Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Sorry about Super Tuesday,the blogger server was up to ricks anyway the MANCS are on their way to Rome and are on the verge of taking the league. Lets see what Shoobs had to say

All the way from the UK

I legged to Old Trafford this weekend with one of the Durban Jamiat brothers to Old Trafford for the Manchester Derby. We took the train up this time as it was a Sunday fixture and driving back from Manchester on a Sunday is always a massive effort. As usual, The Bishop Blaize was rocking and Pete Boyle and The Red Army were fully up to letting the City scum know what was coming to them. Although this game was an important one, not just because it was a derby game and the title run in is so intense, the atmosphere at Old Trafford was more of a carnival one.
The fans came up with some great chants ... ISTANBUL, ISTANBUL YOU’RE NOT GOING and CITY ARE SHYTE, THAT’S A FACT. I tried to compare the Manchester Derby against our very own Joburg Derby and while both are brilliant and lots of fun in their own way, you can never draw a comparison and say which is better.
Derby games have their own great unique feel. The atmosphere at OT on Sunday was unbelievable and definitely ranks up there with one of the best games I’ve ever seen at the Theatre of Dreams. The match itself was okay but it was pretty evident that United had this one locked in (to the dismay of L’pool fans). There Stretford End wasn’t silent for a single moment and when CHAMPIONS OF ENGLAND, CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE echoed thru Old Trafford you truly realised that you were indeed sitting in a Theatre of Dreams. Most people were calling a draw as the result for this game but it was by far the hardest I’ve seen United work all season ... not so much that City put them thru their paces, to be honest City didn’t cause any worries at all. The media, being the controversy seeking lot that they are, chose to make Ronaldo’s substitution the talking point of the match.
Yes, he behaved in an unfitting manner but so many other players before him have been incensed at being subbed and displayed their anger, and I’m sure we’ll see something like that again ... no big deal. It would be a different story if he got properly trashed and tried to beat up a bouncer – Ledley King taking headlines with that act. Ol’ ‘arry’s bound to have a solid go at him. Wigan mid-week is vital if we plan on lifting the trophy against Arsenal at the weekend ... that would be incredibly sweet. Being awarded the Prem Trohpy after playing the Gooners. Let’s hope we can secure 4 points in the next 3 fixtures and lift number 18 ... if that’s the case it looks like a certain club will no longer hold the top spot for number of Championships won.Shearer and his lads are being hailed as heroes of the week for their win against Boro.
I’ve also been inundated with request for CL Final tickets, unlike last year ... this year securing tickets is extremely difficult. United were allocated 19500 tickets offered to season ticket holders and exec members only. Everyone goes into a ballot with preference give to those who attended away Cup games. Hopefully, tickets will come thru and we won’t face heartbreak in Rome ... QUE SERA, SERA, WHATEVER WILL BE, WILL BE ... WE’RE GOING TO ITALY, QUE SERA, SERA !!!


  1. shoobsy no comments to u kak articles....

    swoosh get rid of this mugg

    HE Must be a liverpool mugg. great stuff keep it coming

    Do ya think we will wrap it up tonight

    a die hard red

  3. Shoobs

    Any talk of Ronaldo going to Madrid and a 70 million price tag agreed. Are there any reports that side


  4. Like I give a f**k, if you don't like what I write, don't read it...

    Hassen, there's constant talk about Madrid chasing after Ronaldo in the summer but nothing in print or making headline news. THe Guardian did run an article a week or two back about United's supposed 70 mil bid for Ribery on the basis of Ronaldo going to Madrid. How true that is could be anyone's guess.

    3 Points for United tonight... let's see who SAF plays, but we should be able to get the points.



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