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Quote of the week: 100 000 Manchester United Flags for sale - almost new, only waved for 9minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Ary Moosa

Well, What a night. Our first victory at Nescafe and Yes the MANCS LOST. It was a fitting climax for us and a happy one for once. I didnt jinx it by making predictions etc but up stepped LIONEL MESSI and the boy was Big tonight.He overshadowed PENALTINO and the MANCS hearts were shattered. Firstly I want to thank Husein from Nescafe Fordsburg for yet another campaign and great hospitality shown to teh crew of The service was exellent and he has gone out of his way for us throughout ,Thanks for that and well Husain must be upset because the MANCS LOST.

Secondly I want to thank my crew for their support and its always sublime to watch a game with the lads and the chics. Thanks to the members who were present from Day 1. The atmosphere is always great when you have nice company

The game itself was not the most explosive, But Barcelona were the better team,The MANCS didnt play. Barcelona had the most of the chances and their attack was potent. Messi came big on the night and was constantly causing the MANC defense problems. But United were not at their best on the night. It was plain for all to see. They had a few chances but were not explosive or the United we know them to be. When Xavi hit the bar we felt as though the ghosts of Munich would cruelly intervene and spoil a great night for the anti united contingent, And when Messi rose and headed Barca in front by two clear goals, not even the ghosts of Munich could help.
Credit to Sir Alex as he got as far as the final. Perhaps another time but in Rome, It was Barcelona that won the epic battle of two footballing Gladiators.
The question still remains on everyones lips.Will Penaltino GO?

And this epic battle wraps up the end of a great season.Its off to the Confeds Cup now!

The doors were shut,Nescafe packed. Man United vs Barcelona
Atmosphere was great with the crew

Ole Ole Barcelona

As tradition on the blog. A gutted Mamoo after the MANCS lost. Always great to see his face



Forever In Our Shadow
"Are you watching Merseyside" the assembled United masses sang before the game in Rome last night. Yes, we are. And how we enjoyed it.
The United fan base have this unhealthy obsession with Liverpool, with everything they do being measured against our own achievements. They cannot play a single game without their fans singing about Liverpool. Everything they strive for exists at the other end of the M62. The odd blog from myself does not constitute hypocrisy on that front. We go to the game to support our own side and very rarely sing about others unless we happen to be playing them. The hatred and jealousy United fans have for us doesn't allow them to do that.
After living in our shadow for so long, they can now see the sun blazing down just a few steps away. Just a couple more strides and they'll walk from that shadow and cast one of their own as the most successful club in the land. They can see the light, and last night missed a huge opportunity to take another huge step away from that darkness.
Alex Ferguson postponed his retirement a number of years ago for one reason only; to win more European Cups.
He has continually stated himself, that to be classed as a truly great side you have to win at least 2 European Cups with the same group of players. You have to win the big one more than once. Thus far he has managed to win it twice, but with each being almost a decade apart. Last night was his chance to achieve his dream and allow self congratulation of drawing alongside the man that casts a constant shadow over him; Bob Paisley.
Ferguson will not rest until he's equalled or surpassed the European Cup haul of Sir Bob. No matter how many league titles he wins, it's the European Cup that really matters, and the trophy that is still the holy grail for all, no matter what anyone says. It may be becoming a tedious competition, with the repetitive nature of playing sides from your own country time and time again, but it's still the one that sets apart the good sides from the great sides. Alex Ferguson will tell you exactly the same.
Arsenal and Chelsea have won the league in recent years, but neither of them have a European Cup to their name. Alex Ferguson has 11 league titles under his belt, but only 2 European Cups; and that hurts him. It also highlights just how special those European successes are.
There are 14 managers that have won 2 European Cups; Alex Ferguson just remains a name amongst that 14, with only one manager standing over the rest having amassed a collection of 3 European Cups. That man is Bob Paisley.
Ferguson might not admit it publically, but he knows that Bob Paisley is the greatest manager of all time. He knows that what Bob achieved in his time at Liverpool will never be surpassed.
Paisley - 6 league titles and 3 European Cups in 9 years
Ferguson - 11 league titles and 2 European Cups in 22 years
If Paisley had another 13 years in charge of Liverpool, giving him a 22 year reign, imagine how many European Cups he could have brought home.
He won the equivalent of 1 European Cup every 3 years. Ferguson has 1 every 10 years.
He won the league 2 out of 3 seasons. Ferguson has won it 1 in 2.
It's not even a contest.
Barcelona last night exposed the lack of "greatness" about this current Manchester United side. The majesty of Iniesta and Xavi in midfield making the axis of Carrick and Anderson look second rate. That's £35m worth of Carrick and Anderson by the way.
£70m rated Ronaldo, £30m purchases Rooney and Berbatov and a £30m striker in Carlos Tevez all on the field for the last half an hour and could do nothing to even threat the Barcelona goal. £160m worth of attacking talent that offered hardly anything. A side put together for vast amounts and completely outclassed by Barcelona.
Where does Ferguson go from here? Open the cheque book again?
This summer is absolutely massive for both Manchester United and Liverpool. We are both level on 18 league titles and as closely matched on the field as we have been in decades. The moves made in the transfer market this summer by both clubs will be crucial in who takes the advantage come next May.
But one advantage I'm convinced Alex Ferguson will never hold, is the one that really matters when separating success from greatness; European Cup glory. We're staying on our perch Alex.
Liverpool 5-3 Man Utd
Forever In Our Shadow
Thanks Fuster for the piece

James Lawton: Beautiful Barça strip the fallen of their crown

To call Barcelona the champions of Europe this morning is to give them their lesser title. The one they demand, unquestionably, is champions of football.Champions of the game that can, even in this high-pressure age of super athleticism and grinding work assignments, still be exquisite. The margin of victory was two goals but the gap between the ambitions, and the execution, of the two teams touched on infinity.In the end the goals of Samuel Eto'o and Lionel Messi, who outshone a petulant Cristiano Ronaldo quite utterly, merely scraped the surface of Barcelona's superiority. Those of us who doubted the iron content of their constitution, could only watch with a degree of awe – and book ourselves a little stint of self-mockery.United, we believed, were filled with confidence. They had a plan and the steel, but long before the end the plan was in ruins and the steel might have been another form of plastic. Sir Alex Ferguson came here an emperor in search of another coronation. But he left a wiser man – and one still more appreciative of football's capacity to cause both enchantment and shock. The crown, certainly, belonged this night to his young and idealistic and marvellously vindicated rival Josep Guardiola. It will, a neutral football world must hope, be worn for some time.Confirmation of Dimitar Berbatov's exclusion from the starting line-up was the anticipated statement of Ferguson's hard intent: ground-devouring force before languid skill. Berbatov had spent some time explaining that he really is passionate about the cause, but plainly his manager on this occasion preferred his own reading of body language. The roar of Rooney's lung-power and the legs of Park Ji-Sung and Anderson were the old wolf's banker investment on this balmy night beside the Tiber.Of course there was also Ronaldo, in a now familiar brooding mode as he entered the stadium with his status as the world's best footballer never having been so directly challenged. Messi, the gilded contender, also seemed deep in his thoughts when he arrived shortly before Eusebio, the great Benfica player who in 1968 came so close to beating United in their first European Cup final. "Are you a United fan now," he was asked and he replied, with a face as solemn as the one he had when he left the Wembley field all those years ago, "No, I like United and I like Barcelona, but I'm a fan of football and this should be a great match."It should have been indeed, and in some respects it unfolded that way but after just 10 minutes all the confidence Ferguson brought here, all his belief that he had the stronger legs, the stronger hearts and an almost infinitely stronger defence, was critically undermined.It was the work of Andres Iniesta, Barça's saviour at Stamford Bridge a few weeks ago, and Eto'o, who on the same occasion was scarcely visible anywhere near the trenches.Here he exploded into them so ferociously he might have been armed with a hand grenade. Iniesta did the donkey work in the style of the thoroughbred he has been impersonating for some years now – after Michael Carrick, entering a first-half nightmare that would be imposed with increasing touch and confidence by the network of Iniesta, Xavi Hernandez and Messi, lost control of the ball. Iniesta ran 40 yards, with ever-increasing assurance, before slipping the ball to Eto'o.The rest was a grim formality for United as Eto'o went by Nemanja Vidic as though he didn't exist and coolly beat Edwin van der Sar at the near post. You could see so much life draining away from United at that moment of devastation. For a few minutes Ferguson's plan had shown every sign of working as United went at Barça in waves. The effect on the men who had been enchanting so much of the football world for so long was so disconcerting Guardiola found it necessary to rush into the technical area with cries of reassurance.He put them away quickly enough, though, when Iniesta and Eto'o manufactured their tranquilliser. Merlin couldn't have done better. The whole balance of the game was changed. Messi's presence became a little more apparent with each new moment. United sucked in their breath each time he took possession of the ball and by half-time Ferguson's face was harrowed by concern.He was supposed to have the superior defence and the stronger runners but what he didn't have was Barça's capacity to perform outright artistry under the closest attention.It meant that at half-time Ferguson had to do rather more than rally his troops. He had to redefine their point – and their purpose. He also, not too surprisingly, decided he had to bring on Carlos Tevez, in place of the ineffectual Anderson.Tevez, naturally, responded with huge effort and one pass that sent Rooney away along the right was United's most penetrating moment for a good half-hour. However, the worry was that Barça, who saw Xavi's free-kick smack against a post early in the second half, had by now just found too many reasons to believe in themselves.It was a concern heavy enough for Ferguson to dismantle much of his original strategy with 25 minutes to go. Berbatov, earlier judged too passive for the assault that United had planned, came on for the pure runner Park. It seemed like a last throw and there was reason enough to believe it was when Xavi, noting that almost the entire United defence had gone missing, sent a towering cross into the path of the 5ft 7in Messi. It was not the greatest shock of the night that the Little Big Man met it beautifully to arch the ball past Van der Sar.It would be comfortable to say the champions of England were beaten. Unfortunately, though, it ran a little deeper than that. They had been undressed and outclassed by the most beautiful team in all of football.
Thanks Feroz Ebrahim for the article


  1. Swoosh, as a United supporter, I think that you have given us too much credit in this write-up. We played for 10 mins and that was it. We were no where on the night and all credit to FCB as they played a wondeerful game and fully deserved the victory.
    Glory glory Man United. We shall be back to challenge next season.
    Oh yeah 3 trophies for the year is not too bad.

  2. ha ha!!!!!!....jokes of europe..wat no flukey last minute goals this time after being outplayed for 90 minutes...he he!!!!....flukes had to run out some time......2nd best team in europe...ha ha!!!...that's a even bigger joke...more like the biggest CHUMPS of europe..well done barca!!..made the moffies of manchester look like amatures...nice training session for the catalan giants!!
    Pity the referee coudn't intervene this time...he he!!!!!

    Forever in our shadow, of Anfield football's home, they had their chance to close the gap, but f#$ked it up in Rome! 'Quintuple' mouthed the gobshites, now give us back our throne, move over for the kopites, You'll Never Walk Alone!

    The famous Man United went to Rome to see the Pope
    The famous Man United went to Rome to see the Pope
    The famous Man United went to Rome to see the Pope
    The famous Man United went to Rome to see the Pope

    And this is what he said...

    I know a team called Liverpool, we've had them here before,
    They were here in '77 and again in '84,
    You say you're Kings of Europe,
    but The Reds have won much more.

    Oh how I well remember when King Kevin bossed that pitch
    And Grobbelaar, in '84, made Roma's spotmen twitch
    Well tonight was Iniesta's show
    And Rooney was his b!tch

    FOR SALE: 76,212 "We won it 4 times" t-shirts in manc red. Ideal for cleaning windows or wiping your dogs arse. Phone: 01610708900 and ask for Alex.

    United united how do you fare? Barca wher playing with 5 men to spare, embarrassing watchin men against boys, Messi and co playing with toys. A man named Bob Paisley had 3 cups to show, does the purple faced b@stard? the ansew is NO! A long old journey back to home, and the saying is true ' THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE ROME'

    Due to Liverpool fans wetting themselves with laughter, and Manchester United fans crying!!!

    they went to rome
    they wanted four
    but the alky forgot
    to tell his team to score

    they said he was
    the best coach alive
    but they only have three
    and liverpool five

    you went to rome
    and won f$$%k all
    you went to rome
    and won f#4k all

    i would just like to congratulate our Catalan friends for sending out their second team

    and beating the overhyped inbred inglorious mancs. so congrats barca. you made me happy.

    Don't'll win the return leg at old sh!thouse 3-0...ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous is a jealous poes coz the livercunts never even make it to the semi-finals. He can say what he wants coz liverdrols always jealous of Man United's 3 trophies. What did liverasses win this season-nothing and they had their T-shirts that read "1st on the log after ten games".

    Guys T-shirts for sale "we won it 19 times", good to clean shit like the one anonymous above.

  4. well done to barcelona.
    united were outclassed & outplayed.

    congrats to all barca fans for winning the treble.

    congrats to man united fans for winning the treble as well (world club cup, carling cup & premier league).

    last night, the better team won, just like the better team won the premier league.

    "go" WE'LL BE BACK

  5. Outclassed & Outplayed as simple as that ..

  6. Sarfaraaz NajeebThursday, 28 May, 2009

    I quote a MANC

    "Just like they got Messi in Athens '94!
    Koeman, Romario, Stoichkov, Guardiola and Cruyff at the helm!
    Remind me what was the score Mini?"

    The curse has been lifted

    27 MAY 2009

    "Things got 'MESSI' "

  7. To all Man U supporters. Feel free to view "big ears" at the Liverpool trophy cabinet for free. Our cup is on show always and forever.

  8. The Curse of SafraazThursday, 28 May, 2009


    If the curse got lifted why are Leeds still playing in League 1!

    The day you break into the Championship is the day half the curse will be lifted.

    I await Newcastle versus Leeds in 2011 - the biggest game in League 1!

  9. anonymous you are a child and u right all you iverppol supporters are lities cause u still wet your pants you know what is amazing and it amkes sos much of sense that empty vessels make the most noise and thats what you guys are your trophy cabinets are empty this hear you have nothing to cheer about especially after winning more games than us and still losing the league you guys are like benitez sore losers yes we lost last night and we deserve to we played badly and they outclassed us at least the two best teams were in the final you guys were not even in the last eight remeber you as good as your last season like somenone said that at the last game at anfield they could not serve any tea as all the cups were at old trafford and all the muggs were on the pitch and in the stands so get a life well done barcelonau deserved it

  10. anonymous be a man and give your name and you right we can come to anfield to see big ears and big mouths thats all

  11. Well Done To Barca. We got totally outplayed, only getting chances in the first 5 minutes. Eto turned Vidic to score the first, before a powerful and classy Messi header finished us off. Messi was pure class and Barca on the whole were very good to watch.

    Credit to Pep for his first seaon in charge and winning three major trophies. As for Utd's Season, we haven't been at our best, but still managed to win the league and two papir throphies.

    Glory Glory Man United


  12. You Mancs are right, nobody remembers second
    After United's great start,Barca held possession for 80+ mins, that was embarrassing for Mancs to watch...
    Also, it has been cleared Once and for all: Messi IS better than Ronaldo

    Mama Jack should stick to the b-grade movies
    Shrek too ...
    Ronaldo could take up acting in bollywood movies, he already has the crying talents

    We Won it five times, we won it five times, in Istanbul, we won it five times

    And its at Anfield for ever

    Ejaz Khan

  13. The Bakery boy is back?

  14. punisher????/

    u played for 10 mins cos u kak....

    u never even gave them a fight..

    fuck manure united....


    what a sweet day..

  15. ejaz khan, thats why nobody will remember livertwats coming second in the premiership.
    leading for 75% of the season & losing it.

    we won the premiership 11 times in 17 years , 11 times in 17 years & u got k@k in 19 years.

    "go" bake a cake

  16. they came,
    they saw, and
    they got concquered....

    boo ha ha ha ha.

  17. go??

    what happend to the following:

    the united song in rome !!!

    we've arrived in rome
    we've arrived in rome
    it's a scouser free zone

    "go" u red devils

    the scousers fucked u up and so did barca...hehehehehe

    all the fukin mancs were so confident...but the reality is u cant grease the refs in u do in the premiership...

    the luck and the choring had to come to an end and what a time to do so....the finale in the rome...


    as a united supporter it must of been so so embarrsing watching u team being outplayed like did u watch???

    At least liverpool fight till the end..never say die..

    how did u watch that lacklustre performance?

    how do u support such a kak tram...

    hazrat? u are the lighty mate.....

    such bbig talks......u got fucked up in rome....wahahahahhahahahahaha!!!

    credit to guardiola.. in articles on the net he stated that he has watched united play the whole season...knew they was always kak and even his U20 team would of beaten the manure...

    he was the difference on the night....played united out the final.....he fucked fungus face up....LOL

    mader bitches

    fuck manure united.....fuck all there supporters and fuck there players esp cry baby ponkie ronaldo the spoilt little brat who starts playing dirty when things dont go his way....what a baby....when thing do go his way he just dives...

  18. On the night:
    Beers: R75-00
    Smokes: R25-00
    Barcelona 2 – 0 United-Priceless
    There are some things money can’t buy and other things Ferguson can’t win!!!!


    Posted by:Clinton.

  19. go?

    seems like rome is a catalan zone.....wahahahhahahahahaha.......

    no fokin mancs allowed....piss of home and go have a fokin pint ...... wahahahahha

  20. To Man United and all there fans and hazrat.....

    You are as good as your last performance.....



  21. Liverpuss, ;iverpuss, just like clinton and the rest of the liverpusses. They can't win any trophies so they hang on to the past which was even before they were born. How can a person brag abt trophies their club won when they were not even born. Mancs are living in the present and future while livercunts live in the past.


  22. Its not hard.. we use to it.....seriously....

    but we still support our team..whether we win or lose cos we true supporters unlike the mancs...

    id like to see how many supporters you got left when they stop winning........

  23. i think there are 2 pu$$ united fans left..and they post on here..he he!!
    the rest are all in asia still waiting for park ju sung to score...ha ha!!!!!

  24. united play to win trophies & their fans watch them to seem them win.
    season 2008/9 = 3 trophies.

    liverpool play to beat united & their fans watch to see united lose even if not by their own club.
    liverpool season
    season 2008/9 = 0 trophies = nada = niks = fokkol

    "go" win something in the present not the past

  25. go is a sore loser
    go is a sore sore loser

    u lost the final..........whahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahaha!!!

  26. Sir Alex Ferguson admitted Darren Fletcher's absence was a 'big loss' as he rued 'shoddy defending' for Manchester United's defeat by Barcelona.

    Sir talk crap-a-lot

  27. Kamikaze WarriorThursday, 28 May, 2009

    Firstly I would like to say that it feels good that united are still on 3, while Liverpool have 5. On the whole, the only way united could have won last night would have been to adapt ugly football. The truth is Barca don't play defensive football. United ad to score early last night and adopt a Chelsea approach and close up shop. Unfortunately for UTD got the early goal and that made it difficult as UTD are not used to playing ugly football and get a goal. Even if Ronaldo had scored after 90 sec, i doubt barca would have played any differently to the way that they played last night. They are a truly deserved winners of the Champions League. As for Utd supporters, you guys should know better. I mean a treble is the C/l, p/l and the fa. The p/l, littlewoods cup and the world club trophy against a little known Ecuadorian club do not count as a treble.

  28. the hypocrites call the treble that Liverpool won the mickey mouse they claiming to have won 3 trophies..fucken useless club mickey mouse championship and carling cup mickey mouse cup are not titles idiots..they'll get the credit for the league but that's it...they 6 points better than us this season..why don't you okes add the charity shield in as well and call it the manu shithouse quadruple

  29. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  30. united won 2 titles this season...the PL league and the laughing stock of europe..when asked about the 2nd title Mr fungusface said that united are used to achieving things that no other club has managed to do in the history of the championsleague..." we look on with great pride at being the 1st british team to actually appear in a cup final without touching the ball for 80 minutes" when asked if Barca were not a little selfish at not allowing his team to take part in the final this is what fungus face had to say " not at all, we have applied to fifa that when we come up agianst a team as good as barca we should be given a 3 goal leed and the ref at least be a staff member at old trafford" after yesterdays massacre at the stadio olympico fifa are seriously taking fungusface's request seriously

  31. Amazing how all the Liverpool supporters who were nowhere to be seen over the last 10 days have suddenly reappeared ...

    Oi, f**ckheads ... you've won nothing this season, same as last and the season before that. Why don't you go enjoy a nice big cup of shut the f**k up !!! Claiming glory for Barca's win show's how tarded you are.

    1. Manchester United - 90 pts
    2. Liverpool - 86 pts

  32. Will never die,will never die,We'll keep the red flag flying high cause man utd will never die.We chasing no one shadow.We dont compare the vintage years to now.Utd 11 premier league titles liverpool nil.Scousers you guys pathetic,
    we not the ones chasing shadows,we dont support oppositions and find happiness in other teams glories.

    Untd forever win or loose till we die.

    Rant Rafa,
    Rant Rafa,
    Rant, rant, rant.
    Trying to win the league, but he can't, can't, can't,
    19 years of pain and tears, we chant, chant, chant,
    So rant Rafa, rant Rafa, rant rant Cunt

  33. Swoosh. That last interview was superb.
    That german oke got pomped by Shaytaan.

  34. anonymous is a moffie and swoosh the blog sucks like liverpool and the guy that wrote the article is living in the past so tell him his article is shit as liverpool

  35. gee whiz... u united idiots never seem to amaze...

    u r as they say thick as 2 planks.....

    do none of u understand the rivalry of the english game? i guess its because u support united cos at the moment they are the winning team and u only support winners..what a shame......Glory Glory...

    liverpool might not of won this season.....but we still remain the most successful english club to date...even though we have not won the premiership........equal number of titles and more european victories.

    who would want there fierciest rivals to gain ground??? think people... its not about now...Its about the past the present and the future............


  36. one thing we can defiantly see from this post and the blog is that Man u supporters are sour grapes..and sore sore losers....

    im happier supporting or lose...

    at least my team comes out to fight and tries there best....thats the team i wanna support...

    not this bunch of panzy boys who start getting nasty when things dont go there ways......

    shame on you manure united......

  37. Kamakazhi Warrior is correct in saying we have not won the treble. Not this season anyway. I totally agree that the Treble is the League/F.A. Cup and Champions League. Something which Barca won this year. However SAF has already won a treble. He didn't do it this season even though we won 3 trophies. The World Club Cup and Carling cup are papir Trophies.


  38. Liverpool are the PRICKS OF THE WORLD, no doubt, they get enjoyment out of other teams beating the Mancs. How sad is that for a livertwat coz they can't win their own trophies.


  39. Swoosh, can you and your asswipe supporters of liverbols answer this question please:

    How come no consortium wants to buy livershit? What is it abt them that nobody wants to deal with them? Portsmouth, even relegated newcastle and so many other teams have been bought but this fucked up club, it seems that everybody just wants to stay away from them, YET THEIR SUPPORTERS ARE WAITING FOR THEM TO BE BOUGHT. It must be a really crappy club to own. And now don't say that it's coz United are owned by big billionaires and chelsea are owned by bigger billionaires that's why they can win so many trophies and buy players for 30 million pounds and above. If livercunts won so many trophies in their past and had so much success, then where the fuck is the money needed to buy players. They shouldve had more money than Man United.

    That's why it's such a shitty club, they spent their money on shit.

  40. Biggy, Hazrat,Seth and all you MANCS.
    Obviously as Liverpool supporters and ALIS we supported Barcelona. Theres no question.

    Also just a point. United are not sportsman.Did you see the amount of two footed tackles and studs up challenges by the MANC old Guard. Appaling.

    As I told Hazrat, this morning we supported Barcelona like we will support the Bulls tommorow or Nadal in the French Open. And if they win we will be happy.

    Say what you want. Bob Paislys article made sense. Imagine if he was there for 22 years.

    Hazrat says we Liverpool okes are like the ANC, only talking bout the past.

    Face it MANCS, PLAYERS LIKE Carrick and Park are good for the Premiership.

    We acknowledged and congratulated you guys when you won the premiership. We even stuck a banner on the blog

    But you guys are far from the KINGS of EUROPE.
    Take a lesson and learn

  41. well said swoosh............

    it seems to me like they dont undertsand the rivalry....WTF.. u watch soccer support a team but dunno the history....wake up!!!!

    we will always favor ABU..


  42. Swoosh, don't talk nonesense abt not being king's of europe and all that jargon. Fair enough you congratulated us and bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla, but you don't acknowledge that YOUR TEAM IS USELESS ALSO. You put up a big sign saying congratulations to the Mancs blalvlvlalkdjddd8fediufydifu but you don't talk about your suit and how you sold it back to rashid cassim. So just like how you would support and protect livertwats who won nothing in 3 seasons, we would do the same. Remember the Manc's went further than any other english team in 3 seasons but you will still rave and rant abt your liversoops after ten games.

    Next season wait for the end of the season to avoid embarrasing yourself and your supporters.

  43. Swoosh, you still never answer my question above.

  44. Anonymous, it is thick as thieves, not as planks. You are actually stupid as stupid as, for lack of alternative words, liverpool. You dont know your proverbs wa wa wa wa wa wa. Anonymous, thick as thieves, not as planks. I have written it twice so you can read it twice and hopefully you will remember at least once in your life.

  45. u obvioulsly havent the planks one before...

    i dont blame you its hard being as dumb as you are..

    how could any woman give birth to something as dumb as u..

    interesting that you chose to reply to it....

    must of struck a chord....

  46. sorry swoosh in this decade milan, man united,madrid and barcelona are the kings of europe as wehad won it two times each and featured in more finals than you fags u guys wonit in the eighties you were kings of europe then not now we are amongs the best u guys are shit and trophyless itss amazing i dont see madrid goin on with barcelona that we won it nine times in the past and you guys won it now u are like children so go win something maybe the lotto at least you guys will stand a better chance

  47. What baffles me is that all the liverpool fans on here are having a go at man u. On what grounds. Fair enough, we were outplayed by a very good Barca side. As for two footed tackles, anyone who watches EPL knows that Scholes can't tackle for shit. We won the league and two Papir Trophies. What have you won. As for the most successful english club, define success? In your best season in 20 years you won nothing. As for your Kings of Europe: try competing in both the league and Champions league at the same time. Not as easy as you thought is it. Are they any liverpool fans out there who can actually post a decent debate. Support your team to the end, but on a blogg, lets try to be realistic. Which of you here have actually seen any of the glories in your sides history.

    I have seen my team win F.A Cups, League Titles, 2 Champions League Tiltes, Carling Cups, and a World Club cub. I have seen good times and bad times. I have also never called for the managers back.

    This season liverpool were good, better then they've ever been, yet its still not good enough in modern football.

    In Sir Alex we Trust.

  48. Liverfools and their history they need to dig deep in the archive library and play media that is probably not compatible with todays devices just like their football side not compatible with the premiership.Well enough of your past let me tell you something about the present,i am only 24 and had the oppertunity to see MAN UTD win 11 PREMIER LEAGUE titles,2 champions league,1 european cup,5 FA Cups,3 league cups,2 world club championship,8 community shields and 1 super cup,and had the oppertunity to see greats like bryan robson,keano,becks,giggsy,scholes,solksjaer,scmeichel,OOH
    AAH cantona,ronaldo,rooney.If playing your vhs tapes about glory days floats your boat good for you scousers.


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