals conceded. Some Serbian Vidic wannabe nodded 2 past you. Masch being 4 foot tall would have made no difference there! The 3rd goal cut your defense up with 2 quality passes and Drog left Carra looking like a lighty on at least 3 occassions prior to that.

    Why don't you okes see it for what it was and that you Superhero Stevie ME got shut down last night and was totally anonymous!

    Is Gerrard better than Essien?

  33. Perhaps this defeat will prove a point to the liverpool fans, a point i've been trying to get across for years, Its not so easy playing a midweek game when you have to field a full strength side on the weekend. No luxuries of resting players when you going for more then one trophy!!!

    Welcome to our world, where every game is competitive!!!


  34. MAN U okes are going on like only they can...worry about u own team.... u gotta go to portugal still and get a result....dont 4 get they are manure`s dadaas...... no english team has won at porto and they gave u last time round.............

    but guys its understandable y the mancs are going on like they are...

    its been a tough last month or so ne guys...
    the 1st ave u get to release u are... no we can understand........ worry about u own team...PORTO gona do the business

  35. they need a liverpool loss to give them some life again.........LOL

    it has been a tough last period 4 the mancs....shame....poor mancs

  36. The drog goal was utter class! they carved the scum open! Guus is a legend! In the past chelsea would have come to an away leg and shut up shop looking not to concede, but last nite they came to play, and out play the scum they did!

    killa this is like last year all over again, i remember u in tears in that week the scum lost and bayern were booted out of uefa cup!

    but take heart in the fact you will never wank alone!

  37. why do the scum blame lucas?
    lucas was player of the year in brazil a few years back, he was not bought for shit. he has pedigree!
    as abr says big name players must deliver and the scum only have 2. torres did his bit. but stevie g was no where to be seen. essien bottled him up!

    who is your dada now? and abr is a cunt!

  38. where is Dadi, i need consoling!

  39. Shame, liverflops had 3 weeks of good results and that was it for them, shop is closed now. Don't worry your three weeks next season will be in the middle of the season rather than towards the end. Coz you scum suckers can't multi task. You can only concentrate on one thing at a time. So my suggestion to rafa is concentrate on either the carling cup or the fa cup, coz liverflops deserve nothing anyway. Trophyless for the 3rd season running.

  40. We were slaughtered. no 2 ways about it. The 2 headers were freebies but it is a 2 legged game so im keeping my fingers crossed for a massive liverpool victory. Mash is back and terry out so maybe just maybe we can do it.

  41. Argentina for the World Cup 2010!!!!!!!!


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