Monday, May 18, 2009


Liverpool will only win the league when Sir Alex Ferguson dies!-Mamoo

Okay you MANCS, No OPRAH WINFREY post this time. I'm writing this post with a heavy heart and I swallow my pride to say "Congratulations". Firstly to the readers GET READY for a bumper Super Tuesday post that starts today. Well what can I say. We lost the title, we lost it early with those costly draws and losses against Stoke, Hull, Lucas selling against Everton,Spurs and Arshavin f$#king us up. But credit to the MANCS, they kept up the pressure all the way and everyone expected Arsenal to do the business, but it was not meant to be. I must admit United were complacent and anxious and afraid to concede and Arsenal were game but it was not to be and they are the CHAMPIONS at that's what counts.

For me, no wedding, not that I'm complaining lol but since I started this blog I would have to endure this painfull moment every MAY. As agreed The blog has read and I have kept to my word. It is too painfull for me to carry on. I'm sure our MANCS as agreed will send in their posts, Herbly,Joe Rasool, Go,Shakes,Joe Dindar,Azee, Biggy, Mamoo,Seth,Rash BC, Shoobs and anyone I have forgotten. I leave it to you guys and and an article from So any MANC that wants to post,Mail me your article in this Bumper Super Tuesday. The rest of the soccer and sporting action I will post tomorrow including a bumper day at the IPL.

The pain is too much now.Enjoy you f#4king MANCS and Congratulations with a Heavy heart and lots of Hasad (JEALOUSY).As I said I will give the MANCS free reign on the blog.Below is a picture sent in by Shakes

Just one thing I want to mention. About the arrogant Penaltinho. Did you MANCS notice that when the broadcast switched to the change room Sir Alex greeted every player and congratulated them, but when he came to Ronaldo it was seen by all that he just shook his hand and walked on. Is this the End of Penaltinho. Just a hand shake.

Sir Alex Ferguson will continue as manager of Manchester United for "a number of years'', according to chief executive David Gill.

More title joy for Sir Alex Ferguson
The 67-year-old sealed his 11th Premier League title in 23 years at the Old Trafford helm with yesterday's 0-0 draw against Arsenal.
That drew the club level with Liverpool on 18 top-flight titles, leading to speculation Ferguson could retire if they usurp their great rivals next season.
Gill, though, does not see an end to the Ferguson era in sight.
He told Radio Five Live's Sportsweek programme: "He's still very motivated to go on and win things with Manchester United.
"He loves the game, he loves everything associated with the game, he's very well supported by his staff and by the players. He's very much still 100% working at Manchester United.
"I don't think you could read (much into) beating Liverpool - everyone makes great play of that.
"Equalling their record, which is a fantastic record, is obviously wonderful for the club but who's to say what will happen next year?
"What we've done this year in terms of the number of games we've had to play and what we've achieved is testament to everyone and he recognises there's a lot more to come from the squad and hopefully, as I say, it will go on for many years.
"What Alex has done quite correctly is understand how to structure the club and he just takes the big decisions, and he delegates very well to a very experienced staff, a highly motivated staff, and he's got a great team around him so it all works.
"As long as Alex continues to do that, which I'm sure he will, he'll want to stay involved with Manchester United and run the team.
"I envisage him being manager certainly for a number of years, but I'm not going to put a timeline on it.''
Liverpool have been United's fiercest challengers this season before finally having to concede defeat yesterday, leaving them still without a title in the Premier League era.
Boss Rafael Benitez pointed to the amount of money United have spent on players as the key difference between the pair - a view swiftly countered by Gill today.
"That's a nonsense,'' he continued. "Analysis was done that shows we're broadly in line with them over the last few years in terms of net spend on players.
"I think there's a lot of factors in it. We've not only got great players and a great manager but we've got a great off-the-field team as well.
"We've got a fantastic stadium, 76,000, which gives us a competitive advantage, our commercial team are doing fantastic deals, which we then put back into the club.
"We've got many advantages through our current structure, which keeps us apart.
"Benitez would say they've had a very good season, they've run us close and I'm sure they'll be even more motivated next season.''
Asked about the secret of United's continued success, Gill, who does not envisage major changes in the squad over the summer, said: "I think it's the very fact that everybody at the club understands you can't take things for granted. If you win one year we want to go on and improve and we've done that.
"Alex has revamped the squad continually over the past 10-15 years and that's what we will aim to do going forward.
"Special mention for Ryan Giggs, an amazing 11th title, I'm sure we'll never see that beaten. He personifies the club and what we're trying to achieve.''
United's trophy-laden season, which has already brought the Carling Cup and Club World Cup to Old Trafford along with the Premier League title, could yet get better still with the Champions League final against Barcelona to come on May 27.
"It has been a wonderful season,'' reflected Gill. "Obviously Japan and the Carling Cup and the league but it's not finished yet. We've got the little matter of a game in Rome in 10 days' time.
"It's wonderful, it's mouthwatering - two of the best footballing teams in Europe will be in it.
"The final is a day after (legendary late manager) Sir Matt Busby's 100th birthday and we're obviously hoping for a repeat of the Cup Winners' Cup final in Rotterdam in 1991 (when they beat Barcelona 2-1).''

In LA LIGA Madrid lost and Barcelona deservedly won the Spanish Championship so in Rome its gonna be the Kings of Spain vs the Kings of England. Well done PEP, Sorry Riyad Loonat and lets be honest Messi and Co fully deserved it

What misery for me as INTER won teh Scudetto. Juve drew again and now must leapfrog Fiorentina. Milan and Juve have themselves to blame for giving Mourinho the Scudeeto. A string of poor results sent Inter Clear without any pressure. The Mancs won the league,Inter won the league, Del not coming to SA. Can it get any worse. But f#4k INTER.

Swoosh0018 goes Interactive. We got some comments from some of the lads that we came across the weekend.

Little Hash from Trichardt
"I got faith in Arsenal, But Man United are worthy Champions"

PAPI from Nescafe

"Swoosh you know Liverpool and Chelsea and the rest can not come near Man United. They played well the whole year and are deserving Champions

ZAHIER MOOSA-Bros swaar from Debonairs Lenz

"It was a massive, massive game for us,it was either taking a point against Arsenal or against Hull next weekend. It was awesome getting the result this weekend for two obvious reasons.Firstly it relieves alot of pressure going into the final weekend, the obvious reason being that Hull are fighting to stay up and that would have made it a tough trip.Playing smaller opposition is much more tougher than playing Big Boys like we saw against Wigan. Secondly it was more awesome getting the result this weekend because it gives us time to prepare for the Barca clash which is going to be a classic.On the whole its been another fantastic season.Pool fans are dissapointed again.Credit to Fergie, He took over with seven titles and brought us level with Pool on 18. Super Record,21 years must be a long time waiting for Pool fans but i sign off with just four words. Glory Glory Man United"


"It is really amazing to think that when Sir Alex Ferguson started his Manutd career, the record stood at : Liverpool 18 titles, Manutd 7. For every season since Liverpool fans boasted having the most titles! That record is now gone! The best thing for me as a Manutd fan, was the comments by the manager and players at the celebrations. The hunger to win the premier league for a 19th time next season was there to see! you've gotta love it!!After going 3 seasons without a league title, Roy Keane leaving, The Glaziers taking over, it seemed it was an end of an era and people were calling for Fergi to be sacked. He responded by assembling what could potentially be the greatest Manutd team of all-time. Long live Ferguson!"

This is me sitting at Nescafe. Dejected. But my word is my honour ,enjoy the moment you F#$king MANCS

Yusuf Saloojee (Trichardt)

"All I can say is Glory ,Glory Man United and Hard Luck liverpool"

Moosa Areff-Arsenal Fan
"Awesome endorsement for the beautiful game,Arise Sir Alex, You are a legend indeed"

Mohamed Patel-Middleburg
Liverpool are the only team in the history of the league to lose the least games and yet lose the league. I refused to congratulate the MANCS as it was undeserved
(you can see he is the brew of legendary MANC HATER Faheem Vehzerz)

Zaid Saloojee-Trichardt-Arsenal Fan
Failure motivates. We shall come back stronger next season.Our teams stronger and theres still a lot to come.Its work in progress

I hope we gonna see the blog in United Colours for the next two weeks! Glory Glory Man UTD


So in 1994 there was this banner in Anfield, which read "Come back and sing Ooohh Ahh Cantona when you've won 18". Well, here we are ... 18 Titles !!! Eleven of these coming under the guidance and leadership of our gaffer Sir Alex Ferguson, without doubt the best manager in the Premiership if not the world !!!I was fortunate enough to be at Old Trafford on Saturday to witness Manchester United lift their 18th league trophy and 3rd in a row. I found the crowd not as loud as when we were awarded the trophy against West Ham in 2007 but this one is without doubt extra special, for a number of reasons; On the back of the season we had last year, winning the title again this year is huge and goes to show the will and determination of the United squad and SAF. Reaching the CL final and FA Cup semi-final along with winning both the League Cup and FIFA World Club Cup meant that we’ve played a fair amount of games and without the depth United have, the season would have been even that much more difficult. Players like Macheda, Wellbeck and Gibson that didn’t receive medals were still key to United’s success making this season’s title truly a team effort. Lastly, it’s number 18 which puts us on par with the scouse mob ... this one has obviously hurt them more than usual judging from the reaction from a lot of their followers and even the bitterness from their Gaffer who was not gracious enough to witness defeat.

I can hardly imagine what the scouse army must have felt when “Are you watching Merseyside???” filled the air at Old Trafford on Saturday. Still, credit must be given when due and Liverpool were fantastic this season especially during the run-in. They pushed United harder than any other club and up until the United game at Wigan it was too hard to call a winner and I think that is what made this season and this title so special. Ultimately, United and Liverpool are the powerhouses of English football. CFC can throw as much money as they want at the game and Arsenal can continue playing “Pop Idol” and discovering “unbelievably promising talent” but they will always take a back seat to United and Liverpool. Our clubs have the history and our fans have the passion. But WTF is up with Rafa, he’s really embarrassed himself in the English media and since his famous “FACT RANT” and he’s gotten worse ... yes United and Liverpool are sworn enemies but there still has to be mutual respect and the Spanish waiter simply does not understand that. His claims that Liverpool are the better team even though United won the title and United have spent more money than Liverpool have made him the laughing stock of English football. Also his comments about offering his congratulations to United but not to SAF have left him being portrayed as a bad loser. Managers and players in the Premier League have unanimously stated United have been the team to have set the standard and are the most difficult team to play against. Their dedication and effort are unmatched and are deserved winners, but Rafa refuses to acknowledge being beaten, it’s very sad. Liverpool and football deserve more from him than sour grapes...The buzz outside the stadium before kick-off was great ...

Mancs were going mental in the street, Pete Boyle was rocking the Bishop Blaize and during the game the Streford End was going wild. The entire stadium boo’d when Tevez was subbed and “Fergie, Sign him Up” was frequently chanted throughout the game, the chances of him staying are slim especially since he wasn’t in attendance at the Man United Awards Ceremony last night. That being the only downer for United at the moment. So now it’s off to Rome to face the mighty Barcelona ... a game to close to call but no doubt a dream final. Let’s hope United can cap off the season with what would be a glorious victory, but for now the REDS GO MARCHIN ON, ON, ON !!!

At the Wanderers in Johannesburg


Why Bulls must be favoured
by Gavin Rich 18 May 2009

By finishing top it means that the Crusaders, who beat them narrowly in the league game in Christchurch a month and a half ago, have to come to Loftus for Saturday’s semifinal, with the Chiefs and Hurricanes clashing in Hamilton on Friday. Playing the Bulls on the Highveld is a very different proposition to playing them on the south island of New Zealand, and Richie McCaw’s men will know it.
The one thing that might help the Kiwis, however, is the fact that they were in South Africa not that long ago. Indeed, it is only just over a fortnight since they beat the Lions just down the road from Loftus, at Coca-Cola Park in Johannesburg. The previous week they played in Bloemfontein.
The Pretoria semifinal is going to be intriguing from the point of view that these are the two teams that have most recently tasted Super 14 success, and they are also undeniably the two sides in the last four best equipped to play finals rugby.
Remember there are no bonus points on offer in a semifinal. As will be the case when the Springboks play the British and Irish Lions in a three-test series a month from now, the winner, in the words of an old Abba song, will take it all -- and it won’t make a difference if there were ten tries in the match, or none.
The fact the Sharks had to score four tries to win probably helped the Bulls in their narrow win in what was a test match type atmosphere in Durban. A lot of people are saying that the Sharks scoring four tries in the game was proof that they should have had a more attacking mindset earlier in the season, but this neglects the small fact that the Bulls scored more points than them in the game.
As Saturday’s game showed, picking up try-scoring bonus points doesn’t count for anything if you don’t win the match. And the Sharks would arguably have been much better placed to win had the Crusaders not scraped home against the Blues earlier that same day and forced the home team to chase four tries.
For a start, needing just a win might have led the Sharks to be more composed and controlled in the opening half, where they wasted scoring opportunities by being too frenetic. They would also have taken their kicks at goal, particularly the one from right in front of the posts in the second minute.
That was a no-brainer, or at least it should have been, and some might argue that it cost the Sharks the match. But the point is that the Bulls, after coming through such an important game against a strong team like the Sharks and in front of such a large crowd, showed with their composure that they are well equipped to win this competition for a second time.
It would be understandable if they consider the Crusaders to be their biggest obstacle to the trophy. They beat the Hurricanes in Wellington on their overseas tour, essentially proving in that match that there are times when doing hardly any playing at all is the way to go, and they also beat the Chiefs when the two sides met at Loftus more recently.
Of all the semifinalists, the Hurricanes had the easiest passage through the last weekend, with their 37-28 win over the Reds being more comprehensive than the final scoreline might suggest.
The Crusaders had to rely on a late drop-goal to get them home against the Blues in a match where they also admittedly were probably better than that scoreline. Certainly the two TMO decisions made in the second half, both which went against Crusaders, were questionable.
The Chiefs were made to sweat much more than many critics would have anticipated as they got an exciting and tense final weekend of league action off by beating the Brumbies 10-7 in the early game on Friday. The Waratahs ensured that they maintained their challenge into the final day by scraping home against the Lions in another nailbiter.

Chiefs 10 Brumbies 7 Auto & General Lions 33 Waratahs 38Blues 13 Crusaders 15Reds 28 Hurricanes 37Western Force 33 Highlanders 28Vodacom Cheetahs 22 Vodacom Stormers 28Sharks 26 Vodacom Bulls 27

In the MADRID Maters Federer inflicted a rare defeat on clay to Nadal. He stunned Nadal who was bidding to win all three claycourt Masters titles this year. Maybe Nadal was tired after saving match points and battling Djokovic for four hours in the semi.But Federer winning on Clay. Cant wait for teh French Open


  1. Glory Glory Man United.
    11 titles for the old man (SAF)& 18 for the kings of Englan, Europe and the World.

    There seems to be trbl in the scouser camp with infighting between their defenders and even their manager has gone senile by stating that they are the best team. What a joke? Can;t he see that he flippin did not even get a sniff at one title? What a doos. It just shows, Fergie's got him just where he wants him. Press teh right buttons and we win teh league.
    Personally I think Chelski with teh right manager and some young talent will be a major threat next season.
    Can any1 beleive that the gunners are finishing that many points behind teh leaders?

    Football is a crazy game.
    Well, The end of yet another great EPL season.
    Glory glory Man United and teh reds go marchin on on on.


  2. The game itself was a nervy encounter. The point was precious though and the celebrations thereafter settled the nerves.

    Personally I felt we went out with the wrong tactics. Defending from the off is never a good idea. Trying to keep it tight after u at least 2-0 up is understandable but at 0-0 with 90 mins to go? In the end they got the desired result, but 1 arsenal goal and there would have been no celebrations.

    What a record for Giggs, he's won more titles than some clubs have managed.

    The Liverfools always say we cannot lose with dignity. Thus far, only one Liverpool fan, besides Swoosh, has given us credit and said well done you deserve it. The rest just don't wanna talk English football or have gone into hiding somewhere. The term practice what you preach comes to mind.


  3. Oh and Congrats to Inter. Another deserved Scudetto coz u guys truly had no team competing on the same level. Milan have been woeful.
    Another defeat this weekend. One good can come out of this tho, Ancelotti is surely on his way out.
    Lets hope it's Carlo out and Rijkaard in.

    Swoosh in all honsesty Juve and Milan weren't goog enough to challenge Inter. Both dropped too many points at crucial times this season.



  4. call him shrek
    call him blanca
    call him penaltino
    call him fungoface
    call it old scumbag

    who gives a "F" ? the reds go marching on on on.
    liverscums double over united counted for sh1t.

    vis kopout , end of may came & liverdooses won jackshit.
    ebi kopend , the old fungoface(ferguson) has put it in your face at the old scumbag(old trafford)
    the great fred saloojee , not even a flipping sms to congratulate the kings of the world ?

    the only doos that called or smsd to congratulate me was vis kopout.
    the rest of the scum are sore losers.

    as for LFC RULEZ , go "F" yourself cos "F" Liverpool , "MUFC" rules.

    "go" win the champions league

  5. Hey guys breaking news from RAFA:

    "With the Mancs drawing at weekend, it throws the title race wide open". Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahhaahahhahahahahaha!!! At the beginning of the season we said wait till the end of the season and see who lifts the trophy and these arrogant liverdrols had tooooooooooooooooooooooo much to say. No the world is too small for them to hide hahahhahahahahahahahaha.

    Glory glory Man United and the season is still not over and we won!!!!!!!! Shove your 4-1 up your gwara gwara you liverdrols coz it counts for no silverware for you!!!!

    3 seasons 0 silverware for liverdrols.

  6. congrats to the fookin mancs

    sadly i have to agree with mamoo.
    the EPL will only become an open race once fergie is dead..

    Well done and enjoy the glory


  7. More like 11 Premier League Titles to LIVERFOOLS DUCK.

    Whats up PAPI

  8. Well done to the MANCS u have equaled the record set by LIVERPOOL.. u may now start to compare yourselves with THEM....

    We shall say you are now worthy..

    Well done !!! its about bloody time....

  9. Naas van die PlaasMonday, 18 May, 2009

    Hey seth and azee

    why dont u come to the real BULL RING this saturday to witness real rugby

  10. liverpool got new sponsors for next season !!!!

    TWINSAVERS : they cry the whole season

    "go" cry babies

  11. I slate MANURE here week in and week out...

    but credit where its due... SAF is a legend...he is the diff between the MANCS and everybody else...

    So well done on equalling Liverpools record...

    Always remember... LIVERPOOL lead the rest just follow....

  12. go???? u want okes to congratulate u cos MAN U won?

    wahahahahahah! u r a lighty my broe.. like u even know any of the players or even better like they know Man U even know that a poepall like u exists...

    hahahahhaha! thats the best one i heard to date...okes must congratulate u for a team and there performances in another hemisphere...continent and country...

    go u r an IDIOT of the highest category....

    well done MANU for equalling Liverpools record...

  13. waahhahahaha.. i cant get over it.. we must all congratulate go cos united won..

    saalooo benchod...

  14. hillsborough loverMonday, 18 May, 2009

    Where are all the muggs with come MAY we will show you?

    Carrick's record is far superior to stevie g! Sir alex is a legend!

  15. you will never wank aloneMonday, 18 May, 2009

    MUFC are euro champs, world champs and champs of england!
    lIverpool beat MUFC twice!
    therefore liverpool are the best in the world!

  16. anonymous , why dont you leave a name.

    it's a congrats between friends , something you might not have.

    congratulate on gentlemans agreement

    "go" get some friends

  17. liverpool got a new sponsor for next season



    "go" scousers are losers

  18. congratulate on gentlemans agreement?????


    please explain this agreement


  19. go you good thing go!

  20. Swoosh, u kept up your end of the deal!
    U right the difference is alex ferguson, after equaling the scum he is already planning the 19th one. He still has the hunger just like in 92 when he won the 1st one! What about rafa saying that MUFC got too much money? why dont he look within for excuses? what about his shit buys over the last 5 years? what about robbie keane? he is a mugg!

  21. Congrats to Man United! Well done on an excellent campaign. finally you guys reached 18 titles, took a long time but well done!

    At 18-all, the race has already begun to be first to number 19!

  22. Liverpool may have set the record. They had 19 years to ensure no one equalled it but failed each time. They may have led the way, but no longer. The Liverbird has been well and truly knocked off it's perch and wounded it seems.

    You'll never walk alone, taking your logic a step further, that would no make Spurs the best team in the world as they beat you 2-0.

    Even in the seemingly sportsman like congratulations there is a hint of sarcasm. That is Liverpool through and through it seems.


  23. go please can i get u number..i want to congratulate u on winning the title.....wahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    will the trophy be on display at u house?
    can i bring my kala she aso supports manure?

  24. I've just released a new song for you scum pigs:

    "You're going to have 18 till you die!"
    "18 till you die!"

    "You're going to have 18 till you die!"
    "18 till you die!"

  25. Here's a riddle,

    They were singing in August and September. Shouting and screaming from October to December, went very quiet in January and Feb. Were swearing and celebrating in Match and April. But COME MAY they all hiding... Who are they?

    Could be Fontana, they sell roasted birds.


  26. liverpool = 18 titles in 100 years
    mufc = 11 titles in 17 years

    which statistic sounds better.

    "go" someone pleeeeeez congratulate me

  27. well done go! go you good thing go!

    i sense alot of of hasad(jealousy) from the scousers!

  28. Wahahahhahaha, you scouzers can go trophyless your whole life coz you will never walk alone but you will always lose together, whahahwhahwhahwhahwhaaa.

  29. ABR u MUGG
    How you doing
    How is IRC treating you these days

  30. I believe there wont be 19 for man utd ,I got a Hit out on FERGIE ...........

  31. AND THE REDS GO MARCHIN' ON, ON, ON !!! Glorious day at OT and great time to be a RED. We are truly living in the MAN UNITED era of football.

    Next stop ... ROME!!!

  32. Who is ABR ???Monday, 18 May, 2009

    Clue nr 2

    ABR u MUGG
    How you doing
    How is IRC treating you these days

    Is it good playing OPS

  33. Just picked up on a line that Fergie wants to buy all those fringe players and all those who had a hand in utd winning the trophy.... Andy D'urso, Howard Webb, Mark Halsey and the rest of the refs should also get a mention in Fergies thanks!!!


    LFC RULEZ!!!!!

  34. Oh bra Shakes!!!
    Liverpool, NOT may have set the record. LIVERPOOL SET THE FRICKEN RECORD! Not they may have led the way, WE HAVE LED THE WAY! And that Liverbird for surely is not off its perch. It shares the baldy perch with some f@#kin devil who only joined the stage a few hours ago! This Liverbird is hungry, So beware and don’t step on its territory cos this Liverbird might just knock you the F@#k out. and send you back where you belong, thats below the Liverbird!

  35. Well done GO on your new store @ signet! You truly done lenasia proud with its first MTN store. Congrats

  36. Well done GO on your second store at Trade Route Mall, you truly an inspiraton! Well done.
    Go you have the Double, another store and you'll have the trebble! Well done and Congrats

  37. Who is ABR ???Monday, 18 May, 2009

    Clue nr 2
    ABR u MUGG
    How you doing
    How is IRC treating you these days

    Is it good playing OPS

  38. Shoobs - Rafa has congragulated Man United as a club and I see no reason why he needs to personally congragulate SAF. There were some unsavoury exchanges between them during the season but what you Mancs forget is that SAF jumped on a bandwagon at the end of the blackburn game and accused Rafa of showing disrespect towards another team. That was the low point of their exchanges and i think it is that episode that has left a bad taste in the mouth

  39. Glory Glory Man United.

    In a season where the side did not come close to last seasons performances, they still managed to grind out results and retain the league title when many pundits gave us no chance at all. Credit to the fringe players in the squad who have come in when called upon and done a fantastic job. The likes of Evans, Park, Fletcher and O Shea certainly deserve lots of credit. Even our two gaol wonder Macheda for securing 6 vital points. We have competed on every front and only fell short in the F.A. Cup semi finals.

    With regard to the Tevez and to a certain degree Ronaldo saga, i hope they both stay at O.T, however should they leave, the club will continue as we have seen many big players leave before. The squad is young and looks very promising.

    As for the scouses. Well done on a great season. Credit for keeping the pressure on us right till the death. More credit must be given for your results against us, results very hard to swallow. However keep this in mind, in your best season in 20 years you finished off with nothing. In a season where you started off with a bang and Utd haven't been great you still end up with nothing. Even beating us home and away, still gets you nothing. How do the liverpool faithful feel about that. Also do you think you have the squad to compete on all four fronts in the year? I for one don't!

    Glory Glory Man Utd!
    In Sir Alex we Trust!


  40. Inspector Jacques ClouseauTuesday, 19 May, 2009

    Come out Come out wherever you are.
    IRC is calling you.

    Clue Nr 3...
    Did u watch rocky, huh RAMBO !!!

  41. Ya.. With great sadness and regret i have no other choice but to congratulate the filthy MANC's and their supporters on equalling our record..

    Well done.. (i'll say it, but i wont mean it)

    Azee ---> YNWA

  42. Yeh killa,





  44. Azee - Rafa shouldve left last season for my money.. But he has done well to get 2nd.. However his so called 5 year plan is now finished for LFC and lets see what he delivers next season..

    Are we getting another Torres calibre player or more Lucas calibre players... That is the difference..

    Azee ---> Question
    3 Lions come to South Africa.. How many go back safe..
    None - They all get raped..


  46. Inspector Jacques ClouseauTuesday, 19 May, 2009

    ABR u Mugg
    I am onto you.
    "go" gimme OPS on iRC

  47. Where is ABR hiding?

    On IRC?

  48. Inspector Jacques ClouseauTuesday, 19 May, 2009

    *slaps ABR with a large trout*

  49. ABR YOUTH LEAGUETuesday, 19 May, 2009

    go you good thing abr go!


  50. Ebi Kopend u have alot of frustration. Looks like Carragher isn't the only one.

    The pride of the Liverbird is well and truly wounded, as manifested by the reaction of most of it's supporters.


  51. go?

    please can we have your autograph pweese?.....kanala?

    u r our hero cos you support man u and they won cos of u support cos u r the man!!!!

    manu could of never done it with out u..

    u so cool go

    are u married? lots of girls will want u cos u support man u ;)

  52. Enough of the kids comments. Who actually cares if ABR is n irc. Does it really matter. This is a forum too discuss football. Why would anyone bother to find out who ABR is. I think its a credit to ABR that fellow posters are trying to identify him.

    Back to football and my man Swoosh must be over the moon to find out that Fabio is going back to Turin. Back to the glory days swoosh?

    Also are there any liverpool fans who are daring enough to answer to my post.

    Lets keep it football related people.


  53. EPL Team of the Season:
    GK: Schwarzer - Fulham
    LB: Bosingwa - Chelsea
    CB: Vidic - Man U
    CB: Hangeland - Fulham
    RB: Jagielka - Everton
    RM: Ronaldo - Man U
    CM: Ireland - Man City
    CM: Lampard - Chelsea
    LM: Rooney - Man U
    F: Gerrard - Liverpool
    F: Anelka - Chelsea

    subs- Rio, Torres, Fabregas, Carrick, Evra
    Manager - Tony Pulis


  54. Yes BIGGY, Get my coffee ready there, else you will say I didnt even congratulate you MUGGS. After all the banter credit to you guys for keeping up the pressure. Yes I aM DELIGHTED for Canavaro and Juve. We welcome him back with open arms. WE sold him because of money problems. F#4k off Ranieri, Welcome El Cirro Ferrara, The hardman and stopper from the past. Bianconeri blood now. Forza Juve. Shakes and Momad Molvi. Watch out Milan!


  55. What the fuck is Rooney doing in your team Biggy. Y no Torres. Be fair


  56. Inspector GadgetWednesday, 20 May, 2009

    We want ABR!

    Will the real ABR please stand up!

  57. Azee

    Is Gerrard better than Torres?

  58. BREAKING NEWS!!!!!

    Police today have confirmed that 2 premiership footballers had their houses burgled last night, namely 2008/2009 Players player of the year Man Utd’s Ryan Giggs, and Liverpool’s Fernando Torres.

    Ryan Giggs lost 70 International caps,11premiership winners medals, 2 champions league winners medals,1 European cup winners' cup medal, 5 F.A. cup winners medals, 3 league cup winners medals,1 world club championship winners medals,8 community shield and 1super cup winners medal.

    Fernando Torres lost a kettle & toaster.


  59. Swoosh rumour has it that Burlisconi is looking at bringing in van Basten. Personally I would prefer Rijkaard for his footballing phylosiphy. Van Basten has had some fantastic moments as a coach, but he hasn't produced when it mattered. Notably against Portugal in 2006, Russia last year and now the failed season at Ajax.

    Next season is some way away. Lets wait and see. I would be excited to see van Basten at the helm, but for now it's still Ancelotti.


  60. go you biscuit go!
    go you beauty go!
    go you good thing go!

  61. shakes they both unproven! being a great player dont make you a great coach!
    van basten fucked the dutch up, he aint no better then klinsmann at germany. rijkaard had a good spell at barca but also failed with teh dutch. i really aint a big fan of these great players coming into management so easily. you got to earn ur stripes!

    mini- i think macheda is better then torres and gerrard put together!

  62. Hasad if u notice Rooney is playing on the left of midfield. As for Torres, although his a classy player, i think Anelka has done better then him this season. Gerard as a supporting striker. think thats where his most effective.


  63. Azee u can only earn your stripes if given an oppertunity. It's amazing to note the Rijkaard, who started as a defender and was a holding midfielder, prefers a more attacking passing style of play. While van Basten, one of the most prolific strikers of his generation, prefers a more solid defensive counter attacking style.

    If none of them are given a chance to manage at the highest level, they never gonna prove themselves. Rijkaard failed with the Dutch, but he has put Barca where they are now. Also his man management is what is needed at Milan.

    Azee to be seen as a great coach you need to have a long spell at a club and be in management for years. These are up and comers and cannot be termed great until they have been coaching for about 20 or so years. There are 2 great coaches in the European game, Sir Alex and Mr Wenger. The others are still getting there.

    Azee Barca took a gamble on a young former star. Judging by the way they play their football and their acheivements to date, he's been a success.


  64. liverdrols liverdrols liverdrols where for art thou liverdrols


    u guys are still sulking ran outta words silverware is the name of the game remember that

    we mancs fucked u's up nicely we were always one up then you and be sure next season will be tough for u guys.....19 here we come

    Ebi Kop End seems to be smoking the gancha again r u sure u not shagging the liverbird we shld report u for bestiality

  65. yeh his been a success guardiola but did u see Silvinho had to tell him to make subs when they equalised against chelsea!

    also how much of a success he has has been i doubt, that spanish la liga is weak apart from 2 or 3 teams, scoring 3 goals a game there is not a true judge of how good u are. i think chelsea may have played defensive but Guus outsmarted him over 2 legs!

    i say these new kids have a lot to learn, from keane and ince and mark hughs, van basten rijkaaard, pep, the whole lot of them!

  66. Azee can see you support da english. u still old school.

    guus didn't outsmart him. he played a dangerous game, defending, and in the end paid the price. Barca continued to play their natural game and got their reward. Maybe a more positive approach and Chelsea would have won the tie.

    u have to give 'the new kids' a chance to prove themselves. what better way to learn then from practical experience. yes they gonna make mistakes. im sure sir alex, guus, wenger made mistakes when they were starting out.



    It's called a “LIVERPOOL WONDERBRA”

    "Full of support, but no CUP"

    "go" wa ha ha ha

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