Thursday, May 07, 2009


Dont close the Darwajoh (Door)
By Uncle Bhai Gora
Benni my son I feel your pain, I sat vit my friend Barker. And ve talked and talked after Gori Ma made some Masala Chaai tea. Ve talked about how SAFA throw away the hard workers and de people dat got dem deh
Its like I send Saleem Bha to go make Panchaat wit a Aunty. Saleem Bha wraps it up, takes her for supper buys her panjaabis and and finally she say Saleem Bha come to my place , The tawaah is hot, and come put the Roti in the oven. Wen Saleem bha vears hes suit and rings da bell. I come deh, Tell Saleem Bha to f#4k off and den I take out my Vellen and I go to the hot tawaah.
SAFA did it to Masinga, Dey dit it to Barker, Dey did it to Tovey, Dey did it to Phillipe, Dey dit it to Queroz.
Now did MUGG Santana spoke in Portuguese,the Interpreter den told Benni to f#4k off. Benni is not even in provisional squad for da Confeds Cup. Dat meand dat ven ve watching, Our best striker vill be in Cape Town.
Say vat you vant.Ve need Benni. He may hav dissed us apart. But owes vent out vid girlfriends, Dey broke up, Deh girlfriends left them, snubbed them den cam running bak. But da man did vat vas best for his future and sex life and married her and accepted it all.
SAFA forgive Benni if he snubbed you. Ve needed him. And Brain Baloi ad Goalkeeper.
Da owe will make Danny Alves crosses look good. Shocking, rather bring back Arendse. He is better than Baloi
So readers, Vat do you feel about Bennis exclusion. Lets have structured argeuments here.As it is our country. Ay let me run,GET SOAP, for de inaugeration tomorrow. I need to have my hands clean before I eat da prawns deh. Lemme Shower up. Il read de comments later

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