Sunday, May 03, 2009


The IPL hit Johannesburg this weekend and we were there. Interviews and pics geared up for Super Tuesday. I must say I have been enjoying the IPL and because of Yusuf Abdullah I have been following the Pujab X11 closely. And so has the toppie being an avid fan of Yusuf Absullah.

The Bullring on Saturday was sublime and the Chenai Super Kings beat the Daredevils.

It was also a weekend of footie with the big three in the EPL battling it out and it was a Big Weekend for Derby's.Mainly the Soweto Derby and the El Classico

Before we dive in I want to give you a tried and tested method of INSTANT POPULARITY, FAME AND SCORING WITH CHICS during the IPL

Now listen and follow these steps closely and for one day you will get the fame and fortune

Step 1: Go to Rashid Cassim Sports and buy 3 Rajitaan Royal tops
Step 2: Go to the pool room next to Al Makka restaurant, invite 3 owes to coffee at Baglios on condition that they wear the Rajistaan Royals Tops.
Step 3: Enjoy the attention, wave at the people and pick up chics

Tried and tested lads, tried and tested

In the EPL The MANCS beat Middlesbrough and so the other front runners had to perform. And they all did. Nicolas Bilal Anelka was outstanding, and so were Arsenal. The MANCS though maintain the momentum toward the climax.
As for Liverpool , a solid performance to keep fighting but one has to feel for the Newcastle. The passion of the Tyne seem to be heading for the drop and this will be a tragedy for perhaps one of the most passionate bunch of fans in English Soccer. Our hope are with you Newcastle.

But more important is that Liverpool won and
f@#$, so did the MANCS.

In Serie A, Ibrahimovic silenced the Inter fans to put Inter 7 points clear. Milan also won to claim second. Well done Shakes, Must Ancelotti still go, or are Milan keeping him. Its a different milan compared to the first half of the season. now I say that Ranieri must f#4k off after a string of poor results. Juve drew again. I just hope that with four games to go, we ended up third

For Juve though its almost certain that Fabio Cannavaro is heading back to Turin. What a thing for Juventus. Cannvaro is class and his experience will shore up our shoddy backline.

Juve last won the champions league in 1996, and that year everybody laughed when Lippi signed a 36 year old centre back. His name was Pietro Vierchowod', If that name rings a bell

As for the El Classico, Barcelona were in a different league. Riyad Loonat the Madrid man I await your comment. Conceding 6 at the Bernabeau. Madrid have destroyed Cananavaro.

There is only one word to SUMMARISE A long post
Simply Sublime, Xavi, Ti Ti,Messi, Eto, Look out Chelsea. Barcelona for the final in Europe I hope. Mini as a Barca fan please share your views also. But for a rivalry that stems back for many years.I mean these tow teams or fans hate each other. They hate each other with passion.Talk about izzet, Whats worse Madrid getting 6 at home or the MANCS catching four against Liverpool

In the other Derby I just saw groundsmen at the Wanderers going ballistic by folding their arms to symbolise Skull and bones for Pirates. To date I have never been to a Soweto derby. I think its Swoosh0018s NEXT STOP. To any okes that have been there please describe the atmosphere and intensity. I would like to hear about it


After the Nescafe matches the lads usually indulge in some banter after the game and well they always talked about the big fight between Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton. Mo Cassim was revved up for this fight backing the Pacman all the way. And in the second round the Filipino knocked Hatton out to become arguably the best pound for pound fighter in the world. Great boxing and was class to watch. But Mo if you reading leave your comment and how was that F#4king knockout punch


In othersporting Shorts Rafael Nadal beat Novac Djokovic and won the Italian open to stay undefeated and Valentino Rossi powered his way to the Spanish Grand Prix


In Super 14 the Bulls and the Sharks won and the table looks as follows

1.Hurricanes 39
2.Chiefs 37
3.Vodacom Bulls 37
4.The Sharks 35
5.Waratahs 32
6.Crusaders 32
7.Brumbies 32
8. Blues 31
9.Western Force 30
11.Vodacom Stormers19
12.Auto & General Lions19
14.Vodacom Cheetahs11


  1. Why bother about whether Utd or Madrid caught a hiding. What matters is who wins the trophies and that will be decided over the next month

  2. Barca form against Madrid was Ama-ZING!!!

    As Punisher said its about wining trophies, so lets hope Barca pull off the champs league,coz I know Swoosh will be supporting iether Barca or Chelski.

    More importantly for me is Playoff date where Leeds take on MK DONS!!!


  3. madrid got gaan marod!
    that Cannavaro is so shit its unvelievable that swoosh still reckons he will save juve and bring them back to greatness! the guy has been shit for about 3 years now, after the world cup!


  4. we will eff Leeds up

  5. Seems things got MESSI @ Bernabeau huh mini?

  6. The yorshiremen are total shit and belong in division two. the only great yorkshiremen was geoff boycott and he played cricket.

    Ellan road is like a graveyard these days!

  7. Jurgen KlinsmannMonday, 04 May, 2009

    Q: What has 70,000 arms and an IQ of 170
    A: Elland road every other Saturday.

    Q: How can you tell when Leeds are losing?
    A: It's five past three.

    Q: What did Lee Bowyer say when he took a girl out for the night?
    A: Fancy an Indian?

    Q: What do you call 20 Leeds fans sky-diving? A: Diarrhoea

    Q: What do you say to a Leeds United fan with a job?
    A: Can I have a Big Mac please!

  8. funny man you shld do stand up comedy

    idiot JK

  9. Go you good thing jurgen go!

  10. mini u need a shoulder to cry on?

  11. That has to be one of the greatest left hooks in the history of the sport. It was brilliantly set up thru the 2nd round when the Pacman was jabbing high and hooking to the body , and then he waits for the last few seconds of the round when Hatton is completely drained , faints a jab and as Hatton drops his right to block his body, as he was expecting another body shot.....BANG... Pacman delivers a devistating left hook with pin point accuracy which sends Hatton into dreamland for at least 10 min. What more can i say about this amazing machine. He truly is one of , if not , the greatest fighter that ever braced the square circle.....bring on Mayweather Jr. Romour has it Nov '09. will keep everyone updated.


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